Introduction to Growing Marijuana

Introduction to Growing Marijuana
Introduction to Growing Marijuana

Introduction to Growing Marijuana: After smoking marijuana for years, the natural progression for many stoners is to grow their own marijuana. In the course of this guide, we will go through the various techniques of growing marijuana – as well as bust some popular myths which are associated with growing marijuana. However before we proceed with anything else, let us first make this extremely clear: Growing your own marijuana is NOT hard and it requires little attention.

If you follow all the steps in this guide, it will be practical for you to grow your own marijuana and you’ll never need to go out to buy it again!

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Introduction to Growing Marijuana

In this guide, we will address the following things about growing marijuana:

  • The basics:
  • Everything about the seed
    • Choosing the seed, germinating it and monitoring the growth.
  • The need for nutrients
  • Growing Lights
  • Harvesting Marijuana

y the end of this guide, our aim is to empower you to help you grow your own crop of marijuana in the comfort of your own surroundings. This ensures you never pay another dime for weed ever again!

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Why Should I Grow My Own Marijuana?

Whenever we recommend people about growing their own weed – the first question they ask us is – can’t I just buy it instead? What’s the benefit of investing in growing your own weed when it is easily available in the markets.

  • Control over Purity: If you’re buying weed, you don’t really know where it is coming from and how it has been grown. The weed might well be laced or dirty and might not give you the intended high. However, when you’re growing your own marijuana – you know it is clean and well prepared as it has grown right in front of you. You know the bud you’re gonna smoke is going to be pure and clean.
  • Cost Effective: An average plant of cannabis generates about 1 ounce of weed. Most Growing lights support up to six plants at a time. That’s six ounces – which is a lot of weed to smoke, even for regular stoners.
  • Share it with your Friends: Now that you have six ounces of weed every month or two, it’d be a lot to keep up with. You might as well wanna distribute it to your friends and win over their love for you. It will always be appreciated.
  • Privacy: Moreover, growing weed in the comfort of your own home gives you better privacy as opposed to hanging out in shady corners of the city waiting for your guy to deliver you the package while risking getting caught by the law!

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Things You Must Know Before You Start Growing Marijuana

Let us now take a quick look at the things that you need to know before you start growing your own crop of marijuana.

  • Is it legal?

    Marijuana laws around the world tend to vary from country to country and from state to state. The legality of marijuana is a controversial topic that needs to be addressed before you actually begin to grow your own weed. There are some countries where growth is legal but smoking is not. There are other nations where growing and smoking is legal, but selling it is not. There are also some regions where it is legal to smoke marijuana but illegal to grow it. We strongly insist that you check with your local laws and regulations before you begin growing marijuana.

  • Is it costly?

    he simple answer to the question is that it is not. At least when compared to buying weed from the market for years. Growing is cheaper because it gives you free weed and breaks even in the long run. There are two broad methods of growing marijuana – outdoors and indoors. While growing it outdoors can cost you as less as $0, growing it indoors can go up to $1000 in cost depending on the kind of equipment you are using. However, if you look at the broader picture it’s always a great deal and a good investment, helping you save more than you invest.

  • Is it hard?

    It is very easy to grow marijuana – you do need to take a few precautions but thankfully cannabis can grow without the need of much maintenance. It is as simple as growing any other houseplant and does not need any farming skills.

Introduction to Growing Marijuana


All you need to know about Introduction to Growing Marijuana.

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