The 7 Best CBD Creams Reviewed (2020)

    The 7 Best CBD Creams

    When it comes to the cannabis plant, there are a number of products and benefits that growers can avail out of it. While it allows you to get high and focus on things and maybe even boost your creativity, there are a number of medicinal benefits too. Marijuana as a medicine has been something that has been a concept for a really long time – however, the real potential of cannabis-based medicine is being explored and understood over the past decade or so and it has now led to many countries and states legalizing medicinal marijuana, including most states of the US. In this article, we shall be talking about the best CBD creams which is quite an important product for those looking for pain alleviation as well as many other ailments.

    In this article, we shall be reviewing some of the best CBD creams that you can buy off the web – and the benefits that each of them will provide you. We shall also be looking at what CBD is, what CBD cream is, and what are its benefits. Post that we review the best options that you have, followed by the pros and cons of CBD creams and then we answer some of the most common and popularly asked questions about these creams before we conclude. We hope that by the end of this article you will be able to gain a better understanding of the product you are planning on buying. Let us begin straight by understanding what CBD is.

    What is CBD? Is it Different from THC?

    Anyone who is aware about the basics of marijuana and the cannabis plant would know that there are two compounds in the marijuana plant which are very important for stoners – CBD and THC. CBD stands for Cannabidiol while THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Both of these are naturally occurring compounds which are a part of every cannabis plant in different concentrations. The basic difference that growers and stoners need to know is that CBD is what brings most of the medicinal benefits while THC is what brings in most of the psychoactive properties which make you feel high. If you separate the two, having only CBD will not get you ‘high’ unless there’s THC mixed in it. Basically, when you consume weed, both these compounds bind with the neuroreceptors in your brains and respond in a different manner. 

    Chemically, the structure of CBD and THC is pretty much the same but the way their molecules are arranged is what gives them the different properties. 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms are present in both these compounds but are arranged differently in both of them. People who want to get high usually smoke weed with a high concentration of THC while people who want the medicinal benefits look at the CBD percentage. CBD isolates are great for people using weed as medicine – these carry no psychoactive THC and are pure CBD. These CBD isolates are then infused with gummies or used in the form of creams etc. to help people deal with various medical issues.

    What is CBD Cream? What are its Benefits?

    As mentioned above, CBD can be infused onto various substances and it carries on its properties onto the substance. When CBD is infused with a topical, it becomes a CBD cream. It is available in the form of creams, lotions, and even patches that can be applied on to the skin. Basically the idea here is that CBD carries a lot of medicinal properties especially towards pain relief. Applying this CBD cream or lotion on the area where you want it to affect you means it will help the CBD enter your skin and heal your muscles in a better manner. Here’s a list of some of the best medicinal benefits that CBD cream has to offer you:

    • It helps you with aches and pains which is one of the biggest benefits of CBD cream. Thanks to CBD’s pain alleviation properties, it will help you with a number of problems such as generic aches and pains as well as chronic problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and constantly aching knees, neck, joints, etc. 
    • In case of an injury where inflammation has happened, using these CBD creams will help ease it out for you. CBD cream can also be used on physical wounds to help heal them better and faster. 
    • People who are suffering from problems other than pain can also check out CBD creams as they can help deal with issues such as rosacea or eczema. People who tend to develop acne have also felt an improvement in their skin after using CBD cream. 
    • In addition to that, another major benefit of using CBD cream is in the anti-aging properties that it carries as it helps smoothen your skin and gives you a better ‘look’.

    Top 7 Best CBD Creams Reviewed (2020)

    Here are some of the best CBD creams reviewed for you. Please note that this is not medical advice but just some information that we are putting out there for you to know what can be helpful. You must always consult with your physician before you apply a CBD cream to treat your pain. 

    1. CBDMd Recover CBD

    One of the best CBD creams out there for people who suffer from aches and pains, particularly those on the back which make it difficult to sit, stand as well as sleep. The CBD content in this tube is 300mg of CBD content which comes from cannabis plants grown organically in the US. Those using this cream must know that the product is quite concentrated and must be applied in small amounts only. While applying it, make sure that you are putting it on the areas which need actual treatment and not all around it. Another substance present in this cream is Arnica which is also known for its medicinal benefits. 

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    2. CBDFx Topical Cream

    People who suffer from chronic pain must try out this cream to get relief from their aches. This is a good alternative to popping too many painkillers which actually have a bad long-term impact on you. The content of CBD in this cream is 100mg and it is ‘CO2 extracted CBD’ that has been infused in this cream. While it has a number of pain relieving properties, there’s another major benefit that it offers the growers – the fact that it allows them to also soften their skin is another benefit of using this cream. It carries other beneficial elements such as the white mellow bark as well as menthol, both of which aid the pain relief properties. The menthol helps cool down the areas affected by the inflammation while the CBD helps alleviate the pain. 

