King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Review (2020)

King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Review

When you start growing your own marijuana indoors, you will realize that setting up the growing kit requires you to buy a lot of parts. Among the most important of these elements needed for growing marijuana indoors is a grow light. Selecting the right kind of grow light for your plant is a very important task and you need to make sure you are providing the best option. King Plus 1000 Watt LED grow light is among the most popular names when it comes to buying a grow light for marijuana plants.

In this article, we shall explore what is it that makes this grow light such a great option. We shall be providing a detailed King Plus 1000 Watt LED grow light review where we shall discuss all the aspects of this grow light. These aspects vary from design and durability to the lighting and spectrum, coverage, power performance, brand value and credibility, cooling, and cost, warranty, and delivery. We shall also be discussing the pros and cons of this grow light in detail before we conclude. 

However, before all of that, it is essential to know why grow lights are important and why do plants even need them. Let us first understand the need for grow lights:

Grow Lights: Why Is a Grow Light Needed for Marijuana Plants?

Grow lights are tools that are usually used when you are growing plants indoors. When you grow your marijuana plants outdoors, it is the natural light of the sun which helps them grow. However, when you are growing them in an indoors setting wrapped up around a grow tent or kept inside a grow room, there is no access to natural light. Hence, the natural environment has to be recreated with the help of grow lights. Full-spectrum grow lights such as the King Plus 1000W LED grow light that we will be reviewing here are a great artificial solution when it comes to replacing sunlight.

Light is important to marijuana plants because it helps them prepare ‘food’ by breaking down the sugars stored in their body and providing them to various parts. The process of photosynthesis is all about light as plants convert light into energy to power their growth. The generation of chlorophyll is another process that requires lighting, and so does the process of plant respiration where the stomata open and close with the light. Hence, grow lights are critical for the growth of any plant! 

Understanding the King Plus (KingLED) Brand

King Plus is a brand owned by King LED, which is among the top names when it comes to LED manufacturers in the world. The company has been around for the better part of the past decade and has over five years of experience in manufacturing products that growers can benefit from using. The company makes some of the best affordable grow lights in the markets. While they are not premium products, they are also not a ‘cheap’ brand which makes sub-par products. King LED is known for its long-lasting products such as the one that we are about to review!

King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Review (2020)

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower
  • 【Veg/Bloom switch】: Through a wide plant growth testing, the Veg/Bloom switch, was designed to provide proper light for plants in different growth stages to...
  • 【Full spectrum】: KingLED LED grow light provides full spectrum lighting from 380 nm to 780 nm (including UV + IR) of natural light for plants needed of all...

Here’s a detailed look at the 1000W LED grow light from King Plus which we have divided into various aspects, each given a rating at the end which will be totaled up and averaged in the final review section (located below the pros and cons).

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1. Design and Durability

When it comes to design and durability, the grow light is a standard issue. If you have seen what an average LED grow light panel looks like, you will perhaps know what this one looks like too. There are heat vents located on the sides of the grow light which allow the heat to escape. On the shorter side, there are two switches that allow you to easily switch between the VEG and the BLOOM mode. Besides that, there’s a slot for the power cord to be plugged in. 

The grow light measures in at 12.2 x 2.36 x 8.27 inches and weighs 6.38 pounds. This is neither too bulky nor too heavy and is a great fit for growers. Durability wise it is quite a sturdy product and features a glass panel in the front to protect the LEDs behind it. The glass panel comes with three holes on it to ensure that any heat that might build up can escape. On the backside, there are circular openings that ensure the heat that is being dissipated by the fans can exit. The lack of daisy chaining is one disadvantage which stands out in an otherwise great product.

We would rate the design and durability 4/5

2. Spectrum and Lighting Details

When you look at the spectrum and lighting details of this LED grow light, you find it to be quite an impressive product. This grow light from KingLED offers you with a full-spectrum lighting experience, which is almost similar to what the natural light of the sun is! It is like having the sun inside your grow tent. There are 100 10W LEDs in this panel which when put together provide the growers with a 1000W output. The spectrum ranges from 380nm all the way to 780nm and also provides Ultraviolet and Infrared lighting. 

The manufacturer claims that this grow light can easily replace a 600W HPS grow light which is an older form of lighting that also consumes significantly more electricity! Seperate switches for Veg and Bloom lighting are also an added bonus, this means that during the vegetative phase you could use only the VEG lights (cool blue lights), and during the flowering phase you could switch off the VEG lights and use the BLOOM lights (warm red lights). Many grow lights do not allow you to have this control over the lighting. While everything about the spectrum and lighting details is pretty good, one feature that we found to be lacking in our King Plus 1000 Watt LED grow light review was that there is no dimmer that functions along with this grow light, which would have been a major advantage had it been present. 

We would rate the spectrum and lighting 4/5

3. Coverage Offered

While this grow light can cover an area as large as 5×5 ft (25 square feet) in the vegetative phase, the flowering coverage is about 4×4 ft (16 square feet) as the light has to be moved a little lower during the phase. All in all, this is a great fit for growers who are growing on a small-scale and are growing their marijuana for personal consumption. Multiple such lights can also be used together for an even better performance in a somewhat larger area. Talking of multiple grow lights, the daisy-chaining feature is missing out which would otherwise allow growers to plug one light on to another instead of plugging each of them individually to the sockets. 

