How to Consume Marijuana

How to Consume Marijuana
How to Consume Marijuana

The consumption of marijuana has been going around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations had a good idea about the medicinal as well as psychoactive properties of weed There are many ways in which marijuana can be consumed. Smoking of marijuana has been a part of various ancient cultures, and so has the ingestion in various forms. Some people consume it by mixing it with tea as well.

How to Consume Marijuana

Let us now take a detailed look at the various ways in which people tend to consume marijuana:

Ways To Consume Marijuana

Different people tend to consume marijuana in different ways, depending on the kind of effect they want, as well as the intensity of the effects of marijuana. Here’s a deeper look at the same:

  • Smoke it: The most common way of consuming marijuana is by smoking it! It has been a practice which has been followed by various cultures over the years. It is still the most popular form of consuming marijuana. There are various ways in which it can be smoked – in the forms of joints and blunts, as well as with the help of bongs. Weed can also be consumed with the help of classic, old-school pipes which are another popular instrument of smoking marijuana.
  • Vape it: The vaping culture has been picking pace over the past decade – and it has been accepted as a mainstream alternative to smoking. Vaping has been quite popular with youngsters, as well as with those who are looking forward to quit smoking.
  • Drink it: As surprised as you may be to hear it – it is actually quite possible to drink marijuana! While it can’t really be drunk in a liquid form, it can be brewed along with tea, as well as beer, coffee and soda.
  • Eat it: A popular way to consume weed is in the form of edibles – pot brownies are very popular. Moreover, another popular way is to mix it with dough and consume pot pizzas! You can experiment with weed in a number of ways. However, it must be kept in mind that weed must not be consumed directly as that can have ill-effects.

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Instruments of Smoking Marijuana

Now that you know the different ways in which marijuana can be consumed, let us now take a closer look at the different instruments of smoking marijuana –

  • JointsJoints are the simplest forms of smoking marijuana and it is basically rolling up weed as a marijuana cigarette. This is the most common form of smoking weed! A joint consists of a rolling paper along with a roach on the end.
  • BluntsWhile joints are the simplest and the most common forms of smoking marijuana and are most commonly associated with stoners, blunts too, are not uncommon these days. A blunt involves rolling up of the marijuana in a cigar paper – which can much more quantity of weed when compared to a joint and burns more smoothly and evenly as well. Flavored blunts are also available.
  • PipesWe all know this one! Sherlock Holmes smokes one, Gandalf smokes one and a number of other movie and book characters have been known to pack in a pipe. Pipes can carry a good amount of marijuana in them and are often a work of art! From old school pipes to custom stoner pipes with your name and choice of design on them – there’s no dearth of pipes when it comes to stoners!
  • Bongs: Another popular imagery when it comes to stoners – bongs have been a part of the weed-culture for ages and they continue to thrive even today. Bongs allow water or ice to be kept in the base, giving off a cool smoking experience. Moreover, Bongs are also a work of art and most regular stoners tend to have at least three to four joints, with one always reserved for special occasions 😉 (you know what we mean).
  • Hookah: While this is a little uncommon, but Hookahs have also been used by many users to smoke marijuana. A hookah comes with a small cup on the top which holds marijuana (mixed with tobacco) and comes with pipes which can be used to smoke it. Hookahs are best enjoyed with friends and usually 3 to 4 people smoke hookahs, heated by coal which is kept on top.
  • VapesVaping is getting popular – there are a number of users who are using different vaping devices to consume marijuana. The pen-shaped vaping tool is the most common here, while there are other, bigger vaping devices too, such as the desktop vape. Desktop vapes make use of an instrument to fill in a balloon, which is then directly consumed by inhaling off it. Vaping doesn’t leave the smell which immediately gives away if you’ve been smoking up.

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How to Consume Marijuana
  • How to Consume Marijuana


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