Best Replacement Grow Tent Poles Reviewed: How to Get Replacement Poles, Connectors, Hooks – Everything You Need!

Best Replacement Grow Tent Poles Reviewed

When you are growing marijuana on your own, there are a number of things that you need to take care of. First off, you need to get hold of the best of seeds and soil and pots – some basic things that you need to grow your weed in. Followed by that, you need to get some good quality equipment as well, such as grow lights, grow tents, etc. However, after a while of using these equipment, some parts might need replacement. This happens a lot in case of grow tent poles, connectors, and hooks! Many growers are confused as to where they can buy these items from (and who some trusted sellers are). 

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a closer look at the best replacement grow tent poles, connectors, and hooks, where you can find them and how would you know if they are what you need. We shall also be taking a look at why grow tents are important and attempt towards answering some questions related to grow tents as well as replacement grow tent poles and other similar equipment. 

Importance of Grow Tents in Growing Marijuana

Grow tents are important because they give your plants a space where they can grow in. These are spaces where your plants can not only grow, but grow in an ideal and optimum condition. Grow tents have a number of other benefits, as they can hide your plants from the public eye. Given how much marijuana has become a taboo of late, a number of people would prefer using enclosed spaces to grow weed. Furthermore, grow tents also help in protecting your plants against insects and pests which are one big problem for growers who tend to grow their weed out in the open.

In addition to all this, the biggest benefit that grow tents offer the growers is perhaps that of enhancing the efficiency of grow lights. Given that grow tents are lined with reflective layers on the inside, the grow light that hangs from the grow tent poles can be used to their maximum possible efficiency. This is because the light bounces off the reflective layers and is not absorbed by the wall of tents and all the light goes to the plants! This way you are getting the most value out of your grow light as well as making sure your plant grows faster and bigger and gives you better yields. 

Importance of Replacing Grow Tent Poles, Connectors and Hooks

Wear and tear have an effect on everything – over time, things that once were working smoothly might start underperforming. Grow tent poles, connectors and hooks are three things that need replacement every few grow cycles. Ideally, they should last you well for a year or a little more than that, but then you’ll notice that your grow tent poles are beginning to slouch, and cracks begin appearing on the connectors. Sometimes, the hooks can also fall off because of prolonged use.

Grow tent poles are very important because they hold the structure together and if you are someone who moves the tent around a little too much, you might be adding undue stress to the poles. Similarly, if you are hanging too many things from the poles and the bars of the grow tent, you’re putting stress on it – and while it can last you for quite some time without any signs of damage, you know it is time to replace it when it either collapses or begins to slouch. Connectors are also very important and you need to keep a close eye on them for cracks. If cracks begin to appear on connectors, look for replacement grow tent connectors immediately and have them changed asap because this may lead to the entire tent falling down on the plants!

Best Replacement Grow Tent Poles (2020): Review

Now that you know everything that you need to know about grow tents and replacement grow tent poles, connectors and hooks, here’s a look at some of the best replacement options that you have in the markets:

1. VIVOSUN Grow Tent Support Pole, Hanging Bar

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Support Pole, Hanging Bar for 4 by 2 Tent
  • WE CARE ABOUT EVERY DETAIL: This tent support pole is designed to replenish or replace a few damaged support pole sections
  • RUST-PROOF: Zinc plating has the added benefit of having good corrosion resistance, and gives the highest strength; Zinc is used because it produces a less...

Vivosun is undoubtedly one of the biggest and the best names in the world of growing plants indoors. The company makes a number of equipment and they are also the manufacturers of some of the best replacement grow tent poles that you can find. These are grow tent support poles and hanging bars from Vivosun and they come in two variants – 4×4 and 4×2. Depending on the size of your grow tent, you can buy them based on your needs. 

The thickness of these poles is 0.8mm. They are rustless and come with a zinc coating. The bar can hold up to 88lbs of weight and are strong enough for allowing the growers to hang their grow lights along with the fixtures, as well as fans and filters with ease. 

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2. GROWNEER 3 Packs 48 Inches Grow Tent Support Poles Hanging Bar, Net and Hooks

GROWNEER 3 Packs 48 Inches Grow Tent Support Poles Hanging Bar and Flexible Net Trellis Including 4 Steel Hooks, 36 Growing Spaces for Grow Tents, Fits 4 x 4 Feet and More Size
  • STEEL POLE & PLASTIC COATING -- These poles are designed to replace or replenish some damaged support pole sections of grow tent. Made of steel with plastic...
  • ELASTIC TRELLIS & STEEL HOOKS -- The trellis net is made of an elastic material. The durable net provides adjustable elastic support. Modular design is ideal...

Growneer is another big brand when it comes to the world of grow tents (and other equipment that people who like growing marijuana indoors need). This is a set of three poles and a net trellis which are great for growers who are looking forward to buying the best replacement grow tent poles. These are 48” poles, good for a 4×4 grow tent or a 4×2 grow tent. The diameter is 16mm while the thickness is 0.8mm – perfect for growers who are looking forward to buying strong and durable grow tent poles. 

The net trellis that comes with the package is 31.5” in length and width, and the mesh size is 5.2”x5.2”. There are a total of 36 mesh pockets in the net (6×6). The net fits 4×4 grow tents well but can be stretched to fit 5×5 tents as well. All in all, this is a great buy for growers who are looking for replacement parts!

