10 Best Lighters for Weed 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Lighters for Weed

Imagine this – you have got hold of your favorite flavored rolling paper, you have poured the best weed you can lay your hands on, you have rolled it, twisted the tip and you’ve put the joint in your lips, but oh, the horror! You simply can’t find a lighter around you. For stoners, lighters aren’t just important, they’re sacred, they’re special. Lighters for weed aren’t really different in terms of functionality from a regular lighter, but some of them come with insignia or design that really makes it something that only stoners would desire.

With that in mind, we have curated the list of the 10 best lighters for weed which every stoner desires! These lighters range from you regular disposable lighter for a quickie while they also have some of the most premium and collectible-edition lighters which stoners would love to possess.

Lighters are important for a number of reasons. You might simply want to light up a joint, or you’d like to heat up your stuff before you roll it. There’s also other generic uses such as for lighting fire or for heating things up. You can also use it as a means to see in the dark! Lighters are important and almost every house has one. However, lighters for weed are different and special. However, before we proceed into our list of the 10 best lighters for weed, here’s a look at the different types of lighters that there are.

Types of Lighters

While most people tend to think ‘a lighter’s a lighter, duh!’, there’s actually a number of different types of lighters available in the markets which you can purchase depending on your need and your sense of style and aesthetic. Here’s a closer look: 

  • Disposable Lighters

These are the most basic lighters – the ones that you can find at pretty much every store, the kind of lighters that buyers tend to use if they have to light up their cigarettes at a store. These are the cheapest available lighters and they’re usually lying around and are useful for a one-time use. Once the substance powering these lighters (usually butane) is over, they are tossed away into the bin and forgotten forever! These are good to use if you want a quick, cheap and instant solution.

  • Zippo Lighters

If you’ve consumed content on the internet, TV or movies, there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen zippo lighters. These are the iconic lighters which have a lid that can be flicked open and a flame pops out from underneath it. You’ve seen them all over. Not only are they small and easy to operate, they are also rather classy compared to the disposable lighters. Some of them can even be customized to suit the needs of the owner. They have a metallic look and feel and are slightly heavy.

  • Storm-Proof Lighters

Now this is a lighter for weed smokers who are rather adventurous and enjoy hanging out a lot! This is for the trekkers and campers. If you are the kind of person who enjoys lighting up a doobie while outdoors, this is the kind of lighter you might want to carry as an additional measure as you don’t want rain or storm to damage your smoking experience. You can use them in all weather situations as they come with a protective layer around the flame which allows you to ensure that your flame is lit despite the weather. 

  • Capsule Lighters

Also known as peanut lighters because of their small size, capsule lighters are basically the most portable form of lighters available and are usually tied on keychains so that they can be carried around anywhere with ease and do not get lost. These lighters can be refuelled at any point in time and have a very little capacity for fuel – they are usually used in emergency cases. 

  • Floating Lighters

The flame of these lighters continues to burn unless you manually stop it. These lighters are lightweight and can even float on water, giving you a continuous flame while floating. They are meant for some unique cases and are great for those who travel a lot. 

  • Butane Torch Lighters

The most ‘extreme’ kind of a lighter, these aren’t typically meant as lighters for weed smokers but are useful if you are smoking a blunt wrap or a cigarillo as these produce high intensity flames which allow you to burn thicker material with ease. These lighters need to be handled with care. 

10 Best Lighters for Weed in 2019

1. Zippo Bob Marley Lighter 

Zippo Bob Marley Pocket Lighter, Satin Chrome
  • Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click"
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere

Is there a bigger icon across the world when it comes to smoking weed than Bob Marley? The man has been a part of so many iconic images over the years and one of his images has also found its way into a Zippo lighter named after him. It features the classic green, yellow and red colors often associated with Marley. This is a windproof lighter which opens with a classic ‘click’ sound which gives you the “feels” right before you light up your joint!

This is a windproof lighter, which means you can even make use of it in times when it is stormy outside and there are strong winds! Furthermore, this looks really classy and features an all-metal look. This is also a refillable lighter which means that you can refill it anytime and use it for a lifetime!


