Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana
Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Now that we have given a detailed insight into the indoor cultivation of marijuana and it’s pros and cons, let us take a closer look at the outdoor cultivation of marijuana and the benefits and disadvantages that it comes with. In this chapter, we will take a detailed look at the factors which are resulting in a fall of popularity when it comes to outdoor cultivation in modern times – as well as the benefits and disadvantages of outdoor cultivation.

Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana
Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Marijuana in its natural form has always been an outdoor crop. The cannabis plant has been around for thousands of years – having been used by various cultures for various purposes. The plant has been used for its psychoactive properties by ascetics looking for divine revelations, as well as by those practicing medicine in the dawn of scientific temper in humans. It has actively been used in various religious traditions as well.

When you grow marijuana outdoors, you are growing it in its natural environment. Indoor growth has you working hard towards emulating the outside environment in your room while outdoor cultivation of marijuana doesn’t impose any of those challenges.

Everything that you need is available in nature. All your basic requirements – those of Soil, Air, Water, and Light are all present in nature. When you grow weed indoors, you need to take care of all these factors by artificially creating them with the help of various sources. However, in outdoor cultivation – they all exist in nature, free of cost!

While it seems natural, as well as cost-effective, there are two main reasons as to why people do not prefer growing marijuana outdoors: It may be illegal, and for a better control. We will discuss each of them in detail below.


Advantages of Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

  • While growing marijuana outdoors, you are growing it the way it is meant to be by nature.
  • Marijuana plants require air and ventilation – which is best suited outdoors than indoors. While you can artificially create such ventilation indoors too, but it can rarely match the open skies outdoors! Moreover, you won’t even have to care about humidity and temperature, etc.
  • Light is another critical factor. All plants need sunlight for photosynthesis which helps them survive. Marijuana plants too need sunlight. Now, this is something which again, can be artificially created with the help of grow lights indoors – but you’ll get it for free in outdoor cultivation!
  • When it comes to the quantity of growth, outdoor has a major advantage over indoor cultivation. While growing weed indoors, you are limiting yourself to a room or a place where you are planting it – which is a limited space and allows you to grow only a certain number of plants. However, outdoors you can do it in bulk.


Disadvantages of Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana

  • Let us begin by addressing the biggest disadvantage that growing marijuana outdoors has: Control! When plants grow outdoors, they grow on their own – in a natural process. However, sometimes due to access or lack of resources – the chemical balance of the plants might not be as good as it is when it comes to indoor growth. Some buds from the plant might contain more THC compared to others. There might also be chances of some plants being more psychoactive than others! Growing it indoors allows you to ensure all the plants receive a homogenous treatment – thereby ensuring a proper growth.
  • Another major disadvantage of outdoor growth is that it is visible. Sometimes a bit too much and might raise some alarms. This is particularly dangerous if you are living in a jurisdiction where growing marijuana is not allowed. You are breaking the law and are making it obvious!
  • Growing marijuana outdoors will always lead to a longer growth time when compared to indoor growth. Growing it indoors, you can create optimum conditions instantly – which is not possible in outdoor growth.
  • Nutrients are another major factor – the soil outside will either need to be manually prepared for growing marijuana or it might not be as effective. In the case of indoor growth, you can prepare the soil by adding the appropriate nutrients.
  • Finally, the lack of, or excess of any natural resource might be damaging. Excess of water might damage the crops, lack of sunlight might be harmful too. Moreover, growing marijuana outdoors might also the plants vulnerable to dirt and insects – both of which are not a factor when it comes to indoor growing.


Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana


All You Need to Know about Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana, Advantages of Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana and Disadvantages of Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana.



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