Best Grow Tent Accessories in 2020 to Boost Your Yield

Best Grow Tent Accessories to Boost Your Yield

When it comes to growing marijuana, while there are two options available to the growers: growing their weed indoors or growing their weed outdoors, most growers prefer to grow marijuana indoors because it gives them a much greater control over the plants that they are growing, allowing them to grow the crop in an optimal way. When growing indoors, too, there are multiple options with the growers. However, most growers prefer to grow marijuana in grow tents. However, providing just light, heat, air and water is simply not enough as plants need a little more than that for conditions of optimal growth. This is where grow tent accessories come into the picture.

Grow tent accessories are basically non-essential additions to a grow tent, yet their presence gives the growth of your plants a major boost. While not using these grow tent accessories won’t really affect the growth, however, if you do use them – the plants will grow in a much better manner. Over the course of this article, we take a closer look at multiple such accessories and discuss in detail the importance of each of them.

However, before we delve deeper into the discussions of what these accessories are and how they enhance and impact the growth of your plants, let us first take a closer look at understanding what a grow tent is and what are the essentials that you need while you grow your weed in a grow tent:

What is a Grow Tent?

So when you grow your marijuana plants indoors, there are multiple options – you can choose to grow them next to a window where they get light, heat and air naturally. You can also choose to grow your plants in a room that is dedicated to growing, i.e. a grow room. A grow room provides the growers with a large-scale setup where they can grow their plants all at once. It is a rather tedious setup as well as it requires the growers to invest in large amounts. However, grow tents are simply the perfect solution for most growers’ needs. 

A grow tent is basically an enclosed setup inside which marijuana plants can grow. A grow tent will have the equipment that provides light, heat, and air to the plant and the growers provide water to them manually. Furthermore, growing in a grow tent has a big benefit that it gives the growers some privacy. Unlike growing in a grow room or next to a window, these grow tents can actually conceal the weed that you are planning on growing. Furthermore, it is a great option for small-scale growers who do not want to invest a large sum of money on growing marijuana plants.

While there are some things that are essential to growing marijuana in a grow tent, there are also some grow tent accessories, which are the non-essentials but still add a lot of value to grow tents. Let us first take a look at the best grow tent accessories in 2020 that you can use to get even better yields. 

The Best Grow Tent Accessories in 2020: Boost Your Marijuana Yields

Here are some of the best grow tent accessories in 2020 that you can buy off the web or off any store that provides gardening products or plant-related products. You must keep only one thing in mind – while using these products is going to ensure that your plants go the extra mile and produce yields that are out of the ordinary, there is no need to worry if you do not use these grow tent accessories because your normal plant will still grow well. These additions can be seen as ‘finer tastes’ and not every grower needs to use them, but will indeed be good for the plants if they do. Here are some of the best grow tent accessories:

#1. Carbon Dioxide Sources

All plants need Carbon Dioxide for better growth. While it is naturally present in the air, boosting the levels to a certain extent can provide the plants a much needed boost which can help push forward their yields as well. This is because Carbon Dioxide is needed by the plants during photosynthesis where CO2, during the ‘Calvin Cycle’, helps the plants produce the sugars that they need for their growth. Growers can make use of Carbon dioxide burners, tanks and regulator kits to ensure a better flow of CO2 in the grow tents. The tank is usually housed outside the tent but tubes run inside them which provide the appropriate levels of CO2. 

When you grow your plants outdoors, the naturally present CO2 levels in the air vary from around 400PPM to 500PPM under normal circumstances. However, using these artificial sources of Carbon dioxide, you can raise this to 1200-2000PPM which can give a major boost to your plants. These plants can develop faster as well as have a higher yield during the flowering stage.These are among one of the best grow tent accessories that you can provide your plants with. 

#2. Circulation Fans

While almost every grow room has an exhaust fan and every grow tent has fan inlets which allow for air to move in and out, circulation fans can make quite a difference for the growers. While the primary purpose of an exhaust fan is to move the stale air out, a circulation fan actually creates a breeze around the plants that are growing in your grow room or your grow tent. Basically, when you grow marijuana outdoors under the open skies, there’s a lot of breeze that exists in nature. However, when you grow it in a closed-door environment, you no longer have access to that free flowing natural breeze and it becomes something you need to artificially introduce via circulation fans.

Breeze is important for your plants because it helps strengthen the stem as well as the branches of the plant. Moreover, it also allows the growers to ensure that the temperatures are under control as a breeze is one of the best solutions to dissipate any accumulated heat. It can also help in reducing pests. If you are planning to put one in your grow tent, there are a number of small-sized options available which are basically clip-on circulation fans. These fans are among some of the best grow tent accessories in 2020 for those who want to grow marijuana indoors.

#3. Side Lighting System

While every grower is familiar with what a grow light is and how it functions, growers also need to know about something called a ‘side lighting system’ which allows them to provide additional lights for their plants which go above and beyond your regular grow lights. However, do take a note that these are a supplemental form of lighting and not a replacement for a grow light. One problem with grow light is that they provide light at a certain angle and while it can be reflected on to the plants at all angles the intensity just isn’t the same when the light is not direct.

These supplemental lights tackle this problem. These are much cheaper than a grow light and are shaped like a bar. These lights are not as efficient as a full fledged grow light, but are still very useful and come in various shapes and sizes going from 1.5’ to 8’ in size. These lights are particularly great in the later stages of growth when the vegetation is dense and when regular grow lights cannot penetrate some lower areas which get obstructed and dark due to an increase in the size of the leaves on top. 