  • Windproof
  • Refillable
  • All-Metal Body


  • Colors start to fade away after prolonged usage

2. Tesla Coil Lighter (USB Rechargeable Lighter)  

Tesla Coil LightersTM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter (1. Gun Metal)
  • 1 - Tesla Coil Lighters Arc Lighter
  • Size: 3" x 1.75" x 0.5" / Weight 3 oz (Arc length: 5mm)

One of the most unique types of lighters available in the market, this offers you quite a stylish approach to lighting up your joint! If you are a stoner looking forward to buying a lighter for weed, this is something you should really consider. This lighter comes with multiple color options and comes with an electric method to light things up. This does not have any flames and does not even require fuel to power it. This is an electric lighter and can easily be charged via a USB cable! Upon a single charge, this lighter can last up to 300 clicks depending on the usage.

It comes with a lid on top, which you can easily flick and press a button on the body to ‘light it up’ as an electric arc will be visible between the two edges of the lighter. It is also windproof and environment friendly because it does not create any flame and does not burn any fuel! Moreover, it also comes with built-in safety features which ensure that even if you press the button while the lid is closed, it won’t light up. 


  • Windproof
  • Can be charged via USB, no need to refuel
  • Looks really modern and cool!


  • Some users have complained that the USB charging gets loose over time and it doesn’t charge that well.


3. Toker Poker 


Toker Poker Black
  • All-inclusive Lighter Case! 🔥🙌 💯
  • Retractable Stainless-Steel POKER

When looking for a lighter for smoking weed, what better name for one than ‘Toker Poker’. Anyone looking forward to toke must check this out. This is one of the best lighters for weed under $10 and offers the users with up to 12 different color options. We understand why this is for ‘tokers’, but the poker bit is because a stainless steel poker (the thing that you use to stuff your weed inside a joint) can actually be placed inside the sleeve of the lighter, giving it a really sleek and unique look! 

In addition to that, the top portion of the lighter, from where the flame emerges, can also be retracted back inside the body of the lighter. This is just the perfect lighter for weed smokers as it offers several features beneficial for stoners! It also comes with a hemp wick which can be tied around it. Some users have also found hand-written notes and stickers along with their lighter!


  • Comes with a hemp wick and a poker – of great benefit to stoners
  • The lighter sleeve is quite ergonomic and easy to hold
  • Multiple color options


  • Some users have complained that if you carry it in your pocket it might poke you on the skin accidentally!

4. Zippo Weed Symbol Lighter for Medical Marijuana 


Zippo Custom Lighter - Medical Marijuana Weed Pot Leaf Symbol Design
  • Custom Zippo Lighter only available with Hat Shark
  • Marijuana Pot Weed Related Design

How do you know that someone smokes weed? They always carry something that’s got a ganja-leaf on it, or some sort of an insignia that tells you that they are a ‘stoner’. Stoner fashion is quite popular and even those who smoke medical marijuana like to show it off to the world. Given that medical marijuana is getting popular as well as legal all around the world, this is a lighter specifically meant for those who smoke medical marijuana. This comes with the caduceus (the staff with snakes around it and wings), which is the symbol used by medical professionals all around the world – but on top of it, you would see a marijuana leaf!

Apart from this well-thought design aspect of the lighter, this is a classic Zippo lighter which comes with a lid. This is a windproof lighter and can be refilled as and when required. The lighter also comes with a lifetime warranty from Zippo and they will repair it for free if it gets damaged any time during your period of using it. 


  • Great design, specially for those who smoke medical marijuana
  • All-Metal body and classy look
  • Refillable and Windproof


  • Some users complain that the delivery takes a long time

5. BIC Special Edition Bob Marley Lighters

BIC Special Edition Bob Marley Series Lighters, Set of 8 Lighters
  • Set of 8 BIC lighters featuring legendary reggae artist and hall of fame inductee... Bob Marley! To be sure you receive the product as pictured, order from The...
  • Child-resistant, Safe and reliable, 100% Quality Inspected

Now this is something for those who are looking for a great deal on their lighter as well as a sense of style! These BIC lighters are the most basic types of lighters available in the markets but they come with a twist: these lighters come with images of Bob Marley and other related insignia pasted upon the lighter, giving it a classy look and feel for the stoners. Furthermore, here, you get 8 lighters for a very cheap price! 

