Best Cigarillos for Weed & Best Blunt Wraps 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

    Best Blunt Wraps for Weed & Best Cigarillos

    When it comes to smoking weed, there are broadly two streams of thought: firstly, there are people who like to smoke weed the old-fashioned way, by rolling it up in a classic joint. However, the other type of people want a little flavour – they want to spice up things and want to do something different! These types of people are the ones who try out cigarillos and wraps. Over the course of this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best blunt wraps and the best cigarillos for weed smokers!

    Additionally, if you want to start a cannabis business, it’s important that you understand the distinction between these two products and their respective users.

    There are a number of differences between a classic joint vs a blunt. However, before we delve into them in great detail, let us first see how it is perceived commonly: a joint is basically rolled when you are either in a hurry to get high or just have a shortage of time in general. A blunt, on the other hand, is rolled when one wants to ensure that they get a great smoking experience and want to really enjoy the entire process of smoking up. A joint is seen as something that you’d roll up to get a quick high, but a blunt has largely been seen as a classy way of enjoying the weed.

    However, let us now take a look at what exactly is a blunt wrap?

    What is Blunt Wrap?

    For those who might not be aware, a blunt wrap is essentially the outer wrapper of a cigar in which weed is filled in and rolled for smoking up. A blunt wrapper is made out of cigar leaves and many of the times, a flavor is added to it so that the person smoking the joint gets the high of the joint while experiencing a different sort of a taste in their mouth. Blunts also provide a different sort of an aroma – which is of great help for those who find the smell of weed repulsive.

    In the simplest of words, a blunt wrap is basically the wrapper that holds the weed inside it while you smoke it. There are a number of ways to consume marijuana – one can roll it up in a classic joint, one can smoke it up using a bong, of late even vaping marijuana is becoming very popular – and then there are blunt wraps.

    For those wondering what a blunt wrap is actually made out of, it is essential to know that it is made out of tobacco leaf. In a majority of the cases, a blunt wrap will be made out of a single leaf of tobacco only. However, there are many cases where multiple leaves might be involved as well. Some even have two layers involved which ensure a better hold as well as a good flavor. These are sometimes also known as Cigarillos because they are like a small cigar in which you can stuff your weed and smoke it up.

    For those wondering how to get hold of a blunt wrap – don’t worry. There are two methods. Some old-fashioned stoners prefer making their own wraps by purchasing a cigar, removing the tobacco and filling it up with marijuana instead. However, the other method, which most people these days prefer is to get a pre-rolled blunt which is available on various marketplaces including Amazon. These blunt wraps and cigarillos come with rolled blunts which are often flavored and all you need to do is just fill marijuana inside it.

    Blunt Wrap vs Joint Rolls vs Spliff: What is the Difference?

    Before we look into the best blunt wraps for weed that you can purchase for smoking your marijuana, let us first understand the basic difference between a blunt wrap vs joint rolls vs spliffs. What makes them different and what is the unique character of each of them that attracts millions of stoners across the world towards them?

    Blunt Wrap: As explained above in the section titled ‘what is a blunt wrap’, these are basically the outer coverings of a cigar which are used to fill marijuana and smoke up. Blunt wraps are made of tobacco leaves and are often flavored so that the stoners get a great experience while smoking up. Blunts are stuffed with marijuana only and there is no tobacco that is added to them! They are usually longer and thicker when compared to a classic joint. When it comes to blunts, the flavor of the blunt will be dependent upon the kind of flavor that the manufacturer has decided to apply on the tobacco leaf that it is made out of.

    Joints: A joint still remains the most popular and the most common way to smoke marijuana. It is basically wrapping your weed in a rolling paper and smoking it up. Similar to blunts, joints to have only marijuana inside them and no tobacco is added to the mix. However, unlike blunts, joints are made of rolling paper and not of tobacco leafs. In terms of exterior look and feel, a joint is basically made of a cigarette paper so it is lighter and thinner when compared to a blunt. It comes in various colors and even has patterns on it these days. The flavor of a joint comes from the strain of weed that is used and not because of the paper.

