10 Best Rolling Papers for Joint & Weed – Reviews 2019

Best Rolling Papers for Joint & Weed

In 2019, there are many, many ways in which you can smoke your weed. However, the most popular method still remains rolling a good old fashioned joint made using a rolling paper, twisting it at the tip, lighting it up and going all puff-puff-pass on it! While there are many people who have taken to the vapes, bongs and pipes – a majority of the weed smokers around the world continue to smoke it the good old fashioned, traditional way – rolling a joint!

Rolling a joint has become a ritual for weed smokers. It has become an art form – one which takes years to practice, but when you perfect it, there is no joy greater than that of a perfectly rolled joint! While it is a simple process and practically anyone with basic skills can roll a joint, some people like to take it to the next level and have multiple joints stuck together to form a complex smoking setup.

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind while rolling a joint for weed. Does it have enough space for airflow, does it stick well, does the joint burn smoothly, etc. However, there’s no joy equal to that of smoking a well-rolled joint and I’m sure all stoners would agree here. Joints, too, have evolved over the years. From plain old-fashioned paper joints to rolling papers which come with flavours and gold plates and whatnots!

Here, we take a closer look at everything that you need to know about rolling papers in 2019. The various types of papers available, the best rolling papers that you can buy, how to choose the best rolling paper for joints, as well as the answers to some FAQs and alternatives to rolling papers!

Types of Rolling Papers

Before we get into the details of which are the best rolling papers for joints and weed in 2019, let us first understand the various types of papers that we have!

Regular (Traditional) Rolling Papers

These are the simplest and the most basic types of rolling papers available. They are the cheapest and most commonly available. For most people, when you say the word ‘joint’ this is the kind of paper that they think of. These rolling papers carry a cigarette-like appearance and are typically made out of rice paper. However, of late there has been a trend of making traditional rolling papers out of hemp papers as well. These are the most commonly used and basic papers for smoking weed.

Flavored Rolling Papers

After the regular or traditional papers, the other kind of rolling papers which are pretty popular are the flavored ones. This is also a very popular trend as it allows the stoners to experience the taste of another flavor while they get the high out of the bud that they are smoking! These are especially great for those who like the high of the weed but not the taste that it leaves in the mouth. They come in a number of options such as pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, green apple, coconut, mango, grapes, orange, etc.Most people prefer to smoke using the regular or traditional papers but tend to use these from time to time to enjoy a little change of taste!

Clear Rolling Papers

Another great option that many people prefer is that of clear rolling papers. While the objective in flavored papers is to experience the flavor, the objective of using a clear rolling paper is to show off your weed. These are transparent rolling papers which do not really carry a flavor of their own but allow people standing around you to check out what’s inside your joint! These are very commonly used as well. Furthermore, most clear rolling papers are made out of biodegradable cellulose, making it a safer option for smoking your weed.

Gold Rolling Papers

While regular or flavored rolling papers are for those who like to smoke their joint for their pleasure, there is also another elite category of rolling papers, which are made of gold! This is for those who want a luxurious experience while smoking their weed and want to show off to the world that they literally have money to burn! These are the fanciest rolling papers of the lot and are made of 24k gold (usually along with a hemp blend). These are getting really popular at parties and luxury events these days.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the best options that we have when it comes to buying rolling papers for smoking weed:

Best Rolling Papers for Joints and Weed

1. RAW Unrefined Classic 1 ¼ Rolling Paper

RAW Organic Connoisseur 1.25 1 1/4 Rolling Paper with Tips (5 Packs)
  • Pure Hemp Paper and Hemp Natural Gum
  • All Natural, Additive-Free, 100% Vegan

RAW is one of the most iconic brands of rolling papers in the markets. It is one of the most popular and highest selling brands of rolling papers and has a lot of credibility among stoners. These are just the perfect papers for those people who want a chemical-free experience while smoking their weed! They are chlorine-free and contain organic hemp.

In addition to that, the RAW papers come out with a ‘criss-cross’ watermark which ensures that the paper burns evenly and hence the stoners get a smooth experience while smoking their bud. The paper has a natural feel to it and has a light brown tint because of its chemical-free production. Moreover, these are slow-burners, which ensure you can smoke your weed for a longer time. These RAW unrefined classic papers are 1 ¼ in size, which allow you to fill just the right amount of weed into them! In this package, you get 768 leaves + tips.


  • Chemical-Free
  • Even-Burning
  • Slow-Burning


  • Some people (beginners) have found them a little hard to roll

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2. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

When it comes to flavored rolling papers, there’s perhaps no brand even close to Juicy Jay’s. Hailed as the undisputed leader in terms of flavored papers, Juicy Jay’s has a wide variety of products to offer! Flavored rolling papers are great for those who want to get the high of their weed but don’t want the taste of the bud to linger around. It is also great for those who love smoking flavored bud. Mixing the taste of your weed with watermelon flavor is simply an amazing experience!

