The 5 Best Quantum Board Grow Lights in 2020

Best Quantum Board Grow Lights

When you talk about growing a marijuana plant, there are a number of factors that growers need to take care of. Among these factors, one of the most important things is the lighting. A grower needs to make sure that the lighting system is  good in order to get maximum possible yields on their marijuana plant (especially when growing it indoors). Over the course of this article, while we shall be addressing lighting at large, our specific aim is to talk about Quantum board grow lights in great detail! 

When you think of providing lighting to your plants and especially when you think of LED grow lights, you are probably thinking of the chunky blocks of lights which come in panels with glasses on front. However, Quantum board grow lights are quite different from what you are envisioning right now. In this article, we shall discuss in detail as to why the marijuana plant needs lighting and how much light does it need. We shall also be discussing the different kinds of lighting – but our focus here will be on the best Quantum Board LED grow lights that you can get in the markets today. We shall be reviewing some of the best options that you can buy off Amazon right now and provide you with detailed information about it. 

We shall be taking a look at the pros and cons of using such a lighting system. In addition to that, we shall also be putting forward a buyer’s guide which will help you understand the lighting system in a better manner and help you make a well-informed choice while you are buying the lights. We shall also be providing answers to some common and frequently asked questions before we conclude! 

Why Do Marijuana Plants Need Light?

Marijuana plants, regardless of where you are growing them – indoors or outdoors, need lighting. Light is very important for plants to grow as it helps them with the process of photosynthesis and helps them produce chlorophyll as well. Photosynthesis is an important process because that’s how plants prepare ‘food’ which gives them energy. Sunlight also helps break down various sugars and compounds in the plant’s body and it is also based on the lighting hours that they ge that the marijuana plant’s levels of CBD and THC are also affected at times.

Photoperiod is also very important for regular plants (non-autoflowering plants). These plants grow based on the sunlight that they get and they need about 22 to 12 hours of lighting based on the phase of growth that they are in. Different phases of the growth cycle not only need different amounts of lighting but also require different types of light. When the plant is in its early and vegetative stage of growth, it needs more of ‘blue light’ which is on the cooler spectrum of lighting. When the plant matures into pre-flowering and flowering stages, it requires red lighting. However, most growers prefer providing a combination of both these kinds of lights for a better result. 

How Much Light do Marijuana Plants Need?

Depending on different phases of their growth cycle, plants require different amounts of light as well. When the plants are in their earlier phase of growth, they need more lighting. The youngest of them all – seedlings require 22 hours of lighting. As they mature into a proper plant and enter the vegetative phase of growth, about 18 to 20 hours of light would be enough. As they grow taller you slowly reduce it to 16 hours. When the plants enter the pre-flowering phase of their growth cycle, they need about 16-14 hours of lighting and in the peak flowering phase, about 12 to 10 hours of lighting would be sufficient. The plant ‘rests’ in the dark hours. 

What Are The Different Lighting Options?

You can choose between multiple types of lighting options. Some people prefer using a combination of High Pressure Sodium grow lights and Metal Halides (for the warm and cool spectrum respectively). Collectively, they are known as High Intensity Discharge lighting systems. Then there’s also fluorescent lighting in the form of T5 and T12 lights (among other forms) which is also quite popular among growers – but it requires an elaborate setup. The most popular and modern option, however, is using full-spectrum LED grow lights to grow marijuana plants. This is also the crux of our article as Quantum Board grow lights are also LED lights. 

Why are LED Lights Considered the Best?

LED lights are considered the best option for marijuana growers because they are cost-effective when you consider the minimal amount of electricity that these lights consume! While they can be a little expensive to buy, they pay off in the long run because they are really long lasting (over 100,000 hours in some cases) and tend to emit much lesser heat in comparison to other types of lighting. LED lights are also lighter in weight and given the unique nature of their design, if due to some electric issue a couple of LEDs stop functioning, it doesn’t affect the other LEDs. They are also easy to dispose as they are non-toxic.

What are Quantum Board Grow Lights?

When you are talking about LED grow lights, you perhaps think of the regular bulky LED panel. Some growers might also think of COB lights. However, this kind of a lighting setup is the next-generation version of these lights. The quantum board is basically a circuit board where LEDs are wired together and usually feature a heat sink (though some cheaper models might just give you a circuit board and you can add the heat sinks separately). These boards, however, cover smaller areas than their actual size – if you buy a quantum LED board which is 6×6 in size, the light it would provide might be for a 4.5×4.5 area so that’s something you need to take care of. However, the electricity it consumes is almost half of what a traditional light would have cost you. 