We would rate the coverage 4/5

4. Power Performance

The power performance of this grow light is quite impressive. In our King Plus 1000W LED grow light review we found out that the grow light consumes only about 185 Watts of power as its average power draw. Some people look at the overall 1000W wattage and think that the light consumes so much power. However, reading the finer print will tell you that only about 185W is drawn from the power socket making it very energy efficient and a grow light that can save you a lot of money on power bills!

We would rate the power performance 4.5/5

5. Cooling

Cooling is a very important thing to observe carefully. We found that the King Plus 1000W LED grow light was able to cool itself pretty well – though when both the lights were turned on at the same time, using an external clip-on fan would benefit the growers. There are two fans located on the back of the device which blow the hot air away. Even on the front panel, the glass has holes on it to ensure that heat does not remain trapped there. All in all the heat dissipation mechanism is quite good and the device remains cool at most times. 

We would rate Cooling as 4/5

6. Brand Credibility

While King Plus is a very credible brand which has sold millions of units over the five-plus years that it has been in the industry, the company seems to be hiding behind the shoulders of the giants such as Viparspectra, PlatinumLED, etc. While it is not a ‘giant’ of a brand, this is certainly one of the ‘giant-killers’ in the industry as it packs in quite a good performance while the cost remains affordable. The brand’s social presence could be improved. 

We would rate the brand credibility as 3.5/5

7. Cost, Warranty, and Delivery

We found out during our King Plus 1000W LED grow light review that the grow light is almost unbeatable when you look at the cost vs performance metric. It offers a good performance and is a somewhat more credible brand than other brands who offer affordable grow lights. In terms of the warranty, you get three years of professional service along with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the light’s performance. Customer service is also quite good and responds within 24 hours of contacting them. Finally, the delivery from Amazon is lightning fast and highly reliable as always! All in all a great package.

We would rate the cost, warranty, and delivery as 4/5

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Pros and Cons of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

Here’s a quick look at some advantages and disadvantages of using this grow light.


  • Seperate switches for VEG and BLOOM lighting channels
  • Quite durable and strong frame
  • Full-spectrum lighting with 480nm to 780nm spectrum
  • Cools itself pretty well with the two fans on the back
  • 3 year warranty period
  • Decent coverage of 5×5 during veg and 4×4 during bloom phase


  • Lacks ‘big-brand’ credibility
  • No daisy-chaining
  • No dimmers

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Final Review: King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light – Should You Buy It?

Final Rating: 4/5

When you look at the King Plus 1000W LED grow light, the first look tells you it is not a premium brand. When you look at the price, you know it is targeted towards the affordable price point. However, don’t let any of this dishearten you as the grow light punches way, way, way, above its weight (price point) as it provides a high functioning set of features including but not limited to a full-spectrum lighting along with veg and bloom switches, a decent coverage, the standard warranty, good cooling mechanism, and most importantly consumes very little power vs the output it gives! All said and done, while some growers might want to buy it as a secondary or a backup light, we could totally say that this grow light is worthy of being your primary grow light as well!

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Frequently Asked Questions About King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about the King Plus 1000W LED grow light from KingLED. We hope these questions will solve some of your queries as well:

1. What is the lifespan of this grow light?

The KingPlus 1000 Watt LED grow light can last you for about 100,000 hours as per the manufacturer’s claim. When converted to years, this means that the grow light can last you for a little over 11 years. While this might be an exaggerated expectation, in our experience this grow light can easily last you for 8 years. 

2. What is the actual power draw of this grow light?

While the wattage that you get when you use this grow light is 1000W, the actual power that it draws from the power outlet is much lesser. This grow light consumes an average power of only 185 Watts from the power socket. This makes it one of the most economical options when it comes to buying LED grow lights for growing marijuana indoors

3. Where can I buy the grow light?

This is a very popular grow light and you can find it in most stores that sell gardening supplies all over the world. Other than that you can also buy it off Amazon which is a safe and quick platform for growers who do not have immediate access to a gardening store nearby. The delivery is quick and discreet.

4. What are some other wattage variants of this grow light?

While this is a 1000W grow light from KingLED, the company makes a number of different products of varying wattage as well. Their grow lights range from a humble 600W LED all the way up to 3000W LED grow lights. Whatever your growing needs be, KingLED has a product for you!

5. What is the cost of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light?

The cost of the grow light is usually around $112 but the price can vary a little based on the discounts that Amazon is running at the time you are purchasing. 

6. What is the warranty I get on this grow light?

When you buy this grow light, you get three years of professional service and 90 days of a free return with a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. The customer service is also pretty helpful and resolves all your queries in around about 24 hours.


By this point in our King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light review, we hope that you have gotten a fair bit of idea about the product. We have tried to provide a three-sixty degree insight about this grow light including everything from its design and durability to its cost and warranty details. We also provide information about the brand so that you know exactly what you are getting into. We have a detailed FAQ section as well where all your other queries can be resolved. However, if you still have any questions about this grow light – do let us know in the comments below or drop us an email and we will get back to you on it as soon as possible! Till then…

….Happy Growing! 🙂


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