All these lighters have been quality checked to ensure that you get a good quality product at the end of the day! In addition to that, they are also child-resistant products ensuring any children who accidentally land their hands on them cannot trigger the flame. These are disposable lighters and can just be tossed away after you’re done using them. They are great for situations where you need a quick solution


  • Bob Marley designs, a perfect fit for stoners!
  • Child-resistant, ensuring your little ones don’t accidentally hurt themselves
  • Pricing is a great plus here as you are getting eight lighters here!


  • While the packaging claims that they are ‘small size’ lighters, they are actually regular size.

6. Clipper Eco Lighter with 3D Soft Touch

Clipper Eco Lighter 3-D Soft Touch Hemp Leaf 4 Pack- 4 Different Designs
  • Clipper Brand Eco-Lighters are Refillable and Reflintable
  • Each Clipper Has a Built-In Poker and Tamping Tool Under the Strike Wheel

A set of four lighters from clipper which are small in size and can be easily carried around. They also come in exciting design options which showcase the best of psychedelic art for stoners and weed smokers. These lighters represent what stoners believe in and are a great option for anyone looking for a small-sized lighter. They are also quite economical as they come in a set of four and are also safe to operate and easy to use.

In addition to this, each of the lighters have a poker along with it and a tamping tool too – both of which are of great use for those who smoke weed frequently as they won’t have to carry other tools separately. They are also child-proof which ensures that you won’t risk your children accidentally setting them off!


  • Four lighters of four different design
  • Small sized and easy to carry
  • Designed keeping child-safety in mind


  • The four designs shown in the Amazon website are not what the company delivers. Designs might be different.


7. Anglink Electric Arc Lighter (USB Rechargeable) 

Anglink Electric Arc Lighter, Electronic Lighter USB Rechargeable with Battery Indicator, Dual Arc Beam Lighter Flameless Windproof Plasma Lighter for Cigarette
  • Patented Design: The unique dual electronic arc ignition, patented system, uses an innovative technology to solve the problem of the traditional arc lighter,...
  • Battery Indicator & Rechargeable: There are five white lights on the side of the lighter, each representing 20% of the remaining charge. The built-in...

Another electric lighter! These are getting really popular these days, particularly because they look cool and can be recharged simply using a USB cable and you do not need to re-fuel them time and again. In addition to that, these lighters are also windproof and are simple to operate. This lighter from Anglink comes in the form factor of a traditional lighter where you pop open the lid and there’s an X shaped area which lights up. It offers dual arcs for better lighting solutions.

Another great thing about this electric lighter is the fact that it also comes with a battery indicator built on it so you know when is the time to recharge your lighter! It is also windproof and flameless, meaning you can operate it in pretty much any kind of weather to light up your weed! Last but not the least, it is also eco-friendly because it does not require any fuel or produce a flame.


  • Classy and modern look and feel
  • Dual arcs to ensure better lighting
  • Comes with a battery indicator
  • Wind-proof and Moisture-proof


  • Does not have enough power to light up a cigar.

8. Xikar Lighter Element (ELX)


XIKAR ELX Double Lighter Vintage Bronze 550BZBK
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 9 mm cigar punch cutter

While buying a lighter is a rather inexpensive affair and you can get a regular one for a couple of dollars at any store around you, there are some premium category lighters that might set you back by a significant amount! The Xikar Lighter Element is one of those lighters that cost you north of $50 and offer you with a torch flame – which makes  it a great choice for those who like to smoke cigars or cigarillos. This is one of the best lighter for weed smokers, particularly for those who like blunts. Burning cigars/blunts requires a more powerful flame which torch-flame lighters easily provide.

This lighter comes from Xikar, which offers a lifetime warranty! Sometimes, they even exchange your lighter for a new one and offer the refurbished lighters to veterans. It is stylish as well as sturdy and comes in three color options too.


  • Torch Flame Lighter: Great for Cigars/Blunts
  • Sturdy as well as stylish
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

9. Multi Function Torch Flame Lighter


Multi-Function Torch Flame Lighter
  • All metal jet flame lighter butane gas (shipped without fluid / butane)
  • built in Small knife, corkscrew, and bottle opener

This multifunction torch flame lighter is truly a travelers delight! First off, like a good torch-flame lighter, it allows you to light up the thickest of cigars with ease. However, it is much more than just a lighter! It is almost a fully functional swiss army knife of sorts as it comes with features such as a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a poker, and a small knife. It comes in two color variants – silver and gray. 