Juicy Jay’s has mastered the art of flavored papers. Their papers don’t leave behind a chemical-taste in your mouth and provide a smooth smoking experience. They are also well decorated and the paper comes with small fruits drawn on them which indicate the flavor that you are smoking! These are 1 ¼ sized standard rolling papers which would allow you to smoke just the right amount of bud!

If you buy this package of Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers, you get 10 types of flavors: Menthol, Green Apple, Absinth, Kiwi/Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry, Cherry, Banana, Raspberry and Grape. There are a total of 10 booklets in the package, each carrying one flavor and 32 papers of that flavor. You get a total of 320 flavored rolling papers if you purchase this!


  • Great flavors
  • Easy to roll
  • Really good looking papers


  • Some users have had a problem with the adhesive nature, complaining they don’t stick well

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3. RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones (Pack of 100)

RAW Cones Classic Lean Size | 100 Pack | Natural Pre Rolled Rolling Paper with Tips & Packing Sticks Included
  • Convenient | Tired of rolling? Cant hand roll? No Problem. These are pre rolled cones with tips included! Seriously, just fill, pack & enjoy!
  • RAWthentic | 100% Authentic Cones From RAW and Repackaged by ESD for an Enhanced Experience

These are a great option for anyone who doesn’t like rolling their own joints or has a hard time doing so. The package here offers you with a pack of 100 pre-rolled RAW classic joints so all you have to do is to stuff your weed in them, twist the tip, light it up and smoke it up! This makes your job a lot easier too. Furthermore, this is a pack of 100, which means that you do not have to worry about anything for at least a couple of months.

RAW, as we have established above, is a leading name when it comes to the world of rolling papers. The company has been popularly known for their chemical-free and organic papers and is perhaps the most popular brand in the markets. All these pre-rolled cones come with RAW’s criss-cross imprints, which ensure that they burn evenly as well as slowly. This ensures that the weed inside the cone lasts longer and doesn’t remain unburnt or overburnt.

These cones come in two packs of fifty cones along with a packing stick which allows you to stuff your weed in the cone properly. This is a great option especially if you’re either too lazy to roll one or just have a hard time rolling one yourself. These are the best rolling papers in 2019 if you want something that is pre-rolled!


  • Pre-Rolled, so great for those who can’t roll perfect joints
  • Organic and Chemical-Free
  • Even and Smooth Burning


  • Some users have complained of packaging issues, claiming some cones were broken or crumpled

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4. OCB Premium King Size Slim Papers

Ocb Premium King Size Slim Rolling Paper With Filter Tips 5 Packs
  • Ocb Premium King Size Slim With Filter Tips
  • 32 Leaves + 32 tips Per Pack - 5 Packs = 160 Leaves + Tips

OCB, which stands for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré, is a French company which has been around for over a 100 years. It is another major producer of rolling papers and is very, very popular all around the world. This package contains OCB’s premium King-Size Slim papers, which give you a great smoking experience, especially if you want to make a thicker and bigger joint than a usual one.

This package consists of 5 packs, each carrying 32 leaves and 32 tips – basically giving you 160 leaves and 160 tips. What makes OCB papers great is the fact that they are slightly thicker, which means they’re great for those who are starting off on their rolling journey. Moreover, these papers burn evenly and don’t create a lot of ash behind them – making them an ideal choice for stoners! These papers are made of flax and hence have their own distinct taste. However, this isn’t so overpowering that you can’t feel the taste of your bud.

What most users have appreciated about these OCB rolling papers is the fact that they are slow burning and allow you to smoke for longer and give you a smooth rolling experience. These are indeed among the best rolling papers in 2019.


  • Slow-burning
  • Easy to roll for first-timers
  • Organic and chemical-free


  • Some users have complained that if extra saliva is applied the paper tears off

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5. Bob Marley Organic Hemp 1 ¼ Size Rolling Paper

25 Pack Display Bob Marley Organic Hemp 1 ¼ Size Rolling Paper + Beamer Doob Tube
  • 100% Organic Hemp rolling paper
  • Inspired by Bob Marley himself

When it comes to stoners and marijuana enthusiasts, the name of Bob Marley is always taken with respect. One of the biggest pro-weed icons across the world, these are organic hemp rolling papers created after being inspired from the legend. Those looking forward to buy this package get 25 booklets, each carrying 50 rolling papers, providing a total of 1250 rolling papers.

These papers, which come with the image of Bob Marley on the cover, are slightly thicker than usual rolling papers. However, they are among the best rolling papers, especially if you are looking for a cost effective solution to smoking up. This package offers you 1250 rolling papers for just $20 which is as cheap as it gets! This is a great option for those looking for inexpensive and cheap rolling papers which offer a smooth smoking experience and burn evenly. Furthermore, another added benefit here is that these papers are made of organic hemp and hence are chemical-free!


