The 7 Best Clear Rolling Papers for Cannabis (2020): Get the Best Smoking Experience

Best Clear Rolling Papers for Cannabis

Smoking a joint is a feeling like no other. Whether you are smoking it for recreational purposes or for medicinal purposes, weed does have quite the effect on you, and especially with weed getting legal across many states in the US, you can now smoke it up without worrying too much about any legal issues as well! While there are a number of ways to smoke it, a lot of people of late have begun to smoke weed in clear rolling papers – but not many people are aware about the options they have when it comes to these papers. This is exactly what this article will help you figure out!

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the 7 best clear rolling papers that you can find off the web and order right now! These will include traditional rolling papers, as well as packages of pre-rolled cones. Of late, there are clear rolling papers which come with a slight tinge of a flavour too. We shall be reviewing those ones as well! However, before we discuss which are the best clear rolling papers available to you, let us first understand why one should be rolling their weed and what exactly are clear rolling papers:

Why Should You Roll Your Own Weed?

There are a number of ways in which you can consume weed. These include smoking it up using a bong, vaping it, making edibles, etc. However, perhaps none of these means of consuming weed are as popular as rolling it up in a rolling paper. There are a number of reasons as to why one should be rolling their weed instead of taking it in pipes, bongs or vapes.

The first reason as to why you should use rolling papers is because they are the cheapest means of smoking weed! Bongs and pipes can be expensive and then there’s also the part where you’ve got to clean them up every time after you’ve smoked weed in them. When it comes to a rolling paper, all you need to do is to smoke it up, dust away the ash and you’re done. In addition to that, there’s just that pure joy of stretching open that paper, putting your weed in it, licking it up and twisting the top – ask any pro-stoner and they’ll tell you about the good ol’ days when this was the only way of doing so! Another reason is that you get a lot of variety in rolling papers where you can choose the flavour, whether it is an all-natural source, etc. 

What are Clear Rolling Papers?’

Clear rolling papers are basically transparent rolling papers made out of all-natural products such as cellulose, glycerine and water. Cellulose is always present in them, making them a truly biodegradable product too. These papers have a number of characteristic features, first off they are always transparent – allowing you to show off your weed in all its glory. These papers are also slow-burning and long-lasting, giving you a much better opportunity to enjoy the weed and to prolong the ‘high’ it gives you. Furthermore, most of these papers have no taste at all – which has been a longstanding proposition where stoners ‘get to taste the real taste of their weed’. However, this is quickly changing with flavored clear rolling papers coming out these days. There’s also another major advantage that this paper produces significantly less ash compared to other kinds of rolling papers. Let us now dive into the 7 best clear rolling papers for cannabis that you can buy off the internet right now!

7 Best Clear Rolling Papers for Cannabis

1. TRIP2 Clear Cellulose King Size Rolling Papers – 3 Packs!

Trip has, for long, been among the top names when it comes to rolling papers – and specifically for clear rolling papers. The company has a reputation of making top quality rolling papers for stoners and their iconic blue and yellow packaging has gained a lot of trust over the years. This is a set of three packs of king size rolling papers from Trip2, and each pack contains 50 rolling papers made of clear cellulose. The papers in this package are 1 ¼ in size and are thinner and clearer compared to other rolling papers and give the stoners a great smoking experience! These are among the best clear rolling papers for cannabis and are made out of Asiatic Cotton Mallow. The company also flaunts its ‘cool foil packaging’ which glows from the shelf. All in all, for the growers who are looking forward to a good smoking experience using clear rolling papers are in for a treat with this one!

