The 9 Best Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Lights 2020


Climatic changes are pushing people to be more innovative than ever, especially in the cannabis industry. However, choosing sophisticated, growing equipment for growers has always been an arduous task. Partly, this is due to the limited knowledge on the existence of ceramic metallic halide (CMH) grow lights, or poor choice of the same. This article reviews the best CMH grow lights for 2020, and the advantages of CMH grow lights over other artificial lighting systems.

Top 9 CMH grow lights in 2020

  1. Philips Master 3100K GreenPower CMH Light Bulb
  2. Grow Co.630w CMH
  3. Grower’s Choice 630NS Lighting Fixture
  4. VIVOSUN 98% Ultrahigh Reflectivity 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light
  5. Grow Co. 315W Ceramic Metal Halide System Grow Light
  6. Hydroplanet CMH 315W System Fixture
  7. Grower’s Choice 315W Lighting Fixture
  8. Prism Lighting Science CMH
  9. Sun System LEC 315 light Emitting CMH

1. Philips Master 3100K GreenPower CMH Light Bulbs

Philips Master boasts of a durable light time with optimal UV light and CRI. The grow light van last up to 20,000 hours, after observing the right precautionary measures. The duration is enough for the growth and maturity of the plants. The Philips grow light comes with an output of 33,000 lumens, which remain intact for the first 8,000 hours. This is enough time for plants to grow and flower. 

The Philips Master uses a low-frequency ballast, which minimizes wastage of energy. Besides, the design takes the shape of an open-rated lamp, which makes it resistant to extremely high temperatures. Resistance to extreme temperatures is vital for the survival of any CMH grow light, and therefore Philips Master fits in perfectly. 

  • Key features
    It can last up to 20,00 hours, making it durable
  • It uses low-frequency ballast, which makes it energy-saving.

2. Grow Co.630W CMH

If you require a grow light which provides better features than the sun, Grow Co. 630w CMH is the solution. First, the halide produces a wide and fine spectrum, which ensures that all the plants receive the same amount of light and heat. Similarly, the CRI ranges between 85-97 with similar properties to that of sunlight. 

The manufacturers of this grow light also invested heavily in the light system to ensure that it produces optimal UV lights. Grow Co. 630W has a 240V power cord measuring fifteen feet, which is ideal for small-scale growers. The system uses a sealed full-ballast housing to minimize wastage.

Key features

  • It is fitted with equipment to reflect heat and light for optimal benefits to the plants.
  • 2-year warranty meaning the quality is top-notch.
  • It can produce UV light like the sun, making it a perfect substitute in areas with low temperatures.

3. Grower’s Choice 630NS Lighting Fixture 

Grower’s choice is the ideal fixture for all your horticultural activities designed to replicate and make use of the mighty penetrating power of the sun. The GW-630NS is one of the dominant lighting fixtures in the industry when it comes to efficiency – with an open-air reflector and a dimmable ballast that make use of exceptional cool design.

The newly redesigned fixture provides excellent control of spectral output with two lamps placed horizontally that can mix spectrums into an optimum full phase spectrum that will allow all your flowering plants to attain their maximum potential.

The GC series of digital ballast is highly energy efficient. With up to 30% more efficient than conventional magnetic ballast generating extra lumens of light per watt of power consumed. If you’re looking for a grow light that will maximize the yields of your plants, then, GW-630NS is the perfect ceramic metal halide grow light for you.

 Key features

  • It is highly energy efficient
  • It has a full circuit protection
  • GC-630NS automatically adjusts frequency output to keep a stable output
  • It has no noisy internal fans and operates silently 

4. VIVOSUN 98% Ultrahigh Reflectivity 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light  

VIVOSUN Ultrahigh Reflectivity was among the first ceramic metal halide lamps from the VIVOSUN Company to get into the market. This grow light system uses a low-frequency square wave technology, which means it saves as much energy as possible. The lighting system is sophisticated to mitigate the risks of short-circuiting, ignition failure, and overheating. 

The lamp also uses a Vega aluminum hood, which is highly reflective. This increases reflective ability, meaning that all the plants can receive optimal light. The ballast features used in the lamp are also adjustable, and you can adjust them to meet your needs.

Key features

  • It has a 3-year warranty, which is an indication of high quality.
  • The ballast properties are adjustable, and therefore you can choose the right one for you without any hassles.
  • The best choice for plants during the different stages of development of the plant.

5. Grow Co. 315W Ceramic Metal Halide System Grow Light

Grow Co. 315W grow light is the perfect choice for growers operating on a shoestring budget. Despite the low cost, the grow light performs optimally. First, it uses a CMH Philips bulb, which is full-spectrum. The bulb is a 3100K and can operate between 120V to 240V of a power cord. The lamp also produces low heat, which means your plants are secure.

Key features

  • It has a 2-year warranty, which means its quality is not questionable.
  • It uses a low-frequency ballast and therefore is right in saving power. 
  • It has a full spectrum lighting system, which ensures that most of the plants receive light and heat.

