Interview with Dorm Grow – the famous LED Growing Light Company

    Interview with Dorm Grow

    We recently got a chance to interview Matt Hayes, the director of sales at Dorm Grow. Matt has been an integral part of this LED growing light firm and has a background in horticulture and business administration.

    Here’s the complete interview for enthusiastic marijuana growers:

    1. Tell us what Dorm Grow does in your own words.

    Dorm Grow helps indoor cultivators set up their grow space to grow the healthiest possible plants, get large yields and more potency, aroma, and flavor from their crop.

    2. What has been Dorm Grow’s biggest challenge? How did the company overcome it?

    In our first few years, our biggest challenge was convincing the customer that G8LED grow lights actually worked, and they worked well. There were so many low-quality lights in the marketplace, which gave poor results that growers did not trust LED grow lights at all. We knew the G8 lights could compete with HPS bulbs and it was a grassroots effort with word of mouth referrals from delighted customers that lead us to grow the brand and earn the trust of the indoor growing community.

    Once the G8LED lights had proven themselves enough times, earned some awards, and there was enough proof, the next challenge was improving on an already very effective product. We took the feedback from customers and our own experience and continually made modifications to the lights to enhance their efficiency, longevity, and growing power. This is an ongoing iterative process and necessary to stay at the forefront of indoor growing technology.

    3. How does marijuana laws affect your business?

    Recreational legalization opens up new markets, and customers for indoor grow lights, and generally increases the customer base.

    4. What distinguishes Dorm Grow from other businesses in your niche?

    There are many LED grow light brands and a handful of outstanding ones like G8LED. Most brands copy each other and try to sell as many lights as they can in a short period of time without understanding the life cycle of their product. The reason many brands disappear from the market after 3-5 years is that there may have been quality issues which came back to haunt the manufacturer or the lights did not perform to the level that was required by the customer.

    Dorm Grow has been very methodical in its approach, using an iterative process to continually improve our grow lights, maintain a high level of customer service, and make sure we put out a product that will give the customer a superb plant product and a return on their investment.

    5. Something people might be surprised to learn about Dorm Grow LED Lights?

    Dorm Grow LED was started by electrical engineers who turned into indoor growers and applied their scientific approach to creating an awesome grow light that would be environmentally friendly.

    6. What are your views on the future of the cannabis industry?

    Legalization is the trend which will continue to change the laws across the remainder of the states in the US and many countries in South America and Europe. Just as in the alcohol industry, there will be mass-producers and smaller craft producers.

    7. How much learning curve is involved to setup your LED grow lights?

    G8LED lights are pretty easy to setup and grow with. Just hang them at the recommended height, plug them in, and start growing!

    8. Places/ways our readers can purchase Dorm Grow LED Lights and other products?

    Best way to purchase Dorm Grow products is from the official site or Amazon.

    9. Tell us about future products & plans of Dorm Grow.

    In response to customers’ demand, we will add more accessories and growing products to our store this year!

    10. Any tips for our readers and indoor plant growers?

    When growing indoors, keep it simple, or at least start simple and then add the complexity after you have several grows under your belt. Before trying a fully automated hydroponic setup which has more opportunities for mistakes and plant failures, try growing in dirt, without using nutrients. Establish a baseline of indoor growing knowledge, then build upon your base by adding all the complexities that can enhance the grow if done correctly.


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