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3. iPower 36W 4 Feet LED Grow Light Stand Rack

iPower 36W 4 Feet LED Grow Light Stand Rack for Seed Starting Plant Growing, the Only Isolated Driver Design for Safety Assurance
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR PLANT: Light system for starting seeds, propagating cuttings and growing indoor flowers and houseplants
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE AND STURDY: Feather-Touch height-adjustment mechanism raises or lowers fixture easily, whole frame is made with metal and very sturdy

Now, this is slightly different. While we have clubbed it with the best replacement grow tent poles, this is actually an accessory that you can buy to remove some stress off your grow tent poles! This is a grow light stand rack from iPower, which is another major name when it comes to the world of growing marijuana indoors. This rack allows you to hang lights on it rather than to directly hang it on the grow tent – thereby ensuring the tent and the tent’s poles last longer. This measures 50” x 18.5” x 46” and also includes an LED light bar which offers red, blue and white lights. You can also use it to hang LED lights on it if you don’t wish to use its default lighting setup.

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Best Replacement Grow Tent Connectors and Hooks Review

Now that you’ve seen the best replacement grow tent poles, you must also take a look at the best replacement connectors and hooks for your grow tents:

1. Gardeningwill 10Pcs 3 Way 16mm PVC Fitting

Gardeningwill 10Pcs 3 Way 16mm PVC Fitting Build Heavy Duty Greenhouse Frame Furniture Connectors
  • Perfect to provide a brace on any structure, and to create a frame.
  • Ideal for display items such as greenhouse, frame, furniture, shelves, pool products, and so much more.

The most commonly used grow tent poles are of 16mm in diameter. They might be made of PVC or metal, but their diameter remains the same. It is keeping that in mind that these grow tent connectors have been made, and growers who are looking forward to buy a replacement unit might want to consider them. These connecters are of high quality and quite durable. There are 10 pieces in the package and they can withstand a strong impact without really breaking out or forming cracks on the body! All in all, this is a good buy for growers who are looking forward to buying replacements for their broken or cracked grow tent connectors.

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2. Ledwholesalers Replacement Short Hook for Hanging Bars of Grow Tents

Lastly, we look at hooks for hanging bars of grow tents. These are also some things that growers are often looking for replacements for. These hooks from Ledwholesalers aren’t really something exceptional but are a small tool that you need inside your grow tent for your plants to grow smoothly. These snap on to the bars pretty well and growers who have used it have said that this feels almost like the original product that comes with their tent. This is a pack of four and a good buy should you be looking forward to buying one of these hooks.

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What to Look for Before You Buy a Grow Tent?

Now that you know which are some of the best options for growers looking forward to buying the best replacement grow tent poles, let us now keep that in mind and look at some factors that you need to consider before you buy a grow tent:

  • Durability – Is the grow tent you are going to buy made of strong metal? Do you think it will withstand all the weight you put on it or is it something that might collapse under that weight? You need to make sure that your plants are safe while you grow them inside the grow tent of your choice. In addition to that, you also need to see if the connectors are strong enough and will hold the poles together well.
  • Are Replacement Items Available Easily? – This is the second question that you need to ask yourself. Are replacement grow tent poles, connectors and hooks available easily or is the setup too rare to be replaced? Most grow tents have body parts which can be replaced with ease, especially if you look around a bit in the local markets. However, the best grow tents are the ones which have replacement parts available online with the same ease! A look at our article above will help you find some of these replacement items which you can order right off the web.
  • Reflectiveness: How reflective the inner surface of the grow tent is quite important. Growers need to make sure that the grow tent they are getting has a layer which is quite reflective. Usually, a 95-100% reflective mylar layer is used in most grow tents. However, there are some other brands which tend to use different types of reflective materials too. The more reflective the inner layer is, the more light your plants will get and the lesser light will be absorbed by the walls of the tent!
  • Canvas Material: When you look a the durability of a grow tent, there’s another thing that you need to consider: the thickness of the canvas. The thicker the canvas is, chances are that the longer it will last! Canvas thickness not only ensures it lasting you for a long time, but also makes sure that light does not leak out. Light leaking out of a grow tent is one big worry for growers and using a canvas such as the Oxford 600D cloth would make sure that all the light stays inside.
  • Size: The size of your grow tent also matters a lot! Make sure you are getting a grow tent which is just the right size for fitting the number of plants you have. You need to know exactly how much space your plants are going to take up and you need to decide the size of your grow tent accordingly. Using a too small or too big grow tent might not give good results. Growers need to take care that they can use different techniques to grow weed where they each plant can take between 1 to 4 square meters to grow.
  • Zipper Strength: One last aspect of grow tent durability is the zipper strength. While we focus on replacement grow tent poles, connectors and hooks here, zippers are another important thing that needs to be taken care of. This looks rather trivial right now, but grow tent zippers tend to break very easily and cause great trouble to growers if they are not of good quality. Always make sure that your grow tent uses high-quality zippers.

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We hope that this article on the best replacement grow tent poles has given you a fair idea about why getting your grow tent poles replaced from time to time is important and where can you find the best replacement grow tent poles, as well as connectors and hooks that will fit your grow tent really well. If there are any poles, connectors or hooks that we might have missed or you might have tried, do let us know in the comments or drop us a mail and we will try and include that in our list.

Happy Growing! 🙂


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