Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits with Lights: The Best Grow Tents and Hydroponic Kits Setup for Growing Marijuana Indoors

Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits with Lights

When it comes to growing marijuana indoors, some people think that this is too much of an effort and they’d rather buy their weed from the stores or off the streets. However, growers know that there is a different kind of a thrill in growing your own weed and honestly once you start doing that, it really isn’t that much of a hassle either. Growing marijuana sounds like a daunting task and an intimidating process, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t really much. There’s just some basic things you need to take care of and that’s that! Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a closer look at some of the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights, inside which you can easily grow your weed!

Greenhouse kits is basically an umbrella term which covers different kinds of setups where you can grow your weed. There are largely two ways in which indoor marijuana growers prefer to grow their weed – hydroponic setup and traditional grow tent setup. Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a closer look at both these methods as well as the different kinds of greenhouse kits with lights that can be used to grow marijuana in these setups.

We first start by understanding what these two methods of growing weed indoors are – what their benefits are and why a grower should go for them. We then take a closer look at the best indoor greenhouse kits followed by a look at some factors that you need to consider before you buy a grow tent. We shall then proceed to some frequently asked questions that many growers have about buying indoor greenhouse kits before we conclude! Here we go:

What are Hydroponic Kits?

A hydroponic grow kit is one where plants can grow without essentially using soil as a medium. The idea behind using the hydroponic method of growth is to directly provide the roots with the water and the nutrients needed for the plant’s growth while eliminating soil, which is replaced by another medium such as coco coir or rockwool cubes among others. A hydroponic kit varies from extremely large-sized devices where hundreds of plants can be kept to a small-sized kit where a few small plants can be grown. For the purpose of this article, we are considering the latter. 

Hydroponics as a technique of growing plants has been around for a really long time and essentially the legendary hanging gardens of Babylon were an example of hydroponic growth. This is good for the growth of the plants as well as for their yields because the water directly reaches the roots and the risk of soil-borne infections also reduces greatly. Furthermore, this is a good technique for those who are short on space and would like to grow more plants in a limited space. 

What are Grow Tents?

Grow tents can be used for hydroponic setups as well as for regular setups, but in the premise of this article, we shall only be talking about grow tents that are being used for a regular growing setup using potted plants with soil and grow lights. A grow tent allows the growers to create an environment for ‘ideal growth’ with the help of an enclosed environment and reflective layers on the inside where the efficiency of the grow light can be maximized to its fullest possible extent. The grow tent also has spaces for inline fans, carbon filters and other basic elements which a plant requires for its growth. 

Using a grow tent allows the growers to segregate plants of different strains in different tents while they can also sort their plants based on their stage of growth. When you use a good grow tent + grow light combination, you can ensure that your plants are growing really well in this controlled environment under perfect conditions. Grow tents also protect your plants against pests and insects, while also keeping them hidden from the public eye.

Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits in 2020: Best Hydroponic Kits

1. AeroGarden Harvest – White

AeroGarden White Harvest, 2019 Model
  • INCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (6 POD) - Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint & a 3oz bottle of our patented, all natural plant...
  • PLANT TO PLATE - Up to 6 plants grow at a time, up to 12 inches Tall with this indoor garden; Grows in water no soil, no mess, Made simple

A great choice for growers who are looking forward to growing their plants hydroponically, this indoor greenhouse kit allows the growers to plant as many as six plants at the same time, which can grow up to heights of 12” before they’ll need to be relocated. The AeroGarden Harvest is one of the best options for growers who are looking forward to growing marijuana indoors and especially for those who are just starting off on their hydroponic growing journey because the process here is so simple!

The device itself tells you when to add water and when to provide the plant with ‘plant food’. Moreover, it can also turn lights on and off automatically based on the requirement of the plants. This is a smart growing system for a smart grower and is quite a modern growing device. This is one of the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights as it comes with a full-spectrum LED grow light of 20W. Having a grow light in your hydroponic grow kit is always beneficial because it ensures you do not have to rely on sunlight for the natural growth of the plants.