#4. Portable Air Conditioners and Humidifiers

Now this is quite a luxury! One of the best grow tent accessories for those who grow large-scale and are willing to shell out quite a few bucks. These mini air conditioners will ensure that your plants always have the best temperature to grow in and can also ensure that good quality air reaches your plants. You can also add in a portable humidifier with the air conditioner and you get an even better combination as this will ensure not only is the temperature right but the water levels in the air are also perfect. 

Plants need a temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. However, humidity levels need to be high during the stages of early growth (vegetative stage) and lower levels are needed during the flowering stages because that ensures that the roots suck in more water thereby sucking in more nutrients along with the water. Hence humidity has a major role to play in boosting the yield of the marijuana plant when you grow it indoors.

#5. Drying Racks

This comes in at the end of the plant’s growth cycle. In fact, this comes in handy after the growth and the flowering stages are both over. After you are done with everything and have reached the harvesting stage, the buds that you are harvesting need to be dried! These drying racks allow the growers to dry the bud while ensuring that each of them get a proper space to dry and they are not kept in a compact manner. 

Furthermore, drying racks are inexpensive and come in various sizes. These racks can be hung to the top of the tent or you can also keep them on the ground. The racks also make sure that the buds are well spaced out and that no moulds or mildew occur. Those who want to keep their racks in their tents can get the 2ft or 3ft racks which are great for growing. 

#6. Sticky Traps

This is something which is important for growers who are growing their marijuana indoors but in a place which is prone to insects/pests. Insects flying around can often land on the marijuana plants and damage them and they need to be controlled. Sticky traps are basically sheets upon which insects are lured based on scents/etc. but once they land on it they are not able to escape it and get stuck on them. These sticky insect traps are inexpensive and can be of great use to ensure that your plants are not affected by insects roaming around. 

#7. Carbon Filter

This is another of the best grow tent accessories in 2020 that your grow tents need to have. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions – this is the most 2020 thing that you’d need because it helps you mask one important thing: the smell of weed. Marijuana has a very strong and very distinct smell and masking it can often be hard. However, a carbon filter ensures that it sucks in all the smell, ensuring that this ‘tell’ of growing weed will be gone! 

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs About Grow Tent Accessories

  • What are the essential elements?

The essential elements of growth are the basics that you provide in a grow tent without which you can’t grow a plant. You need light, water and some amount of heat and some degree of air circulation. Light and heat are generated by the grow lights, water is provided by the growers manually while inline fans provide air circulation. These are the bare minimum requirements that a marijuana plant needs to grow. In fact, not just marijuana, these are the bare minimums that any plants need to grow. While you can remove the grow tent accessories and it won’t hamper the normal growth of the plant, removing these essentials will cause a stunted growth for most plants.

  • What do you mean by ‘non-essentials’?

Non essentials are our grow tent accessories such as air conditioners, humidifiers, side lights, carbon filters, etc. which are not a necessity when it comes to growing the marijuana plant, but if they are present around the plant they only add to the growth process. These non-essential grow tent accessories help your plants get the optimum growing conditions by ensuring everything around them is just perfect. They help increase the yield as well as provide a boost to the growth rates of the plants. While the essentials focus on the fact that the plant grows, the grow tent accessories help improve the quantity and the quality of the buds and flowers of the marijuana plant.

  • Is it OK if I don’t use all the grow tent accessories? Will it affect my plant?

Yes, it is OK if you do not use all the grow tent accessories. It is also OK if you don’t use any of them because it will have absolutely no impact on the regular growth of your plant. As stated numerous times above, the focus here is not on just growing the plant, it is just to provide a boost to the flowers and buds that come out and it is an additional support system for the plants rather than being a critical need.

  • Can I grow a marijuana plant without a grow tent?

Yes, you can. Many growers grow outdoors and they do it under the open skies. Some growers prefer to grow their weed hydroponically and use hydroponic grow kits for growing marijuana. Hydroponics is a process where the growers do not depend on soil for providing water to the roots and tend to spray it directly or via other mediums such as coco coir. Marijuana doesn’t necessarily need to be grown in a grow tent – as large scale growers can also grow it inside grow rooms, which is basically an entire room dedicated to growing marijuana. For those who grow in extremely large quantities (for commercial purposes), a greenhouse is an ideal option as it will allow them to get a mix of indoors as well as outdoors growth. A grow tent is a great option for small to medium scale growers, and particularly for those who don’t want to keep their weed out in the open.

  • Can I grow a marijuana plant without a grow light?

Yes and no. You can grow your marijuana plant without a grow light if you are growing it in an area where natural sunlight is abundant and present for a long duration. However, if you want to grow your weed indoors, then you have no other option than to use a grow light. There are a number of different types of grow lights available for growers and LED grow lights are among the most popular options these days. Grow light is a very critical part of a grow tent and a plant’s growth will be stunted if proper light is not provided to it. This is because plants, under normal circumstances, use the sun’s light to gain energy. The shoot also grows towards the direction of the sun. In the absence of the sun, the grow light simulates the sun’s light and hence these lights are absolutely essential.


We hope that this article on the best grow tent accessories in 2020 helped you gain a better understanding about the accessories that you can make use of to get a better yield. The aim of this article was to familiarize the growers with what the best non-essentials are and how they impact the growth of the marijuana plants. While using these grow tent accessories is not a compulsion, but those who make use of them is indeed going to get a major benefit in form of higher yields. While some of them are for large-scale and professional growers, there are some which are inexpensive and every grower can benefit from them! Do check out the best grow tent accessories in 2020 and make an informed buying decision!

Happy Growing 🙂 



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