How to Make Cannabis Oil?

How to Make Cannabis Oil?
How to Make Cannabis Oil?

How to Make Cannabis Oil: Cannabis oil is extracted from the marijuana plant. It contains all the benefits and some more that a marijuana plant can offer. Although, making cannabis oil is not considered as dangerous as Butane Hash Oil (BHO) you still need to be careful during the process.

While making cannabis oil, you will use alcohol instead of a more dangerous solvent. However, in order to stay on the safe side, you need to do the process in a well-vented area and should not, in any case, exceed the recommended cooking temperatures.

While there are a lot of cannabis oil bottles available in the market in today’s time thanks to the legalization of it, it is still preferred that you make your own cannabis oil if you have the right ingredients and motivation for it.

How to Make Cannabis Oil?

How to Make Cannabis Oil?
How to Make Cannabis Oil?

One of the most important factors for doing it yourself is that you will know that it is fresh and you will be able to choose what ingredients you want to use during the process and what ingredients you want to avoid while making the cannabis oil at home.

If you have heard of Rick Simpson, then you know how beneficial it is to make your own oil. He was a Canadian who was diagnosed with skin cancer and by using his homemade cannabis oil, he cured himself in a matter of days! However, he moved to Europe where he could enjoy marijuana without getting prosecuted.

The ingredients that you need to make your own cannabis oil are not hard to get at all, you can make cannabis oil in a matter of a weekend. You can literally just wake up and think ‘I will make myself some cannabis oil this weekend’ and you can do that! The following are the things that you are going to need to make cannabis oil all by yourself.


Ingredients Needed

  • Choose the marijuana strain that you want the oil from, it is preferred if the strain is high in THC, get one ounce of it.
  • One gallon of 99% pure ETHYL/ETHANOL alcohol or Everclear.

Make sure that you do not get rubbing alcohol! Do not get anything that you cannot drink!

Tools Required

  • Stockpot. Make sure it is large enough to hold a gallon of alcohol with cannabis
  • For stirring, a wooden spoon
  • For straining, bubble hash bags (a 73-micron bag is preferred)
  • A double boiler. Make sure it is not with Teflon coating. A double boiler will make the process of boiling much easier than a pan or a pot
  • Syringes or containers, in order to store the oil when you are done making the cannabis oil

Once you have gathered the ingredients and the tools which should not be too hard to get if you have the right prescriptions, you are ready to start making the cannabis oil at your home.


The Process

Begin with putting the alcohol in a stockpot. Then after putting the alcohol in the pot, submerge the marijuana in it and leave it in the freezer overnight. The alcohol will not freeze, however, the cold will be really helpful I extracting the resin from the plant.

Take the pot out of the freezer the next morning and stir it gently with a wooden spoon. Make sure you are gentle while stirring as you do not want to smash the flowers.

Take a bubble hash bag and strain the mixture through it. Then after doing that, repeat the rinse with the help of fresh unused alcohol. Now, take the double boiler and put the alcohol along with the cannabis in it. Allow the double boiler to boil off all the alcool. Take some precautions because the fumes created by the alcohol are very strong.

It is preferred to do the boiling process in the outdoors if it is possible. However, if you can’t do it outdoors, make sure you have proper ventilation while the boiling process happens. You need to make sure that the temperatures remain above at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) and below the temperature of 290 degree Fahrenheit (140 degrees Celsius) while boiling.

This way the THC will be activated and not ruined. It is recommended that you use a reliable thermometer. When you have boiled off all the alcohol, you will discover an oily substance at the bottom of the boiler, collect it in syringes or bottles and make sure that you store it in a dark, cool place. Voila! You will have made cannabis oil at your own home after following these steps. Doesn’t seem that hard, does it?

If the oil gets hard or frozen, just gently warm it up by using some warm water.


While it does sound pretty easy, which it is, you do need to take precautions while making your cannabis oil at your convenience. The most important points that you need to remember is that not to use alcohol that you cannot drink and while the boiling process make sure the strong fumes have a way out if you are unable to do it outdoors.


How to Make Cannabis Oil?
  • How to Make Cannabis Oil?


Complete Guideline on How to Make Cannabis Oil, Ingredients Needed, Tools Required and Step By Step Process to Make Cannabis Oil.



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