5 Best Quantum Board Grow Lights in 2020 Reviewed

Here are the five best options for those growers who want to buy Quantum board grow lights to grow their marijuana indoors. These are all available on Amazon and can be bought in just a few clicks! We have attempted to provide a fair and accurate review which will help you understand them in a much better manner

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1. Maxisun 2020 New Design Sun Spectrum Quantum Board Grow Light – 2000 LEDs

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Maxisun is a popular name for those growers who are looking forward to buy quantum board grow lights. This particular model is one of their latest designs – a 2020 variant, which is bound to last you for quite a long time and is a really good option for indoor growers. This one comes with 2000 LEDs on it, which makes it pretty bright as well. This is a full-cycle lighting solution for growers who want to grow marijuana indoors. During the vegetative phase of the plant’s growth cycle, it offers a lighting of about 3.5x4ft and when you move it lower during the flowering stage, it goes down to 3×3.5ft during the flowering stage. 

This grow light provides a lighting output similar to a 400W HID grow light but consumes only 200W from the power socket on the wall. It comes along with a 5mm aluminum sink on it, which makes it easier for heat to flow out without any fans. The fact that there are no fans on this grow light makes it possible for growers to eliminate the annoying sound that fans tend to make. There’s a 90-day money back guarantee on the PB2000 along with a limited warranty of three years. All of this put together makes it one of the best quantum board grow lights in the markets these days!

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2. HLG 100 V2 4000K Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light

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HLG, which stands for Horticulture Lighting Group is another popular company which makes Quantum Board LED grow lights for growers who want to grow marijuana indoors. Priced in at just $150, this grow light is a great lighting solution as it offers very bright indoor lighting for your plants. When you look at the total coverage that it offers, it is about 3×3 ft when it comes to vegetative growth and about 2×2 ft during the flowering phase. This grow light features very high quality LED lights on it – the Samsung LM301B LEDs, which are really high-quality products. These lights consume only about 95 Watts of power from the power socket, which is what makes them really impressive as well. 

It offers a 4000K white light in full-spectrum, giving your marijuana plants a near-natural experience. This grow light also bundles in with it a bottle of 100ml Radix Plant Root Stimulator which is an added bonus and something you can try out to boost your plants. This is one of the best quantum board grow lights for growers who want to grow a personal-scale marijuana plant. 

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3. HLG 550 V2 Rspec 500w 120 Volt- Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light

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Yet another product from HLG (and not even the last one from them in our list), this one offers quite a different sort of a lighting than the previous one. This is one of the best quantum board grow lights for growers who are looking forward to getting a powerful product to give their marijuana plants a boost. This grow light can replace a 1000W HID grow light while drawing only 500W of power from the main wall socket. Moreover, it can also be dimmed in order to reduce the power consumption to 40W. 

This is for those growers who like large-scale growing of plants – as it offers a very large coverage. It provides a coverage space of 6ft x 6ft during the vegetative phase of growth and it covers a space of 4.5’ x 4.5’ during the flowering phase, which is quite an impressive statistic for any quantum board LED grow light because these kinds of lights are known for having a smaller coverage area. This grow light is particularly great for the flowering phase but provides the growers with an excellent lighting thanks to the Samsung LM301H that is used on it – which is a high-quality LED. There’s a three year warranty that you get when you buy this grow light, which is a decent time period for the growers!

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4. MAXSISUN 2020 Latest QB Style PB 4000 LED Grow Light

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Another grow light from Maxisun! If you notice, the first one on our list had 2000LEDs. This grow light from the same company comes with double the number of LEDs on the board – featuring 4000 LEDs, making it brighter and more effective in helping your marijuana plants grow bigger and provide higher yields. Owing to more number of LEDs on its board, this grow light covers an area of 5 x 5ft during the vegetative stage of growth and 4 x 4ft during the flowering phase of growth.

The PB4000 is one of the best quantum board grow lights for those growers who want to reduce their electric expenses as well. This is because the light consumes only about 400W of power from the wall socket while it offers an output which is equivalent to one that comes from an 800W HID grow light. Just like all other similar Quantum Board lights, this one also offers the growers with a fan-free and silent operation. There’s a 5mm heat sink which helps the light cool down and helps dissipate the heat quite well. Similar to the previous 2000 LED model, this grow light also offers a 90-day return period and a 3-year warranty! 

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5. HLG 100 V2 3000K Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light

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Our fifth and final product on this list is another great product from Horticulture Lighting Group. This one can replace a 200W metal halide and offers a bluer-shade of lighting. Featuring excellent quality Samsung-made LED chips, the grow light covers a 3×3 ft area during the vegetative phase of growth and a smaller 2×2 ft area when you move it lower during the flowering phase of the marijuana plant’s growth cycle. This grow light offers a 1-year warranty and costs just $150, which is a really low-priced lighting solution. What makes it one of the best quantum board grow lights is also the fact that it does not heat up so quickly. 