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2. 5 booklets x GLASS Clear Rolling paper King Size – 100% Natural – 200 papers

5 booklets x GLASS Clear Rolling paper King Size - 100% Natural - 200 papers
  • total 5 booklets x 40 = 200 clear papers
  • brand new, never used

GLASS is another name which is trusted by many stoners across the world, and is quite popular among those who want a natural smoking experience by smoking celluloid paper. These are among the best clear rolling papers for cannabis that you can find on the web and have been around for quite some time now. In this package, glass offers a total of 5 booklets of clear rolling paper, with each booklet containing 40 leaves, giving you a total of 200 clear rolling papers. Of late, there are a number of clear rolling papers which are being made of wood, but this one, similar to the Trip2 papers above are made out of Asiatic Cotton Mallow and are hence ‘tree free’ and do not harm the trees at all! One of the biggest advantages of smoking these GLASS clear rolling papers is that they give you a smooth and an even burn and do not produce a lot of ash either. Indeed a good choice for stoners looking forward to smoke their weed inside a clear rolling paper!

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3. aLeda 5 booklets Blue Size Clear Cellulose Rolling Paper from Brazil – 150 Papers


aLeda 5 booklets Blue Size Clear Cellulose Rolling Paper from Brazil - 150 Papers
  • 30 transparent extra slim leaves per pack, total 150 leaves
  • size of leave is 44 x 110mm

These rolling papers are straight outta Brazil! aLeda’s rolling papers are also quite a known brand in the markets and stoners know they are going to get a good quality product when they purchase from this company. Here, you get a pack of five booklets, each carrying 30 leaves, giving you 150 leaves in total. These are ‘extra slim’ leaves and they are sized in at 44x110mm – something that the company calls ‘blue size’. These papers are completely safe to smoke as they are made out of 100% biodegradable cellulose, and are made in Brazil. What truly makes these some of the best clear rolling papers for cannabis is the fact that you get a truly odorless and tasteless feel here – which means you can actually enjoy your weed to the fullest possible extent! Furthermore, they are slow-burning as well, which means you can get a long-lasting smoking experience. Most stoners who have used these rolling papers have appreciated the fact that they last you for a longer time compared to other rolling papers but some have pointed out that they are finding it a little complex to roll them. 

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4. Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers 1 ¼ – Complete Smoking Set

This is the complete set! A great option for stoners who want to buy a complete smoking kit, this package offers you with one booklet of Trip2’s clear rolling papers, which has 50 leaves in it. It also comes with a number of other items – such as a 79mm cigarette roller, which is a great tool to have for stoners who are not so confident in their rolling abilities, 21 pre-rolled tips, a flip-top storage container as well as a mini rolling tray. These are all the tools that you need to smoke your weed and it gives you just the complete package. Trip2 makes some of the best clear rolling papers that you can buy off the web – and when you add these accessories to it, this is quite a grab! 

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Best Pre-Rolled Clear Rolling Papers

The first four names on our list were some of the best clear rolling papers that you could find in the markets. However, not everybody is skilled in rolling a joint and not everybody has the time and the patience for that. For those stoners, there are pre-rolled cones available which offer them ready-made rolled joints and they just need to stuff in their weed and twist the top and start smoking! Here are three of the best options you can get when you are looking for pre-rolled clear smoking papers:

5. Cyclones Clear King Size”Tiki Tango” Pre Rolled Cones (4 Packs)

Cyclones Clear King Size"Tiki Tango" Pre Rolled Cones (4 Packs) with Rolling Paper Depot XL Kewl Tube
  • Non Tobacco Cone Wrapper
  • A Wonderful Blend of Tangerine, Mango and Vanilla

This is a set of four packs of clear king sized pre-rolled cones from cyclone, with each pack carrying one cone. You can also purchase a ‘full box’ which carries 24 such cones. These are among some of the best clear rolling papers if you are looking forward to buying them in a pre-rolled variant. In addition to being made out of cellulose, these rolling papers also offer you with a flavour! This one is called the ‘Tiki Tango’ flavour, which is essentially a mix of Tangerine, Mango and Vanilla. This medley of flavours makes these pre-rolled cones a great option for any stoner who wants to smoke a biodegradable rolling paper but doesn’t like the taste of weed and would prefer a flavour on top.You also get a free doob tube to store your joints when you purchase this package. Cyclone has declared that these pre-rolled cones are made out of natural cotton cellulose, glycerin and water. What truly makes them one of the best clear rolling papers is the fact that they are super-slow when it comes to burning out meaning your joints will last you for a longer time and that you will get a prolonged ‘high’ when you smoke using these. 