    Spliff: Finally, the third is the spliff. In the simplest of words, the difference between a spliff, when compared to joints/blunts is the fact that a spliff contains a mixture of tobacco and marijuana rolled together. Spliffs, too, like joints, are rolled in a rolling paper. In terms of flavor, a spliff tastes a lot like a cigarette because of the tobacco content.

    Best Blunt Wraps of 2019 – Reviews

    1. King Palm Mini Size Leafs

    King Palm Mini Size Leafs | 20 Pack | Natural Slow Burning Pre-Rolled Palm Leafs with Filter Tip
    • Convenient | Can't roll? No problem. These come pre-rolled for your convenience. No need to split, lick, or roll ever again. Seriously, just pack and enjoy
    • Organic | Made from natural leaf rolls that are individually hand picked and cleaned with purified water. No toxic fertilizers are used in the processing,...

    King palm mini size leaves are a great option for you if you are looking for a blunt wrap which comes pre-rolled! This means that you do not have to put yourself through the process of rolling a joint for yourself. Simply put, it means no spitting, licking or rolling for you. Simply stuff the blunt with what you’ve got, light it up and start puffing the smoke and enjoy your high. This is indeed a luxury.

    Another great advantage of these King Palm mini-sized leaves is the fact that they are completely organic! You do not have to worry about the toxic fertilizers that often go into the creation of these blunts. Furthermore, the leafs used to create these blunts are hand-picked and are treated in purified water, which ensures that you get the best and the most hygienic experience. Lastly, they are also rolled by hand and are tobacco-free!

    The leaves used in creating these wraps come from the Cordia (Borage) Family of trees which grow in the forests of Singapore! This is considered to be among the best smokable leaves in the world and is a highly recommended product when it comes to rolling your weed in. Another great advantage of this leaf is that it is a slow-burner! It burns slowly, allowing you to make the most out of the blunt which you can smoke at length and relax.

    These are among the best cigarillos for stoners! It comes along with a natural corn-husk filter, which is really good in terms of smoking as well as in terms of ensuring that nothing that you have filled inside falls out. This pack comes with 20 pre-rolled mini size palm leaves along with a packing stick and a humidifying pack.


    • Long-Lasting – gives a great and long smoking experience
    • Good Taste
    • Organic, so no worries about toxins


    • Some users have reported that the packing stick is missing from their package.

    2.100 Wrap Display Beamer Vegan Hemp Wraps

    100 Wrap Display Beamer Vegan Hemp Wraps (25 Packs of 4) - 110mm - No GMOs, Chlorine, or Bleach + Beamer Smoke Sticker
    • Hemp Wraps from Beamer Smoke
    • Made without bleach, chlorine, pesticides, GMOs, or nicotine

    First off, these are hemp wraps – and are something that not everyone smokes, but a lot of people have been switching to of late! Secondly, a large number of first-time users have been very impressed with them and are calling it a significant improvement over their previous brand of wraps. While they are not pre-rolled like some names on this list, but these wraps are very simple to roll. The size is pretty decent and allows smokers to fit in large amounts of weed in them!

    Many are under the impression that hemp wraps burn unevenly and are not as smooth. However, that is not the case when it comes to these wraps by Beamer Smokes. They burn smoothly and evenly – and provide a long-lasting experience for those who smoke them. Furthermore, these too, are organic wraps! The company claims that there is no bleach, chlorine, pesticides, GMOs, or nicotine in the product which ensures that you do not smoke any sort of toxins! These are 110mm in length and provide a great taste as well!


    • Organic, hence no risk of toxins
    • Slow burning and burns evenly
    • Great in size as well


    • Some people have not found the flavor to be suitable to their taste

    3. Juicy Jay Flavors Variety Pack Hemp Wraps

    Juicy Jay Flavors Variety Pack Hemp Wraps (6 Packs, 2 Wraps Per Pack) Total 12 Wraps with ES Scoop Card
    • Convenient | Can't stand harsh tasting conventional papers? Do you seek organic products ? These Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are designed by nature! We have selected...
    • Juicy Jay Authentic | 100% Authentic Hemp Wraps from Juicy Jay and repackaged by ESD to provide an enhanced experience.

