Harvesting Your Marijuana: What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need!

Harvesting Your Marijuana: What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need!
Harvesting Your Marijuana: What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need!

If you are looking to grow your own personal marijuana indoors then you need to take proper care for it and you need to know what is the correct time to harvest it and not wait too long. While growing marijuana plant indoors, you need to create a proper environment in order to get the best possible buds which in result will give you a better end product.

Harvesting Your Marijuana: What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need!

After you have done the hard work of setting up a suitable environment for your marijuana plants, you need to make sure you harvest it in the right time and not delay it as it can have adverse effects. Let us take a proper look at how should one harvest their indoor plantation of marijuana:

What is Harvesting?

The process of cutting the bud (its flowers) of a marijuana plant in order to dry it down to make a smokable substance is known as the process of harvesting marijuana. Once the marijuana plant has flowered to its full potential, the plant’s life cycle is ended by cutting the colas from the plant.

Once you have completed the setup and all you need to do is wait, you need to know the correct time to harvest. Following are some signs that will determine if your marijuana plant is ready for harvesting or not:

Signs That Your Plants Are Ready For Harvesting

Once your marijuana plant has gone through its flowering phase, the plant will start to decline in health and begin to die. You will start to notice that the plant’s pistils are beginning to turn red. Resin on the buds will start to darken and start turning into the color brown and even the leaves will start to die and turn yellow.

If any of these symptoms are occurring to your marijuana plant after it has flowered, then you are ready to harvest. Just like vegetables and fruits, the growers cannot agree on the perfect time to harvest the plant. It all comes down to your taste and how you like it.

The most accurate way to determine if you are ready to harvest your marijuana plant is by using a magnifying tool of any kind and look for trichomes (glittery and filled with resin) in your buds. If you see the glittery trichomes, your indoor plantation of marijuana is ready to harvest.

Some harvest it as soon as the pistils start to turn red and some wait till the pistils are completely red. It depends on what kind of product you actually want, by waiting you will get a stronger product but if you wait too long then the entire crop has the danger of being ruined.

Now when the time comes for the harvest, you need to be absolutely ready with your tools to get going as you can not afford to wait as the plant reaches its peak harvesting time. Following are the tools which you will need in order to harvest your indoor plantation of marijuana:

Tools Needed For Harvesting

Magnifying Glass

In order to determine if your marijuana plant is ready for harvest or not, a magnifying tool of any sort is very important. There are a lot of different types of magnifying tools in the market, you need to choose one with which you are most comfortable in order to know if the plant is ready for harvest or not.


The resin is really sticky and can disrupt the momentum if you do not wear gloves. You can get disposable gloves and make sure you have multiple gloves er person, you will be surprised by the number of gloves you end up going through. Try avoiding latex gloves as resin sticks to them pretty fast, you can go for vinyl gloves, they last long in comparison to latex ones.


It can get really annoying while harvesting without a good pair of pruners. Make sure you have at least a couple of pairs of them to make sure your harvest goes smoothly. If you have helpers working for the harvest then make sure you have a couple for them as well because pruners have a mysterious way of disappearing. Make sure you get good pruners as the cheap off-brand pruners are practically good for nothing.


Harvesting is the last stage of farming the marijuana plant. Make sure you do it right because, after all the efforts that are put into growing them, you do not want to mess up the last step. Make sure you do it correctly and you will have a great product on your hands.

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What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need
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Harvesting Your Marijuana: What Is Harvesting and the Tools You Need, Signs That Your Plants Are Ready For Harvesting, Tools Needed For Harvesting includes Magnifying Glass, Gloves, Pruners.

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