Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana
Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana

Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana: Now that we know what growing marijuana is all about – and all that you need to grow it, let us take a detailed look at two of the most popular methods for growing marijuana. These are those of indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. Let us begin with indoor cultivation of marijuana and give it a detailed look as well as the pros and cons that come along with indoor cultivation of marijuana.

Indoor Cultivation of Cannabis

For thousands of years, cannabis has been grown outdoors. It is one of the oldest agricultural crops known to man and has been in use in many countries as a medicine and as a psychoactive substance, as well as a religious plant for over a millennium. However, of late – indoor cultivation has been picking pace. Considering the legality of marijuana has become rather questionable in most countries, where growing as well as possession of cannabis is a crime – people tend to grow it indoors.

Indoor cultivation of marijuana comes with its own challenges. Basically, indoor cultivation means you are replicating the natural sources and replacing them with artificial sources. Natural elements such as air, water, heat, sunlight, and soil are all needed for indoor cultivation of cannabis.

However – the one big benefit that you have when it comes to indoor planting of cannabis compared to the outdoor cultivation is the fact that doing it indoors gives you better control. Thereby, it means that you can ensure a quality output as you have control over all the resources it needs for growth.

Let us now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of indoor cultivation of marijuana:

Advantages of Indoor Cultivation

  • Growing marijuana indoors gives you a greater control over all the resources you are providing to it. This ensures that you can give just the appropriate quantity of light, air, water and nutrients which will give you the best quality output whereas in outdoor cultivation your plants are at a risk of being underexposed or overexposed to these natural resources.

  • You know when and how to flower your crop because this is totally in your control when practicing the indoor method of cultivation. When it grows outdoor it can’t really be regulated.

  • Thanks to a controlled and regulated, clean environment, there’s considerably less chance of your plants being affected by viruses which can damage the output. Moreover it also ensures that insects do not harm the plants.
  • Growing marijuana indoors ensures in the best quality output as all the chemicals and enzymes are equally balanced as opposed to growing it outdoors.

  • You also have control over the nutrients when it comes to planting marijuana indoors – you can ensure you create just the right mixture of nutrients for a proper growth.

Disadvantages of Indoor Cultivation

  • Many experts and traditional growers argue that sunlight is a much better source of light and heat than artificially produced light.
  • The biggest obstacle that many users tend to face when it comes to growing marijuana indoors is that of ventilation. While fans have been used to generate air inside, it needs to be regulated and monitored time and again.
  • The amount of marijuana you can grow when it comes to an indoor setup is lesser when compared to an outdoor setup because of the limited space.
  • Talking of limited space, you will need to dedicate an entire room to growing marijuana – this demands some space which is necessary.
  • The height of the crop may differ as it has been noted that indoor crops tend to be shorter in height than outdoor grown marijuana.
  • Finally, the setup is expensive compared to outdoor growth – which is more or less free of cost! Here you need to provide artificial sources of light, water, and air, as well as soil – all of which are available for free in the outdoor environment.

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Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana


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