    These hemp wraps from Juicy Jay are indeed something that you should look forward to, especially if you are someone who likes your weed along with a flavor. While many people find it hard to shift from a regular leaf wrap to a hemp wrap, these are among some of the best blunt wraps which give you a great smoking experience. These are organic and made out of pure hemp. These juicy jay hemp wraps offer mango and papaya, blueberries, grapes and strawberries among other flavors.

    Furthermore, you can be assured that there is absolutely no tobacco in any of these wraps. These are 100% organic products and do not come with any toxins that you need to be wary of. For those wondering how many blunt wraps are they going to get, this $9.99 pack consists of a total of 12 wraps – 2 each in six flavors. What makes the Juicy Jay wraps special and different compared to other wraps is that they are triple-dipped in flavor and don’t feel as dry as other wraps. They make the smoking experience a rather enjoyable one and are great for those who are willing to try wraps for the first time.

    Users who have smoked these hemp wraps claim that you can make really fat joints out of them! These are widely hailed as among the best cigarillos for smoking weed. They have also appreciated the taste and another observation has been that these are slow burners – meaning you can smoke them up for a really long time without worrying that they’d burn fast! Grape and Mango have been hailed as the best flavors here.


    • Great Taste: Everyone who has smoked these wraps have praised the taste
    • Long-Lasting: These wraps allow you to smoke up for a long time with even burning
    • Quantity Support: You can stuff a lot of weed in them and smoke a real fat joint!


    • Some users have not appreciated the packaging in which the wraps came, claiming that the box sort of makes it obvious that there’s some weed-related stuff inside!

    4. Kingpin Pure Hemp Wraps

    Kingpin Pure Hemp Wraps - Sealed Display Box - 100 (25 x 4) Hemp Wraps per Box - (Goomba Grape)
    • Kingpin Hemp Wraps Sealed Display Box - The Whole Box! - 25 Units with 4 Wraps per Unit = 100 Wraps!
    • Made From Natural Hemp NO TOBACCO!

    These pure hemp wraps from Kingpin are among the best option for those who are looking forward to smoking their weed with a great flavor! This is for those who like to smoke as a passion! This is a set of 100 wraps which comes in 25 packages carrying 4 wraps each. While there are three flavors that you can choose from – but the entire box (all 100 wraps) will carry the same flavor. We strongly recommend the Goomba Grape flavor though.
    These are not pre-rolled wraps but they can be easily rolled. They come with a ‘perfect fold’ technology and a ‘sticky lip’ which help you ensure that you can roll the blunt with ease. Another great thing about these Kingpin hemp wraps is that they are completely natural and organic and do not carry any harmful toxins which can be harmful to your health. The wraps have got a nice feel and a good texture to it. These are slow-burning as well and are quite comfortable to smoke.


    • 100% organic: ensures that you do not have any toxins in your wrap
    • Flavour is really good – a lot of people who prefer strong flavors like to smoke this one
    • The packaging is also really good: 25 packages which carry 4 blunt wraps each


    • A lot of people find rolling this blunt a little too hard for their preference and end up using two blunts at the same time

    5. Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps Strawberry

    Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps Strawberry (10 Packs, 2 Wraps Per Pack) Total 20 Wraps with ES Scoop Card
    • Convenient | Can't stand harsh tasting conventional papers? Do you seek organic products ? These Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are designed by nature! We have selected...
    • Juicy Jay Authentic | 100% Authentic Hemp Wraps from Juicy Jay and repackaged by ESD to provide an enhanced experience.

    Another great product from Juicy Jay, these are strawberry-flavoured hemp wraps which allow you to get a great taste as well as an organic smoking experience. Made out of pure hemp, these wraps ensure that you are getting the best experience possible without any toxins or the fear of exposing yourself to any sort of chemicals! It is also tobacco-free. The main attraction, however, is that the Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps provide a great flavor!