  • Inexpensive
  • Organic and Chemical Free
  • Smooth and even-burning


  • A little too thick for some stoners’ preferences

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6. Trip Clear Rolling Papers 1 ¼ Size

Trip Clear 1.25 Cigarette Rolling Papers, 4 Packs
  • Clear Cellulose Papers
  • 100% Biodegradable

Trip is a popular brand for those stoners who are looking forward to buy clear rolling papers. Clear rolling papers are basically transparent rolling papers which allow you to focus all the attention on your weed! This is for those stoners who love to show off the weed that they are smoking. These kind of papers are getting increasingly popular of late.

These rolling papers are completely organic in nature and offer a chemical-free smoking experience. These are 100% biodegradable and are made of clear cellulose. They are also very thin, just the way a number of stoners prefer it to be. Those who buy this package get four packs of these rolling papers, each pack containing 50 papers. Basically providing a total of 200 rolling papers.

They burn slow and burn evenly, allowing the stoners to get just the perfect weed smoking experience that they are looking for. These clear rolling papers are also great for those stoners who want a perfect ‘weed smoking’ experience without any extra taste or scent so that they can enjoy the pure goodness of their bud. These are indeed some of the best rolling papers you can find!


  • Allow you to truly enjoy the flavor and the smell of your weed
  • Slow burning and even burning
  • Chemical-Free


  • Some users have complained that they are slightly thicker compared to other cellulose papers

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7. Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack of Gold Rolling Paper

Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack
  • MaxHealther
  • Health and Beauty

Gold Rolling Papers! A luxury indeed. Something that would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago, these are papers which are meant for special occasions. These rolling papers are for those who want a premium, luxury smoking experience for special occasions or parties. Shine is the leading name when it comes to gold rolling papers. While these can be a little expensive compared to other papers, there is this sheer joy of smoking away 24k gold!

Those looking forward to buy this package would get a six-sheet pack of the best gold rolling papers! These are king-size papers which allow you to stuff a lot of weed inside them and create a thick as well as a long joint. The best part about these gold papers is the fact that they burn smooth and evenly and do not leave any bad aftertaste in your mouth! These are safe to smoke and give you a sense of luxury like no other!


  • No bad aftertaste
  • Smooth and even burning
  • Luxurious and Premium


  • Expensive

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8. Zig Zag Orange and 78mm Roller

Zig Zags and 78mm Roller
  • 78mm Zig Zag Roller
  • 3 Pack of Zig Zag Orange Rolling Papers 1 1/4

Zig Zag Orange is a vintage brand of rolling paper which all the old-timers would be familiar with. Something that was very popular in the 1970s to 1990s, these papers are still around and are making a comeback in the markets. These are considered to be vintage and classic and you’d look like you really know your history if you smoke these papers! This package comes with three packs, each of them carrying 32 papers, so a total of 96 rolling papers. Moreover, this also comes with a basic rolling machine which makes it easy for you to pack your stuff! All in all, this is a great deal.
Even if you don’t use the rolling machine, these are easy to roll! Moreover, the Zig Zag Orange papers are slow-burning and 1 ¼ in size allowing you to stuff just the right amount of weed which doesn’t feel too less! Smokers of Zig Zag Orange have truly appreciated how smooth and slow-burning the experience is. The roller is a real plus.


  • Smooth and Slow burning
  • Value for money, especially considering the roller
  • Gives you a vintage air!


  • Some people have found that the papers tear easily
  • Some users have complained of the box being damaged on delivery

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9. Elements 1 ¼ Size Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers

Elements 1.25 1 1/4 Size Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper With Magnetic Closure Full Box Of 25
  • Full Box Of 25 packs - 50 Leaves per pack = 1250 Leaves
  • Sugar Gum, Ultra Thin

These are much more than just good-old rolling papers. Considered to be a very innovative brand, these are among the best rolling papers available in the markets for those looking to smoke with swag! The Elements rolling papers are chemical-free and organic, as they are made of rice. They do not leave any taste or odor behind, which is another plus for those who like to enjoy their weed in an all-natural form.

Those looking forward to buy this must know that it comes with 25 packs, each containing 50 rolling papers, offering you a total of 1250 rolling papers. These are ultra-thin rolling papers and come with a magnetic box, which is really a highlight of the whole thing. The magnetic box ensures that you get a certain sense of swag while carrying them around. This is a cool little innovation from the brand.

These rolling papers come with criss-cross imprints which ensure that the paper burns evenly. Moreover, the paper offers a slow burning experience and even produces no ash, which is another plus point! Moreover, the paper contains natural sugar gum, which makes it easy to stick as well, giving you a great and easy to smoke smoking experience.


