Horror Seed Bank Reviewed (2020)

Horror Seed Bank Reviewed

A seed may look rather tiny and innocuous but remember, every great tree was once a humble seed. The process of growing your plants begins at starting with a seed – and when it comes to the marijuana plant, the seed selection process is quite a task. Growers need to be very careful and get just the right kind of seeds so that their plant gets a good and healthy growth in the weeks to follow. The process of growing a great plant starts at choosing the right kind of seed. Seed Banks come to your aid when it comes to choosing the correct seeds and Horror Seed Bank is one such leading name.

Over the course of this article we shall be taking a detailed look at the Horror Seed Bank and check out everything that it has to offer to the buyers. We shall be providing you with a complete review of this platform which will help you make a better and well informed decision as to whether you should be buying your seeds from here. We will be looking at all the aspects of this seed bank in detail including their payment methods, credibility, some of their best strains of weed, and much more. 

What are Seed Banks? 

When you want to buy a seed, you look for a seed expert – and these seed banks are just the best place to go to. Like how blood banks have blood from different blood groups stored with them, seed banks have seeds from different strains of marijuana stored with them which you can buy online and they deliver it to you. Buying marijuana seeds needs a lot of expert guidance because growers need to know exactly what kind of seeds they are buying – you must know about the genetics and the gender of your seed which is very important for the process of growing weed. 

Seed Banks help you sort out all of those problems and are a one-stop solution to ensure that you get the best of the best. Normally when you grow weed you’re not sure if your seed is a feminized seed and if it has a good success rate of growing into a plant. However, buying from seed banks reduces both these risks quite significantly as almost 80-90% of the seeds germinate and almost all of them are feminized as well. Seedbanks also help provide you with different and new strains of weed with the help of breeders who breed different kinds of marijuana plants and make sure that the offspring plant carries the unique genetic properties of its parent plants and gives you a unique experience. 

Horror Seed Bank Review: Everything That You Need to Know

Now that you know what a seed bank is, let us get straight to the topic at hand. Here, we shall be discussing in detail the Horror Seed Bank where you can easily log in and buy marijuana seeds and have them shipped to you without much of a hassle. We have divided our review into different aspects which will help you understand this seed bank in a better manner:

1. Price and Quality

Compared to many other seed banks, we found the seeds being sold at Horror Seed Bank to be a little more costly in comparison. There are many products priced north of $250, going all the way to $500 and even higher for certain items. However, the good thing about these seeds is that the bank has a large variety of seeds – one of the largest we’ve seen anywhere. They have tied up with a diverse range of marijuana breeders from all over the world and have access to some really rare and premium varieties of marijuana seeds which is hard to find almost anywhere except some obscure portals. This is a mainstream bank selling you that! However, talking of their seed collection – this seed bank provides the least bit of information about the seeds that you are going to buy. We would genuinely appreciate if they could add at least the basic info such as THC/CBD concentration in the seeds, etc. 

2. Payment Options and Promotions

While the payment options are rather restricted, thanks to the horror seed bank not accepting two of the most popular forms of payments: PayPal and Credit Cards, what really bugs us is that they have provided no explanation as to which payment methods they accept, etc. and want you to provide your email address upon ordering seeds – where they will mail you the payment details based on which your transaction would take place. They even have a policy of blacklisting people who order but don’t pay up. In terms of promotions, however, we found out in our Horror Seed Bank review that the platform does perform quite well. There are a number of promotions that run on their website from time to time – even during these pandemic times you would find them offering discounts on certain breeders. There are also some featured breeders promoted on their front page via which you would know which are some of the must-try varieties of cannabis seeds that you could buy from their website.

3. Goodwill and Credibility

This is something where Horror Seed Bank really takes a hit at. There’s practically nothing that you know about the company. Unlike many other seed banks which are rather open and public about their whereabouts and are much more accessible and approachable, the only thing that we know about Horror Seed Bank is that they are based out of Orange County in California. This, too, is a piece of information that you get from their instagram account and not their main website. A quick google search tells you that there have been instances of data breach and privacy issues for people who have ordered these seeds – which is quite a ‘horror’ story from the company. We believe that the seed bank needs to be more transparent and open towards the community.

4. Shipping and Return Policies

In terms of shipping and return policies this seed bank is pretty much like any other seed bank and gets a good review. Their seeds ship worldwide and reach you discreetly hidden inside another product if you live abroad. In the US, you get your product delivered in 5-7 days. There are two shipping options – guaranteed shipping and priority shipping. In the latter, your product reaches you in 2-3 days and it costs you $13. The former, however, is a guaranteed shipping service which ensures your product reaches you in 2-3 days and in case it doesn’t, the company will replace the order and ship it to you again! Seeds are shipped about 7 days after the payment is received which brings the total delivery time in the US to between 13 to 15 days, it can take a little longer for international orders. 

