The 7 Best Gold Rolling Papers for Weed (2020): Reviews & FAQ’s

Best Gold Rolling Papers for Weed

When it comes to smoking weed, different stoners tend to have different preferences. There are some stoners who prefer to hit it up using a bong while there are others who like using pipes or mud pipes. Of late, vaping has also become a popular way to consume marijuana. However, there’s perhaps nothing which beats the popularity of rolling up a joint to smoke weed! Stoners have been doing this since time immemorial and this is a trend which is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Rolling papers, too, are available in different types – the most premium of these is a ‘gold rolling paper’. In this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the 7 best gold rolling papers for weed smokers.

Over the course of this article, we shall be discussing what is the importance of rolling papers and their relevance in today’s fast-changing world, post that, we shall look at what are gold rolling papers and why are they considered such a premium smoking item. Followed by that we shall finally look at our list of the 7 best gold rolling papers for weed before we conclude!

What are Rolling Papers? Why Should You Roll a Joint?

Perhaps every stoner knows what a rolling paper is! However, just in case there was any confusion about this – a rolling paper is basically a paper inside which you keep your weed, attach a filter, then roll it up, twist the top and light it up before you begin to smoke it. For anyone who wants to smoke a ‘joint’, rolling papers are what you need. Of late, there have been a number of rolling papers – clear rolling papers, rice rolling papers, gold rolling papers, flavoured rolling papers, etc. These are being used since as long as one can remember! 

Even though there have been other means of smoking weed which are rising quickly, such as the use of bongs and vapes, they don’t seem like a threat to the use of rolling papers to smoke weed because of multiple reasons. First off, using a rolling paper is way cheaper compared to using a bong or a pipe or a vape or practically any other means of smoking weed. Then there’s also the fact that using a joint is a quicker way of disposing off with the remains and there’s no clean-up required later on. Pipes, bongs and other means of smoking weed often tend to be cleaned after you use them. 

Last but not the least there’s a different kind of a joy altogether when it comes to smoking a joint. Rolling it up is a pleasure that stoners really relish and there’s this element of personalization – some stoners like to make different shapes out of joints, often combining multiple joints together, etc. This unbridled joy of smoking weed in a joint can never be matched by any other means! Hence, rolling papers are important and they’re here to stay for quite some time. 

What are Gold Rolling Papers?

We mentioned above that using rolling papers is the cheapest means of smoking weed. However, not everyone is necessarily looking for a ‘cheap’ alternative, as there are some stoners who would prefer using the best of quality material available to them. Stoners who can pay hundreds of dollars for good quality weed will not mind shelling out some extra dollars for high-quality papers and gold rolling papers are exactly the thing they’re looking for! These are items of absolute luxury – as you are literally taking gold into your lungs when you smoke your weed wrapped in joints made of gold rolling papers.

These rolling papers are made of 24Karat gold! These papers are basically a combination of edible gold along with rolling papers. This is meant for stoners who like to show off their style! These are perhaps not meant for everyday consumption but for special occasions! Got a promotion? Light up a joint made of gold! Getting married tonight? Start off your day with a joint made of gold rolling paper! This is meant to be a party-item and a premium, luxury product as it costs significantly higher than a regular rolling paper (as you would see in the reviews below). Let us now take a closer look at some of the best gold rolling papers for weed that you can buy off the web right now!

7 Best Gold Rolling Papers

1. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers – 12 Flat Sheet Pack with”RPD” KewlTube

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - 12 Flat Sheet Pack with"RPD" KewlTube
  • 24K Gold creates the ultimate party atmosphere. There is nothing like rolling up on a party with Gold Papers.
  • They smoke perfectly... the unique experience of a high quality rolling paper and smoking a product that is one of kind.

Shine is the biggest and the most popular names when it comes to making gold rolling papers. This right here is a set of 12 flat sheets of gold rolling papers, which you can use to make 12 joints of 24K gold! These are handcrafted papers which measure 1 ¼ in size and are just the perfect size for rolling up a joint. The company claims these to be quite a popular product for those who like to throw a party. The sheets of gold rolling papers that you get here are completely flat and have no folds. Smokers who have used these rolling papers claim that they burn slow and even and ensure the joint lasts you for a long time! Given that you’re getting 12 sheets for about $50, this is indeed one of the best deals you can find. In addition to this, you also get a free doob tube to store your joint in! The doob tube makes sure that the smell is contained and that the joint remains fresh whenever you smoke it.

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2. 10 Sheets Gold Leaf Pure 24k 1.7 inch Rolling Papers

Made in France, these are among the best rolling papers for those smokers who want to buy gold rolling papers but don’t really want to pay a high price. These cost significantly cheap (almost $1 per paper) and measure 1.7 inches in length as well as breadth. The size is just perfect for stoners to roll up a joint. Each of these sheets is packed individually and is quite a treat – especially at the price it comes in at. However, some users have reported that these need to be rolled and smoked with extreme care as there have been cases where it might just tear off or break if not handled with caution.

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3. Hornet 24K Gold Rolling Papers, King Size 2-Sheet

Hornet 24K Gold Rolling Papers, King Size 2-Sheet Raw Cigarette Papers (110 mm)
  • 【High-End Materials】The carefully selected imported 24K food-grade gold powder blend with natural grain fiber perfectly to provide you with organic,...
  • 【Show Your Unique Taste】The 24K gold that is imported from Europe, pleasant sense of touch and the finest workmanship underline the elegance of these...

