The 4 Best Platinum LED Grow Lights in 2020

Best Platinum LED Grow Lights

When growers head out to buy grow lights, they are met with thousands of different brands next to each other – this becomes so overwhelming that they feel perplexed and confused. It is always a great strategy to go out there looking for a specific brand and it always makes things easier! In this article we are going to talk about one such brand: PlatinumLED, which is known in the markets for making some of the best and the most ‘premium’ grow lights which can not only last you for years, but also offers you great lighting and after-sales service. One of the best brands that you can buy if you are looking forward to buying grow lights for your plants.

The idea behind this article is to familiarize you with the brand PlatinumLED and highlight four of their best Platinum LED grow lights in 2020 that you can easily buy off Amazon with just a few clicks! We will discuss in detail the features of all these grow lights, followed by a quick buyer’s guide that will help you know which is the best grow light for your needs. Moreover, we also have a final section dedicated to the pros and cons of buying lights manufactured by this brand which will help you finalize on whether or not you wish to purchase LED lights from them. 

However, before all of that, we will first be addressing what even are grow lights and why do your plants need them. Post that we take a very quick look at the PlatinumLED brand before we deep-dive into the four best grow lights that they have to offer to the growers! 

Why Do Your Plants Need Grow Lights?

All plants need light for their basic survival. The light which comes from the sun is seen by us as a single yellow or white ray. However, when you look at it in closer detail, light actually travels in the form of waves which move in crests and troughs. When you break down the sunlight, you will realize it is actually made out of the light of different colors that form the visible spectrum – each of these colors offer specific benefits to the plants. The blue light is used for the early phase of growth and helps the plants grow bigger and leafier and is very important for the process of photosynthesis. The red light comes to play during the flowering phase. Other lights also help the plants develop better flavor, aroma, etc. 

Coming to grow lights now, these are the lights that are used when you grow your plants indoors. As there’s no sunlight indoors, grow lights provide the right kind of lights for your plants to grow. They recreate the natural light of the sun inside the tent and help your plants grow properly. Grow lights come in different types, shapes and sizes. In this article in particular we are going to take a closer look LED grow lights manufactured by PlatinumLED.

Understanding Brand PlatinumLED: A Premium Lighting Brand

When you take a look at all the LED grow light brands in the markets and compare Platinum LED grow lights with them, you will see a clear difference. A majority of the products in the markets are out there to appeal to the lower-budget growers who want a cheap and easy solution. Most of them are products that are heavily reliant on Chinese parts too. Platinum LED is all about high-quality products that offer a long-lasting performance. These lights are made in America and are considered to be much more reliant than their Chinese counterparts. The lights can last for 100,000 hours and come with a five year warranty period which is among the longest that we have seen. Furthermore, the company trusts their lights so much that it offers a three-month (90-day) return period for those growers who are not happy with the performance. 

Best PlatinumLED Grow Lights in 2020

Here’s a closer and detailed look at the four best grow lights that PlatinumLED has to offer. There are some other variants available as well but we strongly recommend choosing between these four. We have selected these four grow lights as they offer completely different things based on your needs and size of your setup. 

1. Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w 12-band LED Grow Light

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The first name on our list is a basic 150W grow light from PlatinumLED. There are 50 LEDs of 3W each which provide a total output of 150W. This is a full-spectrum LED grow light providing you with 12 bands of lighting, which when combined gives your plants an effect which is very similar to that of natural sunlight. The grow light also has provisions for proper UV lighting and IR lighting that can be provided to the plants for an effective and all-round growth. The manufacturer claims that the grow light can easily replace a 250W HPS light but in our experience, it is sometimes as effective as some higher wattage HPS lights as well!

This is one of the best Platinum LED grow lights as it covers an area of 4.5ft x 3.5ft, which is ideal for growers who are growing in small 4×2, 4×3, 3×3 or even 4×4 grow tents. Another good thing about almost all lights from PlatinumLED is that they come with independent switches for the VEG and BLOOM mode, which gives the growers the option to provide the right kind of lighting for the right phase of growth. Two keep the light cool, there are three fans present on the back of the grow light, which operates at a speed higher than most standards grow lights. Lastly, there’s a 5-year warranty on the product along with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product. 

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2. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM
  • Platinum LED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights!
  • SUPERIOR 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR - The most complete and efficient spectral output available

The first one that we saw was a 150W grow light, this one doubles it straight up and can easily replace a 400W HPS grow light as per the manufacturer. When you hang this grow light from a height of 18 inches, it covers an area of 4.5ft x 3.8ft which suits the needs of most personal scale and small scale growers pretty well. The coverage is pretty even and the entire grow area gets decent lighting. This light can last you for about 100,000 hours and comes with a 5-year warranty. Moreover, if you buy it and are not happy with the purchase you get the first three months to return it back to the manufacturer and can get your money back! 

All the grow lights manufactured by PlatinumLED in their ‘advanced platinum’ brand carry a 12-band spectrum, which is great for your plants because the kind of light that comes from these grow lights is pretty similar to what you would get if you were to grow your plants under the natural light of the sun. This ensures that lights of all spectrums and colors reaches your plants – violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. In addition to these standard lights from the visible spectrum, there are also IR and UV lights which your plants need during the blooming and the vegetative stages respectively. These lights help you get bigger flowers and better THC content as well! In addition to that. All in all one of the best Platinum LED grow lights to buy in 2020!

