The 10 Best Joint Tubes in 2020: Keep Your Joints Fresh!

Best Joint Tubes

For any stoner, joints are always sacred. No matter how they decide to consume their weed, joints will always be something that they love. Smoking a good joint is all about the experience – and one thing that enhances the overall experience of keeping the joint fresh is getting a good joint tube! Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a look at the 10 best joint tubes in 2020 which will help you keep your joints fresh and safe!

We shall discuss what exactly are joint tubes, the benefits that these joint tubes have to offer, along with a list of the best options you have that can be bought online right now! Following that, we shall be discussing some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you buy a joint tube. Let us begin by addressing the most basic question here:

What are Joint Tubes?

Joint tubes are basically tubes, made out of different materials, which can store a joint. They are also commonly known as doob tubes or J-tubes but essentially serve the same purpose: of storing your joint. Over the course of this article, we have provided a look at all the different kinds of joint tubes of different shapes and sizes as well as made of different materials. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of joint tubes.

What are the Benefits of Joint Tubes?

There are a number of benefits of using joint tubes:

  • First off, they keep the joints fresh. This ensures that even though you might have rolled a joint today and you want to smoke it a week later, it will remain fresh inside. The airtight environment of the joint tube prevents all air and moisture from entering inside, keeping the joint as potent and as fresh as it was when it was first rolled. 
  • Joint tubes make it easy to carry joints – this is particularly useful because stoners who are travelling might want to carry pre-rolled joints along with them and there’s always a chance that they might get bent or damaged while being carried in a bag or in a pocket. Using a joint tube ensures that they remain safe and protected.
  • Another advantage that joint tubes offer is that they are odor proof. This ensures that the smell of the joint does not attract any unwanted attention, especially in areas where it might not be legal to carry marijuana with you.
  • Not all stoners finish an entire joint in one go. Hence, for those stoners who like to store half smoked joints also, this is a good option as you can store it in here and it will remain fresh for whenever you want to smoke next!

Let us now take a closer look at the reviews of the 10 best joint tubes that you can buy off the web right now!

10 Best Joint Tubes Review (2020)

1. MOCO 10 Pieces Doob Tubes

MOCO 10 Pieces Doob Tubes, Airtight, Smell Proof, Odor Sealing, Moisture Resistant Container, Medicinal Herb Storage, Pre-Rolled Joint Blunt Tobacco Cigarette Travel Tube, Large 5.3 inch 135mm
  • [DOOB TUBE BUNDLE SET - 10PACK] Includes 10pcs Doob Tubes (Large: 5.30 inch / 135 mm).
  • [COLOR & SIZE] Color: Smoking / Smoke (UV resistant color). Size: 5.30 inch / 135 mm in length.

This is a set of 10 joint tubes from MOCO, and are among some of the best joint tubes that you can find online. These have been highly rated and praised in the reviews by the users, and offer you with a large, 5.3 inch area to store your joint. These tubes are largely transparent but have a dark tint on them along with the MOCO branding. These are airtight tubes, which ensure that no smell leaks out and that moisture cannot find its way in. In addition to that, stoners can also easily carry them in their pockets or bags without the worry of damaging or breaking them, as they are made of FDA & LFGB compliant clarified Polypropylene. The width of these joint tubes is 0.63 inches – making them a good option even for those stoners who love to smoke a thick joint!

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2. Airtight & Smell Proof Joint Tubes from Koala Lifestyle (Pack of 8)

Doob Tube Funnies Cigarette Plastic Travel Tubes | Medical RX Storage Container | Airtight & Smell Proof Smoking Accessories | 8pk Bundle + Koala Tube - Large
  • 9 ITEM BUNDLE: Includes 8 Large 5 1/2" Mixed Color Doob Tube Funnies (one of each funny saying) and 1 Large Koala Lifestyle 5 1/2 inch Neon Green Doob Tube
  • TRAVEL SAFE: Doob Tubes are the only airtight, odor proof, and moisture resistant pocket sized travel tubes for storing your medicine or pre-rolled cigarettes |...

Among some of the best joint tubes you can buy off the internet, these are a great option for stoners who want to buy some really attractive looking tubes! While most other tubes that you see out there are plain and ordinary looking, which is good for those who like to keep their weed-smoking a secret, this one is for those who like to flaunt their weed. These 8 tubes come with different weed-related messages written on them. When it comes to size, they measure 5.5 inches and are pretty large to store joints of almost all sizes and shapes. In addition to that, they are odor-proof and airtight, and also prevent any moisture from seeping through. These tubes are made in the US, and of a high quality polycarbonate plastic. The company claims that these tubes are so strong that you can run a truck over them and they won’t break! For a price of under $13, these are indeed some of the best joint tubes you can buy.