Another great option for stoners who are looking for a really high-quality smoking experience using a gold rolling paper! One of the best gold rolling papers in the markets, this is a set of two from Hornet, and are King Sized sheets so that you can make an extra-long and long-lasting joint. The gold that you get here is exported from Europe, and the papers that are used here are extra-tough which ensures that the sheet doesn’t tear off. Furthermore, the contents of the joint will heat evenly and the burn is also a proper one. The company has also informed the stoners that there will be a metallic smell that will come from the joint when you burn it because of the gold content inside it and there’s nothing to worry about. 

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4. Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack

Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack
  • MaxHealther
  • Health and Beauty

Another product from Shine on our list (and this won’t be the last time you’re seeing it). This is a six-sheet pack and is practically the same product as you’ve seen on top of this list, but in a smaller pack. This is indeed quite a fancy product and stoners from all over the world who have used it to smoke their weed have appreciated it, calling it quite a luxury and an absolute delight to smoke in! Some users have complained that while they ordered a set of six rolling papers, they got only 5 out of them – but we’re sure the company has such a good credibility that they’d replace it if this issue is raised. Nevertheless, a product like no other and something that we’d highly recommend. 

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5. Lionhead 24K Gold King Cones 2 Pre-Rolled Papers

24K Gold King Cones 2 Pre-Rolled Papers - Lionhead - Patent US20070068543A1
  • 24K GOLD: Our gold rolling papers are made with very high quality and the finest edible gold
  • PRE-ROLLED CONE: The pre-rolled gold cone is great to take anywhere. It is protected in its plastic tube and also comes with a paper filter already

We’ve seen some of the best rolling papers so far but the one major problem with rolling papers is that not all stoners can roll a proper joint! There’s always a risk of people who’re not confident in rolling one accidentally tearing it off and this can be quite a heartbreak for someone who is planning to roll a gold rolling paper! This is where pre-rolled gold joints come into the picture! This is a set of two pre-rolled cones made out of 24K gold. The cones come protected in a doob-tube which you can save for later use as well. This is a great option for stoners who can’t roll one on their own because it’s as easy as just stuffing your weed in it, twisting the end and smoking it up! One of the best gold rolling papers indeed. 

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6. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers King Size 1 Sheet

Another pre-rolled cone made out of the best gold rolling papers for weed, this one comes from Shine – which is a company which has been trusted by many stoners for creating great quality papers made out of 24K gold. It is quite a delight and one look at the pre-rolled cone will tell you that you have indeed made the right choice by buying this! This is a slightly large-sized cone as it is made out of a King sized paper. This is long-lasting and gives the stoners an even burn, as most shine products normally do. All in all, this is a great choice if you’re not sure on how to roll a paper and want a quick and easy smoking experience!

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7. Hornet 24K White Gold (PLATINUM) Rolling Papers – Set of 2

Hornet 24K White Gold Rolling Papers,King Size 2-Sheet Raw Cigarette Papers with Loader Card (110 mm)
  • 【High-End Materials】The carefully selected imported 24K food-grade white gold powder blend with natural grain fiber perfectly to provide you with organic,...
  • 【Show Your Unique Taste】The 24K white gold that is imported from Europe, pleasant sense of touch and the finest workmanship underline the elegance of these...

Last but not the least, we’ve seen six gold rolling papers here but this is quite a unique offering as this is ‘White Gold’, as described by Hornet, the manufacturer. This is basically coated with Platinum powder and this is perhaps the only way you can distinguish yourself in a party where everyone else is smoking the best gold rolling papers for weed but you want to be one step ahead – so you can go with Platinum! Indeed a smart choice for smart stoners. Practically everything else here is the same as the Hornet gold rolling papers that we’ve seen earlier in this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Rolling Papers

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about gold rolling papers:

1. Is it safe to smoke gold rolling papers?

ABC News has cited that when they approached the American Lung Association over it, they said that they have no data on such a product. The FDA too, hasn’t really responded about it. Apart from that, the only idea we have about it comes from manufacturers such as Shine, who have claimed that there are studies in Korea where rats were made to inhale gold nanoparticles and the levels of gold that they inhaled didn’t really seem to have any adverse effects on them. Moreover, there haven’t really been any major cases of lung damage solely because of gold. Smoking, on the other hand, is obviously bad for health but all smokers are aware of the adverse effects of smoking anyway so there’s that.

2. Do gold rolling papers last longer than regular rolling papers?

Gold rolling papers are designed to be slow-burning as they are an expensive item and the manufacturers want to ensure that their customers are getting the most value out of what they are purchasing! They do tend to last longer than the average rolling papers but this also depends upon the speed at which you’re smoking and the environment around you.

3. Why are gold rolling papers so expensive?

Well the answer to this questions is kind of obvious. It is because of all the gold that goes into them! Furthermore, it is a ‘luxury’ product and is therefore priced higher as a psychological pricing too.

4. Which is the best gold rolling paper?

The answer to this question would vary from person to person based on their smoking preferences. However, as a general rule we’d suggest going for the top brands. Among the biggest brands in the Gold Rolling Paper business is Shine!

5. Are gold rolling papers legal?

Yes, gold rolling papers are absolutely legal and you can purchase them without any fear of breaking the law. However, what goes inside them might be a legal hurdle if you live in a state where smoking weed is illegal. 


We hope that this article on the best gold rolling papers has given you a good insight into these luxury items! This is clearly not an item that you’d be using everyday, but in case you’re planning to throw a party or celebrate a special occasion, this is something you MUST have with you. Not only will this impress your guests, but this will be a moment that you, too, will remember for a long time! How often is it that you smoke items made of 24 Karat gold? Ah, the times we live in! Do let us know in the comments below if there’s something that we missed out on, or if there’s something more that you’d want to know about gold rolling papers.

Happy Smoking! 🙂


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