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3. Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM
  • Platinum LED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights!
  • SUPERIOR 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR - The most complete and efficient spectral output available

Moving on to an even larger grow light, this is the 600W grow light from the Advanced Platinum series created by PlatinumLED. This is the brightest and the most high-output grow light of the lot. At 36 x 3 x 9 inches, it is also the largest and weighs more than what we have seen above. There are 200 3W LEDs present in the light, which provide a 600W output and can easily replace an 800W HPS grow light. It offers lighting 2 to 3 times brighter than standard LED lights and can cover an impressive 6ft x 4ft of plants. The light also offers a very high Par per lumen output which is great for your plants.

This grow light consumes less than 370 Watts of power from the wall socket on an average. There are twelve bands of the spectrum of light which ensure that all the colors of light are provided to your plant just like they would get if they were kept out under natural sunlight. This is a huge benefit for your plants as they get the perfect lighting along with ultraviolet and infrared lights. The LEDs are made in the US and are of very good quality too. There’s a 5-year warranty on this grow light, which can easily last you for 100,000 hours. There are separate switches for the VEG and BLOOM mode which make growing your plants very easy! All in all, this is one of the best Platinum LED grow lights in 2020 for growers!

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4. Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w 12-band LED Grow Light

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The three that we have seen above have a very similar look and feel to each other and are essentially more powerful variants of each other. However, this one is completely different as it has a very different design and uses a different kind of light as well. There are CREE LEDs used in this grow light, and it can easily replace a traditional 600W HPS grow light. The manufacturer also claims that the light that you get from using this PlatinumLED grow light is 2 to 3 times brighter than standard lights. There are four ‘clusters’ in this grow light and each cluster has 2 CREE LEDs of 10W each, which form the core strength of this light.

This grow light is meant for personal scale growers, as it covers a 3×3 bloom area or 4×4 veg coverage which is quite small. Thanks to its full-spectrum lighting you can make use of the same grow light across all the stages of your plant’s growth and you can also switch between the veg and flowering switches. The cooling mechanism is pretty good thanks to the fans inside the grow light which helps dissipate the heat, there are also multiple vents for the heat to exit on all four sides. Lastly, there’s a 5-year warranty on this grow light along with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. 

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Buyer’s Guide to Platinum LED Grow Lights

Here’s a quick look at some things you should consider while buying these lights:

  • Coverage: You must know what is the exact coverage that the lights offer and whether or not it is sufficient enough to cover the length and breadth of your plants! Always buy something that’s a little bigger than the size of your setup for the best results.
  • Spectrum and PAR Score: Make sure that you’re getting a full spectrum light with a high PAR score – Platinum LED’s lights are all full-spectrum and high PAR so that’s covered!
  • Power Consumption: Make sure that the light consumes as little power as possible. The number written on the name is the output. A 150W grow light won’t consume 150W of power. Read the fine print on the box or the product description to know exactly how much power will be consumed from the wall socket.
  • Durability and Design: The grow light needs to be durable enough to survive basic bumps and scratches. Durability wise platinum LED’s lights are pretty good while in terms of design too, you’ll find them to be very nice looking compared to other lights that are bulky and unattractive.
  • Heat Dissipation: There are heat vents on the sides of these grow light manufactured by PlatinumLED as well as fans on the back which make sure the heat part is managed pretty well. 

Pros and Cons of PlatinumLED Grow Lights

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using Platinum LED grow lights:


  • Made in America: does not use inferior Chinese parts
  • Lasts a really long time – up to a 100,000 hours as claimed by the manufacturer
  • One of the longest warranty periods we’ve seen on a grow light: 5 years
  • A 90 day return period
  • Separate channels for veg and bloom lighting 
  • Excellent heat dissipation 
  • Wider coverage than standard lights
  • Really bright lighting and high PAR ratings


  • Expensive when you compare these lights to the going rate of the standard grow lights in the markets

Frequently Asked Questions About PlatinumLED Grow Lights

Here’s the answer to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about Platinum LED grow lights:

1. Why are they expensive compared to the other grow lights?

Considering that they use expensive parts made in the US instead of using cheaper Chinese alternatives, the cost of the light goes up. They also offer a superior customer support as well as a brighter lighting experience. Hence, the cost too goes up. 

2. Where to buy these grow lights from?

These lights can be purchased at any store that sells gardening supplies – especially premium gardening supplies. You can also buy them off Amazon where you get a variety of these grow lights. 

3. Do they honour their warranty well?

Yes, the company is known for honoring their warranty – however, most growers never even have the need to for any repairs as the lights work quite smoothly!

4. Are there any drawbacks to buying these grow lights?

No drawbacks as such but the price might be something that might not appeal all growers, especially those who are new and are just starting out. 


We often get asked about which is the best LED grow light brand – and the answer honestly depends upon what you are looking for. For someone who wants a very bright light which can last them for quite a long time without any problems, this is just the perfect light. However, growers will need to shell out some extra bucks for this given the great performance it offers. Also a made-in-America product, it is all about using homegrown parts and offers great quality too. We have reviewed the four best platinum LED grow lights in 2020 over here which will help you make a quick and easy decision as to which one should you buy for growing your plants! Do let us know in the comments or drop us a mail if you have any more questions about this and we’ll get back to you asap! Till then..

…Happy Growing! 🙂


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