Platinum Grinders Review (2020): Everything You Need to Know About the Best Grinder for Marijuana

Platinum Grinders Review

After you have harvested your weed, the whole thing to do with growing the plant is done with. However, even the finest of bud – before it is smoked, needs to be grinded! One of the best grinders for marijuana in 2020 is the Platinum Grinder which offers you simply everything that you expect from a quality grinder. It has a premium feel to it while coming in at an affordable price and is really a great solution for anyone who is looking forward to smoking good weed which is finely grinded.

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the Platinum Grinder and reviewing it for everything that it is known for. We shall be taking a detailed look at the durability and the fineness to which it can grind marijuana, as well as all the other features that give it an edge over any other regular grinder. However, we shall also be attempting to answer some basic questions – such as what is a grinder, as well as some frequently asked questions like how to clean a grinder, how to use it, etc.  

What is a Marijuana Grinder?

A grinder is basically a tool that helps the smokers break the bud in fine pieces. While many people call it the process of ‘crushing’ and do it using their hands, it is the smokers who want the finest of smoking experiences who go for a marijuana grinder. This is a device which is especially chosen by those who are regular consumers of weed because they know that the process of crushing weed by hand could be quite time-consuming and doesn’t really provide an experience as good as a bud crushed using a grinder.

A marijuana grinder helps you break down the bud evenly and in a very fine, powdery form. Marijuana tends to have CBD and THC – two elements which help you give the ‘high’ and ensuring that all the parts of the bud are ‘crushed’ evenly would make sure that the effect that you get is good. A well grinded joint will also result in an even burn of the joint. In essence, this is the basic function of a marijuana grinder. Grinders are great for smokers and while they are a one-time investment, they generally last very long and add value to the whole experience of smoking weed. Now that you know what a grinder is, let us take a closer look at our Platinum Grinder review, where we review one of the best grinder for marijuana: 

Platinum Grinder Review: What Makes it the Best Grinder for Marijuana?

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher - Large 2.5 Inch 4 Piece, Black Aluminum
  • PRECISION MILLED from Ultra-Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum for extra toughness, durability & best quality. Don't let the affordable price fool you!
  • SHARP DIAMOND CUTTING TEETH for extreme efficiency and effortless grinding. Stainless Steel Mesh Screen filters very fine pollen into the big catcher. Pollen...

At first look, the Platinum Grinder looks like any other multi-piece grinder. It has four pieces which perform various functions of crushing and grinding the weed. However, while it looks like any other grinder when you look at it from afar, it is only when you admire it up close that you would feel the difference. This grinder is made of an ultra-strong Aircraft Grade Aluminum, which ensures that it will last you for quite a long time!

The teeth that you have on this grinder are called ‘diamond cutting’ teeth because they give you a crazy level of precision while cutting the weed. There are a total of 49 teeth in the grinder, which give you quite the literal ‘cutting edge’ advantage. There’s also a mesh-screen made out of stainless steel which makes sure that the very fine elements such as kief is sieved off to the last section while the weed that you will be needing to smoke is stored on to the third unit. 

This grinder utilizes neodymium magnets, which will make sure that the grinding process is smooth and easy. In addition to that, there’s also the fact that these magnets will help ensure that the grinder remains tightly closed while you are grinding the weed. The more tightly shut the body of the grinder is, the fresher your weed will remain for a longer period of time – moreover, a tightly shut grinder is also one where odor cannot escape from! 

What truly surprises us about this Platinum Grinder is the attention to detail that the manufacturers have given to every aspect of it! The top and the bottom portion of this grinder comes with textured grooves on them, which give the holder an extra-strong grip. The size of the grinder is 2.5 inches which makes it ideal to hold and twist around. It is also quite a tough product and will survive more than the occasional bump with ease. The grinder has a black anodized finish to it, which gives it a premium feel and ensures that it is safe against smudges or pealing. Lastly, this also comes with a pollen scraper which makes it easy for you to collect the kief off the bottom chamber.


  • The design is one of its strongest points. It is a durable product which gives the growers a good grip as well as comes with good magnets which keep it shut properly.
  • The presence of 49 diamond-shaped teeth will ensure that you get a very precisely and finely grinded weed.
  • The fourth chamber is a great addition to have (as opposed to a basic 2-piece grinder) as it collects the kief for you which can be used later. This grinder also comes with a scraper to remove kief from the chamber.
  • There’s a thin poly-O ring located on the sides of the top chambers which ensures that the actual process of grinding is pretty smooth and hassle-free, as it helps reduce friction.
  • A good price point of under $20 and it also comes with a ‘lifetime’ promise. There have been many instances of people mailing the company about their grinder getting damaged and getting a quick replacement. The customer service is really good.


  • The common complaint that growers have with practically any grinder (which also applies to this one) is that when the weed is too sticky, it will get stuck to the teeth and since this grinder has 49 teeth, it becomes quite the task to make sure that it is cleaned well.
  • Another minor drawback is that this grinder comes with only one colour variant and might not be a good choice for those who want a very fancy-looking grinder where they can have a custom design etc.

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Other Ways to Grind Marijuana Without Using a Grinder

While using a grinder such as Platinum Grinder is the best way to grind marijuana, there may be some situations where you do not have access to a grinder! In those situations, you might have to resort to other means of crushing and grinding your weed. These include everyday household items which you can simply force upon the bud and cause it to break. Before we look at these items, however, the simplest and the most easy way to break down and crush marijuana using your hands!