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Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Quantum Board Grow Light

Here are some basic factors that you need to keep in mind when you are planning on buying a quantum board LED grow light for growing marijuana indoors:

  • Number of LEDs – You need to check the number of LED lights that this quantum board has on it – the more the number of LEDs, the better the intensity of the light would be – and the faster and bigger your marijuana plants will grow.
  • Coverage – Another very important thing that has to be kept in mind is the amount of coverage that this grow light will offer. The larger the coverage the better it is for you. However, if you are a small-scale grower who is growing weed for personal consumption you can look up for basic lights which offer 3×3 and 2×2 coverages as well.
  • Power ConsumptionThese grow lights usually consume 50% less power than traditional HID grow lights which is always a plus point and some of these lights also support easy dimming which can further reduce power consumption. Also, don’t go by the mentioned wattage and check what is the actual power draw from the wall socket (which is always lesser).
  • Heat DissipationHeat dissipation is an important part of quantum board lighting solutions as these grow lights generally tend to heat up quickly because they do not have any built-in fans on them. They need to have a good heat sink in order to dissipate heat and they also need excellent air circulation inside the grow room/grow tent.
  • SpectrumAlways check if you are getting a full-spectrum light or if this is a specific kind of lighting that you are getting. Sometimes you get a full-spectrum quantum board LED grow light while in some cases there are specific models which offer red or blue (warm or cool) spectrums of lighting. The warm red lights are good for the flowering and pre-flowering phases while the blue lighting is great for plants during the phase of vegetative growth.
  • Cost and WarrantyLast but not the least, the cost and warranty period are always important. Some grow lights offer you a long warranty between 3 to 5 years while there are others which offer upto a year of warranty. Also check the price in which you are getting these lights as that is also crucial for any buyer for any product! Most of these grow lights also have a return policy so do take note of that as well.

Pros and Cons of Quantum Board Grow Lights

Here are some pros and cons of using quantum board LED grow lights to grow your marijuana plants: 


  • They consume very little power (almost half that of High Intensity Discharge grow lights)
  • They offer a noise-free lighting solution as they do not have a fan on them
  • Most of them come with a good quality heat sink allows hot air to escape and not damage the lights 
  • These are lightweight boards which can be hung easily on to the grow tent without causing damage to the structural integrity of the setup.
  • They offer bright light helping your plants to grow faster and bigger


  • Sometimes if the heat sink isn’t that good they can overheat
  • You need a good air circulation system to work with them
  • Some might even find the area coverage a little too small for their taste

Frequently Asked Questions About Quantum Board Grow Lights

Here are the answers to some FAQs about Quantum board grow lights that people tend to ask over and over again. Do go through them in detail as you too might be having similar doubts. 

1. How long do I need to keep these lights on?

Lights need to be turned on for different lengths of time during different phases of your plant’s growth cycle. In some cases, such as phases of the early vegetative growth and vegetative growth, your plants will need more lighting (ranging from 22 to 16 hours) – and in early flowering and flowering stages, it will need about 16 to 10 hours of lighting. Hence, it depends upon the phase.

2. Do these lights overheat easily?

If you are keeping the temperatures in your grow tent around 18-20 degrees, the lights will generally not overheat. However, you will need to ensure that the air circulation is really good and use the best possible fans and clip-on fans to ensure that the lights are cooled off well. You need a little extra effort here because these grow lights do not have built-in fans unlike the bulkier LED panels that you normally get in the markets.

3. What is the ideal temperature that I should maintain?

The ideal temperature for growing marijuana is somewhere around 18 to 25 degrees and that’s what you need to maintain.

4. How much do these grow lights cost?

These lights can cost you anywhere between $150 to $1000 depending upon the size, efficiency, coverage, etc. As a grower, this is a great one-time investment as these are gen-next lighting solutions which are going to be around for quite a while and will help you get the best possible yield out of your plants. 


Lighting is extremely important when it comes to growing your marijuana plant indoors. As we have established over the course of this article, you will need these grow lights to replicate the natural light of the sun. Quantum board grow lights are among the best options that you have if you are looking for a bright and noise-free solution in 2020. They are easy to get hold of as you can buy them with just a few clicks off Amazon! Do let us know if there are any more questions that you have about these grow lights or if there are any more details that you would like to know about and we shall get back to you shortly.

Till then…. 

…Happy Growing! 🙂


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