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6. Cyclones Strawberry Flavored Pre Rolled Cones Clear (24 Packs – Full Box)

Cyclone has some of the best options when it comes to buying pre-rolled cones made out of clear rolling paper. It tends to add a unique twist to the way we know a traditional clear rolling paper to be by adding a tinge of flavour to it. This package is the full box set of pre-rolled cones from Cyclone, and it features 24 packs. Each pack contains two pre-rolled cone giving you a total of 48 cones! These pre-rolled cones are made out of the best clear rolling papers that you can find and feature a strawberry flavour. In addition to offering you with the pre-rolled cones, the company also offers the stoners a doob tube, in which they can easily store and carry around their pre-rolled joints which is a nice little addition. Made out of cotton cellulose, glycerin and water, these pre-rolled cones are completely natural, which is what lures a number of smokers towards them. Priced in at just $25.95, this is a great buy as it gives you quite the value for your money.

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7. Cyclones Unflavored Pre Rolled Cones Clear (12 Packs)

Last but not the least, this too, comes from the same company, Cyclone. However, there’s a major difference between these pre-rolled cones and the two that you have seen above. These offer you a clear-cut smoking experience where the only taste you get is the taste of weed. Unlike the two above this, which are flavored clear rolling papers, this offers the smokers an unflavored experience, which is how clear rolling papers are typically meant to be consumed. Similar to the two above this, you get a free doob tube along with this one as well, in which you can carry these pre-rolled cones without the fear of them breaking when carrying inside a bag. The tube is made of plastic and comes with a rubber top which ensures that it remains airtight and keeps the joint fresh! In this package, you get 12 packs of Cyclone’s unflavoured pre-rolled cones, where each pack offers 2 pre-rolled cones, giving you a total of 24 units. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Clear Rolling Papers

1. What are clear rolling papers made of?

Clear rolling papers are made of cellulose. This is the primary component in them and is always present. Secondary components might change but cellulose is always there. These secondary components are glycerine and water among other flavour additives.

2. Since they are made of cellulose, are they toxic?

No, this is a myth. This myth arises from the use of the word cellulose which has a strong association with cellophane. However, while most people immediately think of the cellophane that is used for storage and wrapping, there’s also another variant – which is derived from the plants! Clear rolling papers use the second kind – using cellulose derived from plants, making it completely non-toxic and safe. 

3. Are there any dangers associated to smoking weed in clear rolling papers?

Most clear rolling papers have glycerine in them which gives it a sweet-ish taste. However, when you set the joint on fire and the glycerine starts to burn, acrolein is released – which is a known carcinogen. However, smoking is anyways a carcinogenic activity so smokers know what they are heading into. This danger is omnipresent in any form of smoking. However, it is our duty to inform our readers of this potential danger. 

4. Which is the best clear rolling paper for cannabis?

The best clear rolling paper for cannabis is a very subjective term and it depends upon who is planning to buy it and what their needs are! We recommend going with any of the names in our list as all of them are among the top brands in the markets and offer you with a great smoking experience. Out of all the names on our list, Trip2’s products are considered to be the best of the lot based on the general perception.


To conclude, we hope that this article on the best clear rolling papers has helped you make a better choice when it comes to choosing the right rolling paper for you! We hope that with this, you now know why one should roll their own weed, what clear rolling papers are – and which are the best options available to you. We have also attempted to answer some frequently asked questions towards the end. Do let us know in the comments below or drop us an email if you think we’ve missed out on some names or if there’s something more that you’d want to know about clear rolling papers!

Happy Smoking! 🙂


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