While this is great for growing weed hydroponically, this is also a good option for those who want to grow a regular home-garden setup. This indoor greenhouse kit offers growers with Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint herb seeds for free, in case they want to start off right out of the packaging! AeroGarden is one of the most trusted names when it comes to buying the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights and while this is one example, there’s another product from the same company which has caught our attention of late, which we will discuss after the pros and cons of this one.


  • Very easy to operate, reminds you when to add water/nutrients
  • Lights can turn on and off automatically so you don’t need to worry about that
  • Lightweight and allows for 12 inches of growth
  • Supports six plants at a time
  • Comes with 6 seeds and plant nutrients for one growth season packed in


  • 12 inches might be a little small for some growers

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

2. AeroGarden WiFi Classic 9 Elite Wi-Fi-Stainless Steel Garden

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi-Stainless Steel Garden
  • A newer version of this garden has launched, please see AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Steel (Alexa Enabled)

Here’s the second AeroGarden product on our list. This hydroponic grow kit allows the growers to have a much greater control over their plants and is slightly more advanced compared to the previous one. However, this continues to be simple to use and can be programmed for easy setup. This too, is a smart device which will tell the grower when it is time to provide water and nutrients to the plants so that the plants get an ideal growth setup. 

While the previous AeroGarden hydroponic grow kit that we saw featured a space to grow six plants, this one offers a little more than that as it provides space for up to 9 plants, and allows them to grow up to heights of 24” following which they’d need to be moved out. The LED lights panel that it comes with is a movable panel which can be moved up and down based on how tall your plants are and how high you want the lights to be. Furthermore, the lights can turn on and off based on the needs of the plants so that’s one less thing that the growers have to worry about.

Moreover, this hydroponic kit is one of the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights in 2020 because it comes with WiFi support and an LED touch-screen panel as opposed to the buttons on the previous device that you need to push to operate it. The WiFi system can be used so that you can control the growth of your plants even when you are away as the status of growth will be shown to you on your phone. It can also send alerts on your smartphone. Multiple devices can be monitored using just one app. The app as well as the LCD panel on the device will also provide you with various gardening tips which are updated from time to time. 


  • Very easy to operate, tells you when to add water/nutrients
  • Provides useful tips to growers
  • Good for heights up to 24”
  • Can be controlled over WiFi


  • Some users have complained about poor customer support

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Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits in 2020: Best Grow Tents

Let us now take a closer look at the other types of indoor greenhouse kits: grow tents. 

1. VIVOSUN 48″ X48″ X 80″ Hydroponic Grow Tent + 600W LED Grow Light

VIVOSUN 48" X48" X 80" Hydroponic Grow Tent + 600W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
  • KEEPS ALL LIGHT IN: The VIVOSUN grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective mylar to boost the output efficiency of any grow tent...
  • EXTRA-THICK CANVAS, STANDS STURDY: The top-quality 600D canvas is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking; the canvas is supported by strong...

VIVOSUN is as trusted a name in the markets as they come! Perhaps the biggest and the most popular name for growers, this is a product which most growers can buy without really having to worry even a bit about the brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. This is a decent sized offering from the company – measuring 4ft x 4ft x 6.6ft. This is a size good enough for most growers who want to grow their weed on a small to medium scale operation. When you buy this grow tent from VIVOSUN, you also get a 600W LED Grow Light bundled along with it, which is another major plus.

This grow tent makes use of a 98% reflective mylar lining on the inside to ensure maximum possible output from the grow light. The canvas out of which this grow tent is made of is the 600D oxford cloth which is considered to be one of the best and the most durable for making a grow tent. It is tear-proof as well as double-stitched which makes sure that no light leaks out of it. The zipper is also made of a high-quality material and you do not risk breaking it or it getting tangled up. This grow tent also features an observation window so that you can take a quick peek without having to open up the whole grow tent. 