    While many people prefer smoking weed in its original taste without any flavors, there are many who prefer to consume it with flavors too. For those wondering about the quantity of the wraps, there are basically 10 packs that come in this package, where each pack contains two wraps of strawberry flavor. The flavor of these Juicy Jay blunt wraps has been widely appreciated and they are ranked among the best-tasting cigarillos for weed smokers. Unlike some other wraps, these don’t leave a sickeningly-sweet aftertaste in the mouth which is quite appreciated!

    Additionally, these are slow-burning wraps which ensure that the smokers get a long-lasting experience. They are very smooth to smoke and among the most strongly recommended blunt wraps for beginners as well as for those who have been smoking blunts for quite some time now!


    • Great taste! Those who smoke these blunts strongly recommend it purely because of the flavor.
    • Easy to roll and easy to pack weed in them – it’s a hassle-free experience!
    • Excellent packaging: the wraps are packed really well


    • Some users have found these blunt wraps a little too thick for their liking.

    6. 25 Count Blazin Cherry of Organic Wraps

    25 Count Blazin Cherry of Organic Wraps - Tobacco Free, Vegan, Non-GMO! 50 Wraps Total!
    • 25 count
    • Organic wraps, made without pesticides, GMOs, or other chemicals

    Are you looking for a unique smoking experience with a strong flavor? These Blazin Cherry Organic Wraps are among some of the best blunts that you could order for yourself. They offer a smooth experience as far as smoking goes. The taste is pretty strong but not so strong to overpower the entire experience. In addition to this, these wraps are completely herbal and organic! They are also vegan – so if you are someone who follows a vegan lifestyle, there’s still nothing to worry about. Being organic, they are clean of any toxins and harmful chemicals which some people worry about.

    While the package is named 25-count Blazin Cherry, it actually comes with two packs featuring 25 wraps each. This means there are a total of 50 blunt wraps included in this package. These are simply perfect for anyone who is looking for a replacement for cigar wraps. They are also easy to roll and stick and are big enough to support a significant quantity of weed stuffed in it.

    Pro Tip: Users who use these wraps for smoking up recommend that you insert the filter AFTER you’ve rolled the blunt.


    • Great, strong taste – stoners who are looking for a unique taste experience must totally try this
    • Organic and Vegan – these wraps are simply perfect for people looking for a ‘clean’ smoking experience. They can smoke without the worry of added GMOs or pesticides.
    • Supports large quantity – the blunts are wide enough to support a large quantity of stuff, ensuring that you can roll a thick one!


    • One of the biggest problems that people face while using these blunt wraps are that they find it a little hard to roll.

    7. Juicy Hemp Wraps Black N’ Blueberry

    Juicy Hemp Wraps Black N' Blueberry (25 Packs, 2 Wraps Per Pack) Includes Display Box and Roll with Us Doobtube (Juicy Jay's)
    • 50 Juicy Black N' Blueberry Hemp Wraps (25 Packs, 2 Wraps Per Pack) With Display Box
    • Juicy Wraps Are Moist & Delicious

    Another variety when it comes to flavors in blunts! There seems to be just no dearth of flavors and the Black N’ Blueberry flavor of Juicy Hemp Wraps is one of our personal favorites! This comes from Juicy Jay’s who are really known for their good tasting blunts. In this package, you get a total of 50 wraps, packed in 25 packets carrying 2 wraps each. It is among the best blunt wraps and offers you a display box along with a doob tube! For those wondering what a doob tube is, it is basically a joint holder.

    What makes Juicy Wraps different from other wraps is the fact that their blunts come with a triple-dip system where the wraps are dipped in flavors thrice. This is a great product for those who want a very strong flavor, and perhaps one which even leaves an aftertaste. Smoke the weed but smell like blueberries! Furthermore, in order to ensure that the product reaches to you fresh, the packaging comes with additional precautions such as an extra-tight seal that ensures it does not get damaged.

