The 7 Best Blunt Containers in 2020 (Reviewed)

The 7 Best Blunt Containers

When it comes to storing your joints and blunts, you need to assure that you are using the best blunt containers! This article will help you get just the perfect blunt container for your blunt. There are thousands of options available on the internet and even in stores nowadays. However, choosing the best of them might be quite a challenging task as not everyone knows what is the best product. Here, we have reviewed seven of the best blunt containers in 2020 and have provided details about each one of them, based on which stoners could make a purchase.

First, we shall be taking a look at what are blunt containers, followed by the 7 best blunt containers in 2020 that stoners can buy right now! Post that, we shall be taking a look at some of the benefits of using a container for your blunts before we conclude! However, let us answer the most basic question first:

What are Blunt Containers?

Blunts or joints are basically soft and rather fragile in nature and need to be carried around and stored with care, else they’ll break. Furthermore, there’s also the risk of them being exposed to air and moisture and then losing their freshness and/or potency as well – and that’s one big letdown if the ‘high’ that you get off the weed isn’t so good. Hence, blunt containers are essential for stoners. Here’s a look at some of the best options that you have when it comes to buying the best blunt containers in 2020:

7 Best Blunt Containers in 2020

1. Raw Aluminum Tube – “Rawthentic” Cigar Style Blunt Container

This is a good option for those who want to store their joints and blunts in a container that is both durable as well as classy. This comes from RAW, which gives it instant credibility as well as swag-value as the brand is considered to be among the top names in the world of stoners! RAW’s rolling papers are a globally accepted product and this blunt container, too, is pretty good. It is made out of aluminium and comes with a screw-on lid which you can use to close the tube. It is waterproof as well as airtight, ensuring that the blunt that you have stored inside it remains fresh at all times. The design aspect here is the real show-stealer and the price at which it comes for is very, very affordable as well.

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2. Cooco Aluminum Pre-Roll Blunt Container

Cooco Aluminum Pre-Roll Doob Tube Container Vial | Smell Proof Waterproof Joint Case | Air Tight Indestructible Odor Sealing Joint Container with Cone Holding Cap - Midnight Green
  • Don't Spoil The Moment - Nothing's worse than reaching into your pocket for that sweet pre-roll you've been waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy, only to...
  • Pocket Protector! - The Cooco-Case is made from super-lightweight aluminum that's tough enough to keep your pre-roll just the way you rolled it. With a...

This is another blunt container made of aluminum and another product which is pretty great. The Cooco blunt container offers a smooth design and is lightweight and compact. It has been designed in a manner as to not draw attention towards itself, thus keeping your blunt stored inside it pretty discreet at all times. It is 4.3” in length and has a diameter of 0.6”. The company claims that this is a completely ‘airsealed’ product, which is a great thing to know about practically any blunt container because it is usually the air that causes marijuana to go stale or lose its flavour. This is a pretty durable container too – and will last more than just a few bumps! Lastly, aluminum gives it just a better look and feel and makes it a better product compared to many similar tubes made of plastic! 

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3. NeraNena Cones Tubes for Storage Smell Proof Plastic Blunt Containers

NeraNena Cones Tubes for Storage Smell Proof Plastic Designed Pack of 3
  • Smell Proof, durable plastic material
  • Pocket size - easily fit to your jeans pocket or bag

This is one of the best blunt containers that you can get, especially if you’re looking for a set of containers and don’t mind using those made of plastic. Made out of smell-proof and durable plastic material, these NeraNena tubes are much better compared to your regular plastic tubes which might be flimsy and not so durable. All three of these tubes have a distinct design pattern that make them really attractive to look at. They are quite a light-weight product which fits easily into pockets and can be carried around in bags too. These tubes are airtight and water-resistant, meaning there’s no risk of your blunt stored inside them getting damaged due to air or water. Also, these are pretty inexpensive as you get a set of three tubes for less than $10 which is indeed a great deal!

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4. JPAQ Ultra-Sleek Joint Holder w/Gasket Seal and Roach Coach Blunt Container

JPAQ Ultra-Sleek Joint Holder w/Gasket Seal and Roach Coach, Strong and Sturdy Blunt Holder, Doob Tube, and Cigarette Case, Holds 5 King Size Prerolls, Portable, Compact, Convenient Weed Accessories
  • SAY GOODBYE TO BROKEN JOINTS: Tired of having your Prerolls crushed? This strong, crush-proof polypropylene joint case provides premium protection for your...
  • GASKET SEAL FOR DISCREET CONVENIENCE: Want to discreetly carry your cannabis or cigarettes wherever you go? The JPAQ preroll case features a gasket seal to keep...