The grow light that this indoor greenhouse kit comes out with is also pretty good and offers the growers with a full-spectrum light. The light is fairly bright and offers a high PAR/Lumen output. What truly makes this one of the best indoor greenhouse kits is the fact that it is a grow tent which is quite easy to set up, which has been one of the core offerings from VIVOSUN over a long time now, as all their grow tents can be set up even by beginners without much of a problem. 

The coverage that you get here is a decent 3’ x 3’ when hung from 32” and 2.5’ x 2.5’ when hung from 24”. However, the reflective mylar lining ensures that all the focus is on the plant and it gets the maximum possible benefit from the grow light. The grow light also features 2 fans on the back which ensure that the heat does not accumulate and the light and/or the plants do not get damaged. There are multiple heat vents on it as well. The tent also comes with a pouch to store any tools you might be needing to maintain the plants or the tent. 


  • VIVOSUN is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to growing plants indoors
  • Comes with a removable floor tray making it easy to clean the tent in case of any spillage of water/soil or leaves falling down.
  • The grow light is 600W and full-spectrum, making it ideal for a good growth of your marijuana plants
  • The grow lights have a good heat dissipation system so that’s one less thing the growers have to worry about.
  • The grow tent is made up of good quality fabric and allows no light leaks


  • Some users need an even brighter light as 600W might be a little less for their needs

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

2. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit (60x60x80 ) + 600W LED Grow Light

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit LED 600W LED Grow Light Kit +60"X60"X80" Indoor Grow Tent + 6" Fan&Filter&Ducting Combo Hydroponics Tent System (LED 600W, 60"X60"X80"+6")
  • LED600W Grow Light Kit: Actual power is 220W, High PPFD,the PPFD is 1316 μmol/m2/sec at the height of 18 inch, AC85~265V, it could be connected with HPS (not...
  • Grow tent: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar, heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth, diameter16MM white paint coated metal rods and 16MM plastic...

TopoGrow might not be a name as popular as VIVOSUN in the growers markets, but it has been around for quite some time and there are many users around the world who use grow tents manufactured by the company. The TopoGrow grow tent is not just a grow tent but one of the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights as it comes along with a 600W LED Grow Light which is great for growers who are looking forward to growing weed in medium-scale production. The grow tent measures 5ft x 5ft x 6.6ft and is a pretty good option for anyone looking forward to growing weed for the first time as it is pretty easy to set up and use.

This offers you not only with a grow light, but a complete indoor greenhouse kit, making it one of the best in the business. The grow light comes with a wattage of 600W, but consumes only about 220W (+/- 10%) from the power socket. In addition to the grow light, you get a six-inch inline duct fan as well, which offers an air flow of upto 460 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). In addition to the fan and the light, a six-inch carbon filter is also packed in which ensures that all the smell of the weed plant is contained and trapped in the carbon and doesn’t leak out into the room. 

Coming to the grow tent itself, it is made up of a 600D oxford cloth (same as the VIVOSUN grow tent above) and comes with a 96% reflective mylar layer on the inside. Another big benefit of using this grow tent is that it offers the growers with metal rods which are painted white which further ensure that all the light is bounced back (darker colours tend to absorb light) on to the plants. 

One of the best parts of getting this is that it is among the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights that you can get. It also has other important elements like a fan and a carbon filter, meaning you don’t have to buy things separately and just set this up to get things started off! The lights are full-spectrum, which means they are pretty similar to the natural light of the sun, ensuring your plants will get a good growth and higher yields. The packaging is quite discreet and the product comes in three separate boxes. 