Using your hands are one of the most common ways of breaking down and grinding weed if you do not have access to a grinder. This is how many smokers actually smoke it – by simply taking the bud and breaking it down using their thumb and their index fingers. Some people don’t like doing it this way because the bud might be too sticky and hands will get dirty but this is a very common way of breaking it down without a grinder. In addition to this, people use different methods such as crushing weed using a credit card, using coins, using scissors, keys, knives on cutting boards, etc. All of them can grind the weed upto a certain extent but none of them really have the same effect as using a grinder such as Platinum Grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs about Grinders

1. Why do I need a Grinder?

Yes, you can very well use your hands to break up the bud and to crush the weed that you are going to smoke and yes buying a grinder costs you a few bucks while using your hands is free. With these two obvious facts out of the way, let us now look at why grinders are better – first off, they are tools which help you break down the bud evenly. When you break it down using your hands, you will always break it in an uneven manner which is not suitable for smoking because unevenly broken buds will have an uneven concentration of THC and CBD. Hence, when you smoke it, some portions will have no effect on you and some will give you an extra ‘hit’. Smoking a joint where the weed is crushed using a grinder will give you a good smoking experience.

Another great thing about weed that is crushed using a grinder is that it will give the joint an even burn. How many times has it happened that some portions have burnt up too fast while others burn slow? Sometimes it even leads to weed falling right off! However, if you use a grinder, you will get a very finely crushed marijuana which will ensure that the burn is a smooth and even one. Furthermore, grinders also have a section called the ‘kief catcher’ where all the kief crystals, which fall off the main bud are stored. You can later make use of this to add to your cookies/brownies or to make hash. Hence, grinders have a lot of benefit over using just hands!

2. How to use a grinder?

  • Using a grinder is very simple. Take the lid off and make sure the chamber you see in front of you is clean. Place the bud there (break it a little if it is too big) and set it properly in the chamber between the teeth of the grinder. Close the lid and rotate for about ten to fifteen times.
  • Once you’ve rotated it enough, open the lid to see the progress. If there’s some bud which has gotten stuck, separate it using your fingers and then close the lid and grind again to make sure this also gets crushed. 
  • This is pretty much it. Once you’re satisfied that most (or all) of the weed you kept on the first chamber has been crushed, open the first chamber and get access to the second chamber, where the crushed weed would be kept in. Before you open the second chamber, however, give it a good shake.
  • Once you’ve collected the crushed weed from the second chamber, open that as well and get access to the third chamber, which is usually the ‘kief basket’ and store it for later use to add to cookies or to make hash. Alternatively you can sprinkle that kief on to the joint as well for an extra ‘kick’. 

3. What are the different kinds of grinders?

While all of them perform the same basic function of ‘crushing’ marijuana, there are three different kinds of grinders:

  • Electric Grinders: These are basically automatic machines which don’t require any physical effort from the growers. Simply put in your weed in that and turn them on. The machine will begin to rotate and grind the weed for you. However, while the premise of these grinders looks interesting, they haven’t really been popular because these grinders tend to ‘overdo’ things! In many cases, these grinders will crush the weed a little too much rendering it too powdery! Hence, most people still prefer manual grinders where they can ensure they get the weed to be crushed in just the right form. These are expensive as well!
  • Single-Chamber Grinders (2-Piece Set): A single chamber grinder is the most basic form of grinders for marijuana. They are the cheapest too, as they involve just two pieces, both of which have teeth, and you place your weed between them and just rotate it till you think you’re satisfied with the quality of the grinded weed. You would usually find them in wood, plastic or metal variants. 
  • Multi-Chamber Grinders (4-Piece Set): This is the type of grinder that the platinum grinder we talked about here is! A 4-piece grinder set would include a top piece which is the part that you rotate, the second piece is the one with the teeth (and has holes in it) so that the weed is grinded over there and the holes help that weed fall off into a third ‘collection’ layer where your final weed would be stored. This layer would be like a sieve of sorts where the kief would fall off to the fourth piece, which is the kief basket. This gives you the best and the purest smoking experience. 

4. Which is the best grinder for marijuana?

Now this is a very personal question and every smoker has a different answer to this. In our experience, however, we have found Platinum Grinder to be among the best grinders for marijuana as it offers all the amazing features that any good grinder should. It also has a premium look and feel to it, does not cost that much – and is built quite well and can last you for a really long time. Grinders are usually something that smokers tend to buy once and use for years. Hence, personally we believe that Platinum Grinders are great – but you are free to pick any grinder that you think is suiting your needs the best.

5. How to clean a grinder?

Considering that the best marijuana is usually quite sticky, thanks to the resin, there’s often a chance that while grinding your weed, your grinder will become quite sticky too! What happens many times in our experience is that weed gets stuck to the sides and makes it difficult for the teeth to move around. Sometimes it also makes it difficult to open up the grinder’s chambers because of how sticky it gets. 

One of the best ways to clean a grinder is by using a hard paintbrush or a toothbrush which can actually wipe off this sticky mess from the teeth of the grinders. You can also use some salt or isopropyl alcohol which can help reduce the stickiness and then use the brush on them. Sometimes, however, you might be left with no other option than to replace the whole grinder because they’re quite inexpensive! However, this scenario will only arise if you are not cleaning your grinder every time after you have crushed weed in it. If you clean it regularly it can last you for a long time!


We hope that our article on Platinum Grinder review has helped you understand every aspect of this grinder in detail – along with its pros, cons and everything that makes it one of the best grinders for marijuana. Platinum Grinder is a great tool for smokers and offers quite a premium experience at a very low price point! We have provided a complete review of Platinum Grinder here but if you think there’s something we missed out on, let us know in the comments section or drop us an email about the same! 

Happy Growing! 🙂



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