How Many Grams Are In A Pound Of Weed?


Stoners certainly love their weed – but do they always know exactly how much weed they’re smoking? What does it mean when you tell your friend the next morning that you smoked “a lot of” weed? Quantities matter and it is best for you to quantify it perfectly! Depending on which part of the world you stay at, you are likely to quantify your weed differently because of how the metric system works. In addition to describing how much weed you’re smoking, you also need to know the quantities so that you get your price right and are not being ripped off when you go to buy weed.

We strongly recommend that you buy weed only from licensed stores who have the appropriate government-approved legal power to sell marijuana. However, for those who do not prefer buying it from shops, it is very important for you to know exactly how much weed you need! The simplest of these questions is – how much is a pound of weed? Do you know what it means in grams? In ounces? You need to know the exact mathematical conversions so that you can get acquire the correct amount of weed for your need without ending up looking stupid in front of the seller.

The Mathematics behind Smoking Weed

Stoners love marijuana but not all stoners love mathematics! If anything, stoners are known to be more creative than analytical and hence the mathematical side of things doesn’t really work out anyway. However, while not all of us are great at math, we do need to know the numbers behind the weed that we smoke because it is essential to know the exact quantity every time before you buy it. 

Especially in America, things are really confusing as most weed is sold in a mix of imperial and metric systems of measurement – some sellers prefer weighing their weed in pounds, while others like doing it in ounces, and then there are those who prefer the good-old gram. Sometimes you might even hear terms such as “sixth” or “eighth” – what in the world do these terms even mean? Don’t sweat over it too much. We’re here to help! Given how confusing this is – some people even tend to make jokes such as ‘they should teach this in textbooks’.

The fact is, that weed is sold in the mass markets in quantities such as a half, quarters, sixths and eighths, etc. This isn’t the traditional way in which we measure stuff because you won’t really go out there and buy a sixth of an orange, would you? Hence, given these unconventional units of measurement, there needs to be a detailed explanation as to what these units and standards mean. Here we go:

Basic Measurements: How Many Grams is a Pound of Weed?

First off, before we head into crazy town and begin measuring all the strange units like sixths and eighths, let us first understand the basics of conversion.

1 Kilogram of weed = 1000.000 grams

1 Pound of weed = 453.592 grams.

1 Ounce of weed = 28.34 grams

1 Gram of weed = 0.0022 pounds = 0.035 ounce

These are some basic measurements that you need to know before we venture into the weed territory. When it comes to measuring weed – the units change. Here’s a closer look.

How is Weed Measured – All the Basic Conversions!

It doesn’t matter what unit your seller uses to measure weed, here are some things that you should keep in mind to get a proper measurement:

An Ounce of weed (when rounded off) basically means 28 grams of weed

An Eighth of weed basically means approximately 3.5 grams of weed

A Sixth of weed basically means approximately 4.7 grams of weed

A Quarter of weed basically means approximately 7 grams of weed

A Third of weed basically means approximately 9.3 grams of weed

A Half of weed basically means approximately 14 grams of weed

A Pound of weed basically means approximately 453 grams of weed

Why Is Weed Measured Differently in Different Parts of the World?

The most basic answer to this is that there are multiple systems of measurements. The US usually prefers using the US Customary Units instead of the globally used metric system. There are only three countries in the world which do not follow the regular metric system: Libya, Myanmar and the US. The US in particular is very confusing because it uses an entirely different system which has figures like ounces and miles which most of the world doesn’t use in day to day life. 

The answer to why America doesn’t use the metric system is because it was created by the British and since the US and UK had a major disagreement and eventually a struggle for the American independence in the 18th century, the US decided to use a system of their own rather than relying on the British system of measurement, which they believe to be less accurate. 

How Many Joints Can You Make Out of A Pound of Weed?

Honestly, there’s no single answer to this question. Depending on how fat your joint is, how creative you are with your joint, and how much weed you like to smoke – the answer can vary from person to person as this is a matter of personal taste and preference. However, when you look at the global average of how many joints can you make out of a pound of weed, the average answer comes down to about 0.32 grams of weed per joint – which means you can potentially make 1400 average-sized joints out of one pound of marijuana. 

How Much Does a Pound of Weed Cost?

Depending on where you live, a pound of weed is bound to cost different amounts. The price varies from country to country. However, buying a pound of weed is a big investment and you should be very careful while buying it. This isn’t something for amateurs as it requires a lot of bargaining as well as the knowledge of what good weed looks like and feels like! Imagine ending up with a pound of bad weed and how bad you’d feel after that! Furthermore, you need to be very careful when you are buying such large quantity of marijuana because even in places where it is legal to consume weed – medically or recreationally, sometimes the law enforcement might have a problem with you if you are found possessing such large quantity of the herb!

Now coming down to the price, in most places in the US, you can get one pound of weed for about $2000 to $3000, depending on the quality of the weed and the strain, etc. This, for most people, is a better financial investment than buying weed in smaller quantities because almost everywhere across the country, the minimum price for a gram of weed is $10. Rounding off one pound of weed to 450 grams, that would mean you end up paying a minimum of $4500 for it if you buy it in smaller quantities but when you buy it in bulk – you save quite a lot of money too! Nevertheless, not something that you’d like to do as a beginner.

Happy Smoking!


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