6. Hydroplanet CMH 315W System Fixture 

The Hydroplanet 315W is highly recommended due to its flexibility and durability. The lamp allows both 3100k and 4200k bulbs. Regardless of the bulb being used, the lamp system still performs optimally. This is because you can even use 120V or 240V power sources.

The Hydroplanet CMH grow light is made using sturdy European-style highly-reflective aluminum. These features make the lamp durable and effective in supplying light and heat to plants, respectively. The lamp also uses a low-frequency technology to ensure the leaves do not get scorched from the extreme sunlight. 

Key features

  • Made using 97% of premium aluminum, which makes it durable.
  • It has a 2-year warranty, which means its quality is top-notch.
  • It has low power consumption. 

7. Grower’s Choice 315W Lighting Fixture

Grower’s Choice 315W Lighting Fixture is perfect for growers looking for a grow light for nearly all horticultural plants. The GC-315W CMH lighting fixture makes use of low-frequency square-wave technology and is highly efficient. It also gives a spectrum almost that of the real sunlight in the horticultural line of business.

Key features

  • It has a super lumen feature than increases the output of the ballasts high wattage to achieve maximum lamp performance.
  • High energy efficiency
  • Automatic frequency adjustment

8. Prism Lighting Science CMH

Prism lighting CMH boasts of top-notch features that are required to make it meet the minimum threshold for growing plants. First, the lighting system offers several reflector tastes to meet individual requirements and also for the smooth growth of your plants. You can get a Sun System LEC 315 RA Reflector, Prism Wing Reflector, and Sun System Neutron Reflector Hood.

The lamp can support both 3100k and 4200k bulbs. It also uses 120 and 240V stabilizers to achieve the best results. The low-frequency technology also ensures that the metal halide cannot burn your plants.

Key features

  • 3100k and 4200k bulbs make it highly flexible.
  • It comes with different reflectors, which makes it effective during the development of the plant.
  • It has a 3-year warranty, which means the manufacturer tests before rolling it out to the market.

9. Sun System LEC 315 Light Emitting CMH

The Sun System is a crucial grow light lamp to the development of plants. The lamp is made using German aluminum. The material used to make the metal halide reflects 98% of the light illuminated by the bulb. Additionally, the lamp corners reflect 95%, which means most of the light produced by the bulb goes into use.

The lamp uses a bulb with the ability to store 33,000 lumens. The bulb can also last up to 20,000 hours. The bulb regulates the heat and light production through the low wave technology. The plants are therefore protected from extreme heat and light, which would otherwise hinder their growth.

Key features

  • With bulbs hanging vertically, more light reaches almost all the plants.
  • The bulb can last up to 20,000 hours while maintaining the quality of heat and light.
  • Low heat production to protect cannabis plants from scorching. 

Advantages of CMH grow lights over other lighting systems

Growers often struggle to differentiate between CMH grow lights from other grow lights. Probably, this happens due to the hype surrounding other grow lights. Nevertheless, choosing CMH to grow lights ensures that you get:

Better CRI

CRI (Color Rendering Index) refers to the ease in which the human eye sees an object. It also includes how easy it is to identify different shades of color. CMH grow lights give optimal CRI, compared to other grow lights. On a scale of 100, CMH gives between 80-96 of CRI, while the other grow lights give between 50-79 CRI.

UV light

Plants use UV light to produce better chlorophyll and grow quickly. Research shows that CMH grow lights that provide high-quality UV light, which is vital for the growth of cannabis plants. Besides, the grow lights also produce full-spectrum light better than their competitors in the market. 

Long-lasting service

Resistance to extreme heat and other natural causes make CMH grow light bulbs. A single CMH light can last up to 3 years (24,000 hours) with optimal light and heat capacities (about 80%). It is rare to find other grow lights with these properties.

Wide and fine spectrum

Another outstanding feature with CMH grow lights is their plectrum, which distributes light evenly across the plants. The CMH grow lights are arc-shaped, which makes them resistant to extremely high temperatures, and instead deflects the same to the plants. 

Effective heat consumption

The ability to run on high temperatures and still produce less heat than other grow lights make CMH grow lights extraordinary. The low heat protects the leaves from burning, making them the perfect solution for growing cannabis plants indoors. 

Better PAR efficiency

Getting an energy-saving, high-performance grow lights can be a big challenge. However, CMH grow lights boast of this combo, which makes them the best choice in the market

Wrap Up On The Best CMH Grow Lights

CMH grow lights are revered over other grow lights in the market due to their efficiency. The ability to regulate light, offer high-quality CRI and PAR, makes ceramic metal halides the best choice in the market. However, there are different CMH grow lights in the market, each offering unique qualities. Depending on your budget and the results you need when it comes to harvesting your yield, you should choose the one with optimal benefits. 


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