This is quite an impressive product – one that stands out from all the other products on the list thanks to its innovative design. This is a joint holder from JPAQ, which features an ultra-slim design and can hold up to 5 pre-rolled King-size blunts. This is made out of 100% recyclable PP plastic, making it an environment friendly product as well. Another interesting feature here is that this holder comes with a gasket seal which makes sure that you will be getting an odor-proof experience and the smell of weed won’t be leaking out. In addition to this – let us just put it out there in as simple words as possible – it is pretty cool to just open it out, flip it open and take out a joint off it! It also has a dedicated ‘roach coach’ section where you can store unused roaches for later use. Truly, one of the best blunt containers you can find off the web 

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5. 120MM Clear Doob Tubes | 500 Bulk Pack | Waterproof Airtight and Smell Proof Blunt Containers

120MM Clear Doob Tubes | 500 Bulk Pack | Waterproof Airtight and Smell Proof Blunt Vial Container | Child Resistant with Squeeze Pop Tops | BPA-FREE | Ideal for Storing King Size Pre Rolled Raw Cones
  • WATER RESISTANT AIRTIGHT SMELL PROOF. No mess and odor sealing tube secures your smokes snug inside keeping it fresh clean and dry.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE. Taper Shaped Tube measures 4.75" L x 0.75" Top Diameter x 0.625" Bottom Diameter. UV resistant doob tube fits all your smokes, fatties, tobacco...

This is the most generic of blunt containers that you can find on the web. The most basic, plastic-made and transparent tube. However, the one thing that stands out here is that this is a product for bulk buyers! You are getting 500 tubes here which will be one of the best blunt containers for those who are looking forward to buying waterproof and airtight tubes for storing their blunts. This is for those who want to throw a large party or for those who want to buy a year’s stock at one go. These are pop-top tubes where you have to squeeze the sides in order to open them up. The design is such that it ensures that water and air cannot seep through and damage your blunts. The overall cost per container here is less than $0.30! 

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6. Large Smell Proof Bag With Airtight Container Blunt Container and Grinder

Large Smell Proof Bag With Airtight Container Doob Tube Grinder For Herb and Odor Scent Proof Bags
  • Smell Proof Bag - Dog Tested
  • Herb Grinder - 4 Piece Herb Grinder Magnetic Lid And Pollen Scraper

As the name suggests, you get a blunt container here, as well as a large smell proof bag and a grinder! This is the complete set for the polished stoner who wants to carry his or her weed around in style. The bag is completely smell-proof and has gone through a ‘dog test’, as per the manufacturer. There’s a four piece herb grinder along with a magnetic lid which is also included in the package. The grinder also comes with a pollen scraper. It also comes with one of the best blunt containers you can find in the markets! The bag as well as the container, both are quite smell-proof. There are a number of reusable smell-proof pouches which are the blunt containers. The design, colour and size of the bag are all just perfect for stoners!

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7. Sky High Stash Box with Blunt Container and Complete Marijuana Storage Kit

Sky High Stash Box with Secure Lock, Smell Proof Grinder, Food Grade Silicone Jar & Double-Ended Pick, Blunt Tube, Jar, Tray and Lighter Hemp Holder and Hemp Wick - Stash Container Herbs Storage
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE STASH BOX: The sky's the limit with the all-in-one Sky High Stash Box! Our smell-proof box includes a Zinc Alloy Grinder, 7.9oz UV-Plated Glass...
  • SMELL PROOF & HUMIDITY CONTROL: Our stash box is airtight and 100% odor-proof. The ABS Plastic exterior has Strong Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Shock...

Last on our list but one of the best blunt containers that you can find off the web, the Sky High stash box comes with some really cool options for stoners and is quite a good kit for stoners. It offers you with practically everything you would need to carry your weed around and smoke it properly. First off, this is a lockable box, which ensures that you will be safe from any adventurous people who would like to pry into your personal belongings. Next, it comes with a grinder to grind weed, a food-grade silicon jar to store that weed, a double-ended pick to pack your weed in your blunt properly, a blunt container tube to properly store a pre-rolled blunt, and a metal rolling tray. The box is smell-proof and has internal humidity controls that ensure that the weed stored inside it remains fresh at all times.

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What are the benefits of Blunt Containers?

There are a number of benefits of using these blunt containers (also known as doob tubes or joint tubes). Here’s a detailed look at the advantages:

  • They keep your pre-rolled blunts fresh – air and moisture are two of the biggest reasons as to why joints that you have stored might get ‘stale’. That won’t happen if you use blunt containers.
  • Most stoners, when smoking alone, might not be able to finish an entire joint – hence there comes a need to store the half-smoked joint and also ensuring that the freshness remains. Hence, it is a great option to store this joint in a blunt container where it will remain protected from getting stale.
  • Considering that joints and blunts are rather flimsy at times and can tear off easily, one needs to carry them around in a protective casing which will ensure that they do not get damaged because of any travel wear and tear. Nowadays there are blunt containers made of strong material such as aluminum which ensure that your blunts remain secure at all times!
  • Blunt containers are also airtight and ensure that the odor of weed does not leak out – this is often a major tell and can lead you into trouble. However, using these containers, the smell will be blocked and you won’t be in any danger of getting caught.


Smoking weed is something that a lot of people across the world do for different reasons – some do it to ease pain others take it as a medicine while there are some who do it recreationally to feel the ‘thrill’ of getting high on marijuana. Smoking weed in a joint or a blunt is one of the most common ways of doing so but when it comes to carrying your joints – there’s a big confusion among some stoners. Blunt containers are just the perfect tool for stoners which help them ensure that their joints and blunts will remain safe and can be carried around with ease. In case you have any questions or if you feel we have missed out on something, drop us a mail or let us know in the comments below!

Happy Smoking! 🙂


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