    Finally, these are slow-burning blunt wraps where the burning happens rather evenly. In addition to that, it is a non-GMO and completely natural product without any added pesticides or toxins that may be harmful to you! When you open these blunts out of the packet they are very moist – almost as if freshly dipped. But as soon as you open them, they dry up pretty quickly too so that you can get the best smoking experience.


    • Strong flavor: these are specifically meant for those who like a great aftertaste
    • Well Packaged: the packaging ensures that the content remains moist and fresh
    • Toxin-Free: these wraps are non-GMO and offer the stoners with a clean smoking experience


    • The taste might be a little too strong for some, especially for first-time smokers

    8. Kingpin Laid Back Hemp Wraps

    Kingpin Laid Back Hemp Wraps - 12 Packs (48 Total Wraps)
    • Includes 12 Packs of KingPin Laid Back Pure Hemp Wraps and an ES Scoop Card!
    • Contains 4 Hemp Wraps/Pack. Made From Natural Hemp, NO TOBACCO!

    These ‘laid back’ hemp wraps by Kingpin are exactly meant for the laid back stoners! With these babies at your disposal, you don’t need to worry about anything. These taste great, can be rolled easily and are also all-organic! These wraps come from Kingpin, a popular name when it comes to making the best cigarillos for weed and blunt wraps. The package comes with 12 packs of Kingpin hemp wraps where each pack contains four wraps.

    One thing that you need to know about these wraps is that they are 100% organic and contain no tobacco. They are made out of pure and natural hemp which ensure that there are no toxins or pesticides. These are great blunt wraps for people who like to smoke for long sessions and really enjoy their smoke as they burn really slowly. They also come with a ‘perfect fold technology’ and have been manufactured keeping in mind the fact that they can be easily folded.


    • All-natural: these wraps are made of pure hemp and those smoking it do not have to worry about pesticides or toxins
    • Easy to fold: Rolling a blunt wrap can be rather tedious compared to a joint. However, these blunts come with a perfect fold technology that makes sure that they are easy to fold
    • Long-Lasting: These blunts are really long-lasting and can go on and on for quite a while


    • Some people have complained that these blunts do not stick well enough.

    9. Cyclones Hemp Cone w/ Wooden Tip

    Cyclones Hemp Cone w/ Wooden Tip - 24pc Display (Sugar Cane)
    • 24 piece pre-rolled cone display
    • Each cone comes with a reusable wooden tips

    If you are looking forward to smoking something that comes pre-rolled, these Hemp Cones from Cyclone are the perfect choice for you. This is basically a pack of 24 pre-rolled hemp cones, each of which features a wooden tip from where you draw the smoke. All you need to do is to stuff your weed in the cone and start smoking! You don’t have to worry about rolling it or sticking it, etc. It offers two flavours: wonderberry and sugar cane.

    These are 100% organic products made from products obtained from The Philippines. Being organic, these cones are made of pure hemp and there is no risk of toxins or pesticides in them! These hemp cones are slow-burning and ensure that the stoners get a long-lasting weed-smoking experience. The sugar cane flavor has been much appreciated by those who have used the product. Users have also found them to be rather fresh and great smelling as well! If you are particularly looking for pre-rolled ones, these are among some of the best blunt wraps and best cigarillos for weed.


    • Pre-Rolled: You do not have to go through the hassle of rolling, licking and sticking them. Simply fill up the cones with weed and start smoking them!
    • Organic: These are made out of pure hemp and are hence organic. Users do not have to worry about any added chemicals or pesticides.
    • Flavors: The sugar cane flavor has been loved by almost everyone who has tried the product. The wonderberry flavor, though less popular, is also a great choice for stoners looking to add a new flavor to their stock!


    • Some users have complained that these hemp cones are not as slow-burning as one would expect them to be.