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3. NLS Original Metal Air Tight No Smell Keytag Joint Tube

NLS Original DoobTube Metal Air Tight No Smell Keytag, Stores Cannabis, Tobacco, Durable, Reusable Joint Holder. Carry Your pre-roll in Style and Protect it from The Elements
  • NLS Original DubeTube Metal Air Tight No Smell Keytag, Stores Cannabis, Tobacco, Durable, Reusable Joint Holder. Carry Your pre-roll in Style and Protect it...
  • Ideal For On The Go Active Smokers. Easy To Carry In Pockets, Purses or Keytags Without Worrying About Damage or Breakage

While most joint tubes you would find would be made out of plastic, this one is quite a different kind of a tube – as it is made out of metal! Manufactured by NLS (Northern Lights Supply), this joint tube offers the growers with an air-tight solution to keeping your joints fresh and storing them for long-term use. This measures 3″ x 3/4″ which is a good size for most average-sized joints but not for king-sized joints. However, this makes it just the perfect sized joint tube to be carried around in a pocket. Being made of metal, it is much more durable than the plastic tubes and will last your for a really long time. It also has a classy appeal compared to a regular plastic tube. It is non-transparent and also comes with a keytag which you can use to attach to your keys and carry your weed with style, wherever you go! This is one of the best joint tubes for stoners who are looking forward to storing their joints in a metal case.

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4. 3-Pack Premium Wood & Brass Joint Tube

3-Pack Premium Wood & Brass Doob Tube | Natural Wood Finish | Airtight and Waterproof | Stylish Everyday Carry EDC from LUXE HOLDING CO.
  • PRECISION-THREADED brass hardware creates an airtight and smell-proof tube. Makes a great gift for the connoisseur.
  • LUXURIOUS solid wood container with varying wood tone and grain pattern. Ditch the plastic and show off your style.

Now this is a true collector’s delight and meant only for the true connoisseur of weed. While plastic tubes are the most common types of joint tubes and metal doob tubes are also seen around, this is a set of three joint tubes made out of wood and brass – having the absolute premium appeal! Airtight, waterproof and stylish, carrying your joints around in these joint tubes are going to give you the true look and feel of an absolute pro. This measures 3 ⅜ inches in height and ¾ inches in width. This has a pretty discreet appearance and blends in with the rest of your stuff inconspicuously. Another thing about this which makes this among the best joint tubes and a pretty cool product to own is that unlike other tubes, it is not popped or snapped open, you have to twist the top and unscrew it to open it up! Indeed, quite a luxury for the stoners.

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5. W Gallery 120MM Clear Doob Tubes (Pack of 100)

120MM Clear Doob Tubes | 100 Pack | Waterproof Airtight and Smell Proof Blunt Vial Container | Child Resistant with Squeeze Pop Tops | BPA-Free | Ideal for Storing King Size Pre Rolled Raw Cones
  • WATER RESISTANT AIRTIGHT SMELL PROOF. No mess and odor sealing tube secures your smokes snug inside keeping it fresh clean and dry.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE. Taper Shaped Tube measures 4.75" L x 0.75" Top Diameter x 0.625" Bottom Diameter. UV resistant doob tube fits all your smokes, fatties, tobacco...

The one that we saw immediately above this was a luxury item meant for stoners who have quite the “class”. However, this right here is a set of 100 tubes from W Gallery, meant for stoners who want doob tubes for an everyday usage! This is a set of tubes meant for stoners who smoke way too frequently – multiple joints a day. These are waterproof and airtight, and meant for the stoners who require a large number of tubes for their usage. This pack of 100 joint tubes is also the best set of tubes for those looking forward to a value-for-money deal. When you look at the price point of $20, each tube costs you just 0.2$ per tube. All of these tubes measure 4.75” x 0.75” and are UV resistant. You’ve got to squeeze the top of these tubes to pop it open, making it a child-resistant product. Indeed one of the best joint tubes for those looking to buy in bulk and to get the best value for their money.

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6. Raw Aluminum Tube – “Rawthentic” Cigar Style Tube

This is something which is for the passionate stoner! RAW is one of the biggest and the most trusted brands when it comes to making rolling papers and smoking accessories. The company’s iconic red-letter brand name has been a part of the weed culture for several years now and many stoners would appreciate using a cigar-styled joint tube made by RAW with their brand plastered on top of it. This is made of aluminum and costs less than $5, and will last you for a really long time compared to plastic tubes. The top of this tube has to be screwed open and it offers the stoners an airtight and odor-proof experience of carrying it around.

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7. Formline Unbreakable Doob Tube Smell Proof Container Joint Tube

Formline Unbreakable Doob Tube - Smell Proof Container Designed for Pre Rolls - Fit in Your Pocket and Last a Lifetime - Airtight, Waterproof, Odor Proof Storage - 4.5 inch x .6 inch Di (110mmx15mm)
  • THE TOP SHELF OF SMELL PROOF CONTAINERS - Lightweight, Durable Container makes a great alternative to a heavy jar or bulky bag. Fits perfectly in your pocket...
  • A FINE BALANCE BETWEEN STORAGE AND PORTABILITY - The optimal balance of storage and portability. Enjoy privacy at home, work or in your car. Perfect for Travel!