5. Contact and Customer Care Support

The company’s email address is prominently displayed. It’s a protonmail address and buyers have claimed that the email response is pretty good although a little slow. The after-sales service is not great but it’s there for namesake and helps you with the most basic of things. Other than that communicating with the company is pretty hard and complex.

Pros and Cons of Ordering from Horror Seed Bank

Here’s a look at the pros and cons about this seed bank which every grower must know before they place an order from here:


  • Large variety of seeds
  • Decent UI
  • A number of promotions
  • Some of the best breeders 
  • Ships worldwide
  • Decent turn around time in response to emails


  • Low credibility due to limited information about the company
  • Limited means of payment – they don’t accept credit cards or paypal
  • They don’t provide adequate information about the seeds you’re buying

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Final Review: Is Horror Seed Bank Trustworthy?

There are a lot of negative reviews that float around the internet about the Horror Seed Bank. However, when it comes down to our review we didn’t find it as bad as many people have claimed it to be – but the bank is average at best and doesn’t deserve an overall rating of more than 3.25 out of 5 stars. This is because there’s a lot that we don’t know about them and the brand hasn’t really opened up much to the people. There have been reports of delayed seeds and wrong deliveries – worse still, there have been reports of data leaks as well which is very scary considering marijuana might not be legal everywhere and you don’t want the cops to track you. 

We also find their lack of support for Credit Card payments and Paypal strange because that would be an easy way to make payments. There are very limited options to contact the seed bank as well – all you have with you is a contact us form and a protonmail email address. However, their variety of seeds is immense and the breeders that they have chosen to supply seeds to the people are also quite credible. From the looks of it, they are just a platform which links breeders to buyers and act as the middlemen who sell the seeds. Interestingly, they have quite a strong presence on Instagram – there’s an active account with over 500 posts and over 30,000 followers which is quite an active community of stoners who are a loyal fanbase. 

Final word – do try out Horror Seed Bank if you’re out of other options, or if you want to get your hands on some new and unique variety of marijuana seeds which you might not find anywhere else.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Marijuana Seeds

When you are looking for marijuana seeds, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you must make sure that the seeds you are buying are feminized. It is only feminized seeds which will give birth to female plants which ensure buds to bloom. Moreover, you need to check for the genetics of the parent plants from which the seed was produced – you must know if two indica plants, two sativa plants or one indica and one sativa was used to produce this seed. This knowledge helps you with a lot of things, and tells you in advance what the characteristic features of the buds produced from these plants are going to be like. 

Most seed banks also provide you an estimate on the THC/CBD content of the buds that are going to come from the plants that grow from the seeds that you’re buying. This is important as the higher the THC content the stronger the ‘hit’ that you get from the plant is going to be. Lastly, you must also, if possible check for the seed physically – a dark, hard seed is always considered better than a seed which is soft, pulpy and green/yellow in color. These are some things that you must keep in mind while buying a seed for growing your own marijuana plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Horror Seed Banks

These are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about marijuana seeds and the Horror Seed Bank –

1. Is the shipping going to be discreet?

Yes, shipping marijuana seeds from online seed banks is almost always discreet and safe. They will be packed in a plain brown box with no markings on it that indicate what’s inside. In areas where weed isn’t legal, the company ships them along with other products like a pen or a t-shirt where these seeds would be discreetly hidden.

2. Where is this seed bank based out of?

The seed bank is based out of Orange County, California – this information is not present on their website but their Instagram Bio specifies where they are based out of.

3. Which is the most popular strain of weed available here?

There are a number of different strains of marijuana that you can order from Horror Seed Bank but Air Force One is considered to be one of their best offerings. 

4. Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

This lies in a legal grey zone but it depends on where you are living. In many states there are laws which forbid possession of marijuana or related products where you can’t possess them. Best to always check with your local law enforcement agencies first before you order these seeds to grow your own marijuana plants.


All said and done, we hope that our review of horror seed bank has helped you understand this seed bank in a much better manner and that it helps you know all the aspects of the platform. We have also tried to provide some insight on what some of their best strains of weed are, as well as given you a beginner’s guide on choosing marijuana seeds which will help you make the right choice while buying seeds for your plant. If there’s anything else that you would like to know about this seed bank or about marijuana seeds in general, do let us know in the comments section below or drop us an email and we shall get back to you shortly. Till then…

…Happy Growing! 🙂


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