    10. Cyclones Variety Pack Pre-Rolled Flavored Hemp Wraps

    Cyclones Variety Pack Pre-Rolled Flavored Hemp Wraps (6 Packs) Total 10 Wraps with ES Scoop Card
    • 1 Unit of each flavor of Cyclones Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones. Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape and Natural flavors include 2 Hemp Wraps of each. Wonderberry and Sugar...
    • Extra Slow Burning Hemp Cone with Reusable Dank7 Tip

    Another one from cyclone on our list. These too are pre-rolled blunt wraps made out of pure hemp. Another great option for those looking for pre-rolled wraps where you don’t have to put in all the effort of rolling it. If you’re all about aesthetics and all that vibe, you’d rather go for the hemp cones mentioned above. However, if you are looking for a pure smoking experience without caring too much about the aesthetics, these pre-rolled flavored hemp wraps from Cyclone are also a great option.

    What really sets the ball rolling for us with these pre-rolled wraps is the fact that they come in six different flavors! For those looking forward to buy it, this package offers you 10 blunt wraps featuring 4 packets featuring two each of Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry and ‘Natural’. There are two more packets which contain one each of wonderberry and sugarcane. The sugarcane flavor is one of their specialities and highly recommended.

    These are made of pure hemp and contain no added pesticides or toxins. In addition to that, these offer a strong flavor but not so strong that it leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. The wraps are also long-lasting and slow-burning. They burn slow and burn evenly, which ensures that you can smoke them up at extreme leisure. These are among the best blunt wraps for beginners as well as for pros.


    • Pre-rolled: You don’t need to roll these blunts as they come pre-rolled. Just stuff your stuff and go puff puff!
    • Organic: These are completely organic which ensure you do not worry about any toxins that might harm you while smoking
    • Great Flavors: It offers a variety of flavors which you can choose from and smoke! The sugar cane flavor, in particular, is one of the most-loved
    • Long-Lasting: Another great thing about these blunts is that they are long-lasting and users get the best smoking experience with even burns.


    • Some users have said that the packaging wasn’t so good and the blunts feel a little stale.

    What to Look For Before You Buy a Blunt Wrap

    Now that you know all the options that you have when it comes to buying the best blunt wraps, here are somethings that you need to know before you make your final call. These are the factors that you need to consider before you purchase the blunt of your choice.

    • Quality of the Wrap: This is among the most important things that one needs to consider before they buy a blunt wrap. The wrap has to be a high-quality one which ensures that the weed does not fall off easily and that it remains crisp throughout. Furthermore, another thing that comes into the picture when it comes to ‘quality’ is how fast or slow does it burn – and more importantly, does it burn evenly. If you consider yourself quite the connoisseur, you might also want to check out where this was manufactured and look up the quality of the leaf as well!
    • Is It Pre-Rolled? While some people tend to prefer the unrolled wraps which they themselves lick, roll and stick, there are a majority of people who prefer buying pre-rolled blunt wraps which make it easier for them to smoke it up. Simply stuff up the stuff and go puff puff puff!
    • Are They Organic?: Another thing that needs to be checked before you make a purchase is – are they an organic product? Is the blunt wrap you are buying made out of 100% pure hemp or does it contain any added chemicals or toxins? Organic wraps are considered the best.
    • Taste and Flavor: This is another critical factor that needs to be considered before you buy yourself a blunt or a cigarillo. Some people prefer the taste of the strain of the weed and do not go for flavored ones. However, an overwhelming majority likes the various tastes and flavors that the blunts offer and they tend to go for flavored options. Always ensure you are getting the flavor of your choice before you buy the wrap.
    • Price: Last but not least, price is always an important consideration when it comes to purchasing anything! Blunts are usually inexpensive but when compared to rolling paper, they can get pretty expensive. However, this is where you have to make a call for yourself: do you really want a premium smoking experience and are you willing to pay a slightly higher price for that?


    Blunts are amazing! Not only do they look and feel more classy compared to a rolling paper, but they also make the whole process of smoking up a better experience. It is for the smoker who really wants to savour his weed. It is for those who enjoy the flavour and want to experience the wonders of smoking up rather than looking for just a quick high. Blunts are for those who have a taste – and we hope that this article has helped you find the ideal blunt wrap for your need! Do let us know if we have missed out your favorite brand in the list above.


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