Another premium product, made for the stoners who don’t want to compromise on the quality. Priced in at $15.99, this is one of the best joint tubes that you can get off the internet, with its biggest promise being that it is ‘unbreakable’. The top of this joint tube has to be screwed in. As expected, this is also airtight, waterproof and odor proof – ensuring that the smell will not leak out and moisture/air will not leak inside the tube, keeping your joint as fresh as it was when you first rolled it! The odor control here is quite good – there are many joint tubes which claim to suppress the smell but perhaps none of them do a job as spectacular as this one. It is 4.5 inches in length and 0.6 inches in width, allowing you enough space to store a well-rolled joint. 

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8. Suoyana Joint Case Holder

Joint Case Holder,Smell Proof Case Doob Tube Container Waterproof Keep Herbs Fresh for Travel,Camping (Black/Silver)
  • 🏆【BEST VALUE STASH JAR】1 pack of high-quality aluminum alloy stash jar.
  • 💎【HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM ALLOY】High quality aluminum alloy material is shatter-resistant, making it both durable and safe.

This is a set of two joint tubes, both made out of metal – featuring one black and one silver colored tube. Both these tubes are made out of a high-quality aluminum alloy which give them a premium look and feel as well as make them pretty durable. There’s a three-compartment design, ensuring you can use it in any way you want and even mix and match the colors as per your preference. The joint tube measures 4.1 inches in length and 0.8 inches in width, giving you a lot of space to store a really thick joint. This is easy to carry around and has ample space for storing multiple cigarettes or even pills or cash. There’s also a keytag attached on top of this joint tube, where you can attach your existing keychain and ensure that you carry it everywhere you go. This is also an easy-to-clean product as the manufacturer has ensured it can be cleaned with warm water. Indeed one of the best joint tubes for those looking forward to buy one!

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9. Glass Preroll Vials 4.5″ Child-Resistant Joint Tube (Pack of 12)

Glass Preroll Vials 4.5" Child Resistant Joint Blunt Doob Tube (12)
  • Capacity: 115mm long pre-rolled cone
  • Opening diameter: 13mm

So far we’ve seen plastic, wood and metal – however, this is a set of 12 joint tubes made out of glass! In this, you can store pre-rolled joints up to 115mm in size. They are made out of borosilicate glass, and come with a black cap which can be screwed well to the top of the tube. These joint tubes are manufactured by skunkwork packaging and are a great option for anyone who, for some reason, would like to experiment with glass tubes instead of a typical plastic/metal tube. These are child-resistant if screwed properly and also provide quite a degree of airtight and waterproof experience. However, since they’re made of glass, you’ll need to handle them with care. 

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10. 109MM Clear Preroll Joint Tube (Pack of 600)

Last but in no way the least, this is a set of 600 joint tubes from SODO LOCO, which allow the stoners to get like a year’s worth of supply in one go! It costs just $60 – giving you $0.10 per tube, which is perhaps as cheap as it gets. The tubes measure 0.75″ X 4.5″ – which is exactly the right size for storing RAW’s king-size cones. The lid has to be squeezed from both the sides and then it pops open – making it airtight and odor proof. This one here is a clear joint tube, but if you wish to purchase one of a particular colour, there are various options such as green and black – and two translucent shades of green and black. All in all, this is one of the best joint tubes option for those who want to buy a really large amount of tubes! 

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Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Joint Tube

  • Size: You need to ensure that the tubes you are going to buy are going to be big enough to fit the regular-sized joints that you tend to roll. If you are someone who likes to roll big and fat joints, look for a bigger and thicker joint tube.
  • Material: Is your joint tube made of plastic, metal, wood or glass? You need to ensure you get the right kind of material because the material you choose also impacts the durability. Metal joint tubes might cost a little higher but they are significantly durable compared to other types of joint tubes.
  • Airtight: Ensure that you are getting a good and air-tight joint tube otherwise there will be a risk of your joints getting exposed to air and moisture and losing out all the ‘freshness’.
  • Colour: Color might look insignificant but for many it is important because getting a transparent joint tube might attract unwanted attention. Hence, many stoners prefer getting solid-colored joint tubes with no branding/designs on it that give away its contents.


To conclude, we hope that this article on the best joint tubes helped you gain a better insight into understanding everything that you need to know before you make a purchase. Joint tubes are (almost always) inexpensive and something that stoners tend to purchase often. However, there are some tubes which can last you for a long time (especially the metal ones). We hope that after reading this article you make a well-informed choice about what kind of joint tube you want to purchase and all the options that you have. Do let us know in the comments below or drop us a mail if we have missed out on something or if there’s a tube that you want to recommend to us. 

Happy Smoking! 🙂


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