What do you Need to Grow Marijuana

What do you Need to Grow Marijuana
What do you Need to Grow Marijuana

What do you Need to Grow Marijuana: There are two ways in which you can grow marijuana – indoors and outdoors. While we have dedicated sections detailing both, the indoor growth and the outdoor growth, our focus throughout will be on growing marijuana indoors as it is safer, as well as provides you with a more controlled environment which ensures your crops grow the way you want them to be without really having to depend upon nature’s elements.

What do you Need to Grow Marijuana

While growing marijuana outdoors is considerably cheaper – the fact is that it has a number of problems associated with it. Excess or water, or lack of water – natural disasters like cyclones, insects infecting the crop or pets accidentally trampling it – there’s just too much to take care of. Hence, growing it indoors in a controlled environment is always better.

Natural Elements Needed To Grow Marijuana

When it comes to growing marijuana indoors – all that you need here is basically equipment which replicates nature’s elements in a room. Let us for a while forget about the equipment and look at the natural requirements a cannabis plant needs for growth:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Air
  • Medium For Growing (Soil)
  • Nutrients

However, when it comes to growing marijuana indoors – it is all quite different.

Elements Needed To Grow Marijuana Indoors:

Soil, which is present naturally in the outdoor method of growing marijuana has to be prepared and containers need to be placed in a manner which ensures the plant can grow comfortably. A dedicated grow room has to be prepared where various marijuana plants are to be kept together for growth. The room needs to be kept clean.

Talking about soil, the soil which is present naturally in the outdoor growing method has natural nutrients of its own. However, artificially prepared soil – especially for indoor growth, needs to be provided with extra nutrients. These nutrients depend upon the type of preparation – we shall give them a detailed look in one of our chapters ahead.

The biggest challenge that needs to be dealt with when growing marijuana indoors is that of the lights. Light and heat are two elements which are present in abundance in nature. However, while growing marijuana indoors, this natural light does not really exist – and has to be artificially created with the help of grow lights. These are giant light sources which throw light directly upon the plants.

However, along with light, these led grow lights also emit heat. While a little heat is good for the plants, an excessive amount of heat could be dangerous. Hence, artificial sources of air to need to be kept. The room does not need to be massively ventilated but a little ventilation along with an air pump is welcome as it helps ensure the plants remain well ventilated and get appropriate air.

Along with light and air, water to is needed by these plants. Thankfully cannabis plants do not require as much water as compared to various other plants that are grown. However, every marijuana plants do require water every alternate day. Water that needs to be provided to the plant depends on the size of the container in which the plant is growing. Usually, it is advised to water the container till about 20% of the water is drained down the runoff hole.

Some users also prefer making use of grow tents. These grow tents are kept around the plants in such a manner that they help the weed grow better. They come with reflective walls on the inside, which allow the light to reflect off the surface and surround the plants in a better manner – providing a proper sunshine effect. Moreover, they also provide a good ‘dark’ effect once the lights are turned off – which ensures the plants get a proper rest. Grow tents also allow the plants to remain warm – especially if you are growing them in a basement, or a place where the temperatures are colder.

We shall be taking a detailed look at each of these elements in the posts to follow. Stay Tuned!

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What do you Need to Grow Marijuana
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