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    3. Verified CBD Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub

    For those in pain who need a quick solution to ease things out, this CBD cream from Verified CBD is a good option. We rate it as one of the best CBD creams for people seeking relief. It helps not only those going through pains and aches but is also beneficial for those who suffer from muscle spasms and neuropathic pain. Another great benefit that this CBD cream has is for those people who have recently gone through an operation and are seeking something as a relief from the postoperative pain which often occurs for the next few days. Lastly, there’s another great benefit of using this cream – it provides the users a relief even on the bone level! It carries 75mg of CBD content and is great for beginners. 

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    4. Remedi CBD Blood Orange Topical Lotion

    If you are someone who is suffering from chronic pains such as those originating from arthritis related problems, this is perhaps one of the best lotions that you MUST try out. Indeed one of the best CBD creams out there in the markets, this will help you feel better quicker than many other products. Another good thing about this lotion is that it is not only infused with CBD but also with blood orange, which is an essential oil. Having that gives it a distinct smell! This is just the perfect solution for people dealing with inflamed joints. 

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    5. Kat’s Naturals Capsaicin Heat Cream

    With 350 mg of CBD content inside it, this is a great option for people who are looking for a cream with a high concentration of CBD content. In addition to CBD it also carries Capsaicin infused oil which is great for pain relief. There are also some portions of almond and avocado butters in this cream which make it really good for your skin too – helping make it soft and supple and thereby having great anti-ageing effects! People who have frequent headaches tend to use this cream. It is also great for joint aches and other paining parts of your body. All in all this is a pretty great product.

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    6. Ambary Gardens Muscle Recovery Topical Salve

    This is a CBD infused shea butter salve which is great for people who want relief from aches. Constant aches and pains can be quite a bother for many people and they keep you up at night, tossing and turning while you try to find a position where it doesn’t pain and you can sleep in peace. However, using this cream from Ambary Gardens makes it easy for those with muscular pains to sleep better. While many of these creams might have an overpowering smell, this one carries an orange-like smell which makes it great for people who don’t like the smell. This is one of the best CBD creams for people seeking relief from muscular pain. 

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    7. Lazarus Naturals Cedar Citrus CBD Balm

    Last on our list but by no means the least of them all, this is a great option for you if you are seeking a CBD infused cream for pain relief! This is fully organic and an all-natural product that will help you fight muscular as well as bone pain. People who have joint-related problems must apply this to feel better. It is also very quick and efficient. There’s a smaller 5oz variant also available which is quite cheap ($15) so you can try it out first and then buy the larger variant if this suits your needs. 

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    Pros and Cons of Using CBD for Medicinal Purposes

    Here are some pros and cons of using CBD for medicinal purposes:


    • Has a number of benefits such as pain relief, especially for people suffering from arthritis or other chronic ailments. Also helps cool down inflammations and other similar problems. 
    • CBD also helps people suffering from problems such as anxiety and depression, sleeplessness, trouble focusing, or with similar problems if consumed in the form of a CBD gummy. 
    • CBD has a number of anti ageing benefits which helps ease out wrinkles etc. It also helps deal with acne, eczema and other similar problems of the skin.


    • It needs to be a CBD isolate otherwise if there’s trace THC present it might get you high.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CBD Creams

    1. How to use CBD Creams?

    CBD creams are to be used as just any other cream that you would be using for other purposes. If you are using it for pain relief, simply rub it over the affected area and apply gentle pressure. For those using it for anti ageing effects, you’ve to use it in a similar manner over the parts of your body where you would like this skin to ease out the wrinkles etc. This is essentially a cream or a lotion and has to be used the same way as a regular product, but just focused on the areas where you want it to have an effect.

    2. What are the other benefits of using CBD creams apart from pain relief?

    In addition to pain relief, CBD creams help you with acne and eczema and other types of skin-related problems. You can also use these creams for the purpose of their anti-aging benefits such as smoothening out your skin and getting rid of wrinkles and other similar problems. 

    3. What other forms is CBD available in?

    CBD comes in many other forms such as oils and other concentrates. One of the most popular ways of consuming CBDs is in the form of CBD gummies which have excellent anti-anxiety properties which help you deal with stress and anxiety in a better manner and also help you sleep better if they are infused with melatonin 

    4. Can I get high after applying CBD creams?

    No you cannot get high after applying CBD creams. Just make sure they are made out of CBD isolates (which 99% of the creams are). 

    5. Are CBD creams legal?

    This depends on the legality of CBD products in your area. Check with your local law enforcement agencies regarding the legality of using it before you make a purchase. 


    We hope that this article on CBD creams has helped you gain a good understanding and get a proper grasp over everything that you need to know about the product. These creams are great for those who are suffering from chronic pain as they provide a quick relief to many problems. However, before we conclude we would yet again like to remind you to not treat this article as medical advice but as an educative and informative piece – make sure you always consult your doctor before buying a CBD cream. If you have any more questions about these products you can drop us a mail or let us know in the comments section and we will get back to you soon.



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