This is a great lighter for weed smokers and particularly for those who like to smoke their weed using cigar wraps and other thicker material. In addition to that, if you are the outdoorsy or adventurous kind, this is a great companion for your trips, allowing you to easily manage while camping or trekking! It isn’t as heavy as you’d expect it to be and a great all-in-one solution.


  • Refillable
  • Offers a number of tools
  • Flame is strong to light up a cigar


  • Lid has to be opened manually

10. Zippo Anniversary Special Lighter with Armor Case 

Zippo GGB 125th Birthday Collectible, Black Ice
  • Genuine zippo windproof lighter with distinctive zippo "click"
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere

Last but not the least, here’s another lighter from Zippo! This one is an anniversary special lighter and was created to commemorate the 125th birthday of George G. Blaisdell, the founder of Zippo! This lighter comes with Blaisdell’s image built on the body, along with his signature. This is a collector’s edition lighter and is meant for those who really enjoy the history and the heritage of the company that they are a consumer of! It is a limited edition lighter, with only 14,000 units in circulation – each numbered at the bottom. 

The lighter is drawn from brass and flashed with chrome and the lighter also has chrome finishing. It comes with a full-packaging and is indeed a collector’s delight. It is heavier and feels more premium than any regular lighter. While this is a little bit on the expensive side – this is indeed a collector’s special and not an everyday device. 


  • Collector’s Edition: Show it off to your friends
  • Built of strong metal, very durable
  • Refillable


  • Expensive

What to Look For Before Buying a Lighter

Now that you know which the top 10 lighters for weed are, here’s a closer look at what some of the best features of a good lighter are and these are the things that you should consider before you buy a lighter. While lighters are not an expensive purchase by any stretch of imagination, it is always good to make an informed purchase than part with your money in exchange for a bad product! Here we go:

  • Durable

The lighter that you are buying needs to be durable! It would be an absolute travesty if it simply snaps while in your pocket because of the little stress that it faced while you bent your knee! Lighters should also survive small falls and remain in one piece after the fall. Durability is an important part of a lighter as they are usually small in size and tend to be thrown around a lot!

  • Lightweight

In addition to being durable, a lighter also needs to be light in weight. Carrying a heavy lighter is rather inconvenient and uncomfortable as well. Hence, a lighter needs to be lightweight, easy to pack and easy to light. 

  • Waterproof

Waterproofing is important in lighters, especially if you are looking for a lighter for weed while you are someone who likes to be outdoors a lot. In situations where you are camping and it rains, you’d need something to light up your joint and it would be rather sad if your lighter is not waterproof! 

  • How Does it Light?

Some people like to flick open the lid, while others like to press the button to light things up. There are also lighters which produce a current to light up paper these days. Do you prefer clicking and pressing or do you prefer a softer touch to light the flame? There are a number of these factors based on which you can choose the kind of lighter that you want. 

  • Refillable

Another thing that you need to consider before you purchase a lighter for your weed is that is the lighter refillable. Especially when you go for a more expensive lighter, this is something that must be checked before you finally purchase it. In some cases, however, a one-and-done lighter is also useful. You also need to know the kind of fuel that goes into your lighter and the places from where you could get your lighter refueled. 

  • Design

Especially when it comes to lighters for weed smokers, one needs to consider the design factor too. Every lighter can produce flame, but does your lighter represent who you are and what you stand for? Stoners love to possess lighters with the ganja-leaf on them or with the imagery of bob marley on it. There are a number of different designs and themes and colors based on which you can buy your lighter. Some companies even offer customized lighters where you can print an image of your choice on it! This needs to be considered before you purchase a lighter. 

  • Price

Last and actually the least – most lighters are actually quite inexpensive and don’t cost you much. However, if you are going for a really unique or a really good lighter, you might end up shelling out some money for it. Hence, make sure that the lighter provides you the maximum value for money. You can totally choose to ignore this if you are looking for the most basic of things, but for those who are looking for a premium lighter, this is something that comes into play for sure!


To conclude, now that you know which the best lighters for weed are and how to choose them, we hope that this list helped you make a well-informed choice! Lighters are important for stoners and many weed smokers don’t know that such variety exists. We’re happy that we are able to help you with this. Your lighter is a big part of your personality and it shows off to the world who you are – select one wisely. 

Happy Smoking!


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