  • This grow tent comes with the complete indoor greenhouse kit: including light, fan and carbon filter
  • The grow lights are full-spectrum, which is ideal for the growth of the plants
  • Power consumption is perfect – offers high wattage at low consumption
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Comes in a discreet packaging


  • Despite using the 600D Oxford Cloth, the exterior of the grow tent looks a little flimsy

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Greenhouse Kit 

Now that you’ve understood which are some of the best products when it comes to getting an indoor greenhouse kit for growing your plants indoors, let us now take a closer look at what are some factors you need to consider before you get this kit for yourself:

  • Number of plants supported:  This is quite important because growers need to know exactly how many plants can be grown inside the greenhouse kit that they are planning on buying. If they have a larger setup, they will need to buy multiple such kits or look for a bigger one. Similarly, it makes no sense to buy a big kit for a small scale setup. Always see the size of the grow tent or the plant pod before you purchase your greenhouse kit.
  • How tall can the plants grow: This is something you need to be careful about especially when buying the hydroponic greenhouse kits with lights because the arm on these kits can move by about 1 to 2 ft, but your plants (especially marijuana) will grow even beyond that. Similarly when choosing a grow tent always make sure it is at least over 6ft in height (80”). The length and width can be different based on your individual needs but the height needs to be good enough so that the grow light can be hung and the plants can also grow well.
  • Ease of Use: If it is a hydroponic indoor greenhouse kit, check if it is easy to operate and comes with smart reminders. If you are getting a traditional grow tent, make sure that it is easy to set up and assembles in a tool-free way, which seems to have become the trend now. WiFi based hydroponic greenhouse kits are even better as you can monitor and manage them even when you’re away.
  • Quality of Light: Always check the quality of light that your grow light is offering you. Since these are bundled grow lights, some people tend to worry about the quality of the light that you will be getting. While using trusted brands like VIVOSUN you don’t really have to worry much, but especially if you are going for a new brand, you might want to look at the specifications of the light to see if it is something that suits the needs of your plants well.
  • Brand: The brand matters. At least in terms of the resale value and the mental peace it gives you. Going for a good brand, such as VIVOSUN, you know that you will be getting a quality after-sales service and that the brand will not cut any corners in providing you a good product. A brand’s credibility gives you the satisfaction that you are using a good quality product.
  • Warranty: Lastly, always check the warranty period of the products. Not just the primary product which is the greenhouse (grow tent or the hydroponic grow kit), but also the accessories such as the fans, carbon filters and the grow lights that you will be getting along with the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Greenhouse Kits

Here are some FAQs that we have tried to answer so that you know even more details about the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights that you need to buy to grow marijuana indoors.

1. Which is better? A Hydroponic Setup or a Grow Tent?

Under usual circumstances, we leave it up to the grower. However, what our two cents worth of advice here would be is – if you are a beginner, we strongly suggest that you go with a regular grow tent based growing setup. For those who have already grown weed for a couple of seasons in a grow tent or on a potted plant setup, we can then say that you might want to try hydroponics for experimental basis. Hydroponics does offer faster growth and higher returns, but chances of things going wrong, too, are more here. Hence it completely depends upon you as to which method of growth should you be choosing. 

2. Why should I use LED Grow Lights over traditional types of Grow Lights?

LED grow lights are the most energy efficient option available to growers today. While grow lights in the past have consumed high amounts of electricity, LED grow lights tend to offer an equivalent wattage but at a much lesser power consumption. It brings down the cost of the entire growing operation, especially when compared to high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps or metal halide (MH) lamps. Furthermore, unlike the HPS/MH lamps, you don’t need to change the entire setup as LED panels can feature VEG and BLOOM lights both packed in one panel which you can adjust using switches and dimmers. They don’t generate as much heat as well. 


To conclude, we hope that this article helped you gain an insight on everything that you need to consider when you are looking forward to buying the best indoor greenhouse kits with lights for growing marijuana indoors. Be it a hydroponic growth kit or be it a traditional grow tent setup, we have provided you with options for both these types of products and we hope you can now make a more well-informed choice when buying them! Do let us know if there is something that we have missed out on, or if there’s something specific that you would like us to cover.

Happy Growing! 🙂


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