  • Organic and chemical free
  • Easy to roll
  • Cost effective
  • Slow and even burning


  • Some users have complained that the glue isn’t working as intended

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10. Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers

Those looking forward to buy the Zig Zag White Single Wide rolling papers must know that this package comes with a total of 768 rolling papers. This includes 24 booklets where each booklet carries 32 papers. Manufactured in France, this is one of the oldest and the most popular brands of rolling papers across the world.

What makes Zig Zag White really special is the fact that it does not have any smell or taste of its own and hence you get to enjoy your weed just the way it is supposed to be! These are all-organic and chemical free and provide a slow and consistent burn. These are Single Wide (1 ¼) rolling papers which let you stuff just the perfect quantity of weed.


  • Organic, Chemical-Free
  • Value for Money
  • Slow and Even Burn


  • Some users complain that they don’t stick properly

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How to Choose The Best Rolling Paper

Now that you know which the best rolling papers are, you also need to know some of the things that you need to consider before you buy a rolling paper.

  • Size: Size is one aspect that most people tend to consider before they make their purchase. Rolling papers come out in different shapes and sizes and depending on what kind of a stoner you are, you might either want a broader paper or a smaller one.
  • Shape: Rolling papers come out into the markets in various shapes as well! Apart from the size of the paper, the shape also matters. Do you want something which is more of a pre-rolled cone for your weed to be filled in? Or do you want a classic rolling paper? Then, there are also rolls of rolling paper available which you can simply stretch out and tear off. Finally, there are also rolling paper packs which come with tips.
  • Material: What is your rolling paper made out of? This is a question that you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase. There are rolling papers made out of rice paper, flax, hemp, regular paper – then there are also blunt wraps! There also exist papers made out of biodegradable cellulose.
  • Are you a Luxury Smoker? Another question that some people need to ask themselves is – are you purchasing the paper for satisfying your need to get high or are you making a luxurious purchase for special occasions or parties? Gold rolling papers are an ideal choice for those who want to buy papers for a special occasion!
  • Flavor Preference: A very important thing that one needs to keep in mind before they purchase the rolling papers that they want is the kind of flavour preference that they have. Are you a regular old-fashioned smoker or do you prefer the taste of oranges (or any other specific flavor). Depending on that you need to purchase the right kind of a rolling paper for smoking your weed.
  • How Good Are You At Rolling: You also need to consider if you are really good at rolling. You might want to opt for pre-rolled cones or to go for joints which come with pre-attached tips if you’re not so good with rolling a joint yourself.
  • Price: Last but never the least, the price is also a key factor that one needs to keep in mind before they make a purchase. Not everyone can afford to spend on gold rolling papers and those who have enough money to purchase gold papers would rather prefer to buy them over regular papers! Hence, the price is a critical factor here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sizes do Rolling Papers Come In?

While you make a choice for your preferred rolling paper, you not only need to consider the brand, the type, the material, etc. you also need to consider the size that the paper comes in.

  • Single Wide Rolling Papers: These are the standard sized rolling papers which measure 36mm x 69mm. They don’t really hold a lot of stuff but are easy to roll and hold just enough stuff to give you a quick little high.
  • 1 ¼ Rolling Papers: These papers measure 74mm x 44mm – while they’re taller than the single-wide, they’re just not wide enough. These are also pretty common and when you purchase a regular rolling paper, chances are that this is what you will be getting.
  • 1 ½ Rolling Papers: These are slightly larger than the 1 ¼ sized papers. They allow you to fill in more weed. However, unless you really want your joints to be filled with a lot of stuff, it is not recommended to use this kind of a paper because then you’d just be left with excess paper in the end.
    King Size Rolling Papers: These are the largest rolling papers available. They’re long as well as wide and measures 100mm x 53mm. What is special about them is that they’re not only long but they’re also thicker and hence these papers burn faster.
  • King Size SLIM Rolling Papers: Measuring in at 110mm x 44mm, they are a little longer but not as wide as the regular king size papers.

What Are Rolling Papers Made Out Of?

This is another common question about rolling papers that a lot of people tend to ask. People often wonder what their rolling paper is made out of. Here’s a closer look:

  • Paper: Many rolling papers are made out of simply paper. They are made out of wood pulp, or sometimes a mixture of wood pulp and hemp. Furthermore, some of these papers come with their skins bleached. However, if you are looking for a chemical-free all-organic rolling paper, look for unbleached paper. Some people don’t like the rolling papers made of regular wood-pulp because they tend to leave a harsh taste.
  • Rice: These are very common and easily available, here, the rolling paper is made out of compressed rice. Even in these kinds of papers you’d find two varieties – completely organic papers while there are some which use additives. One of the reasons why many people prefer rice papers is that they do not leave an aftertaste in your mouth. However, this paper burns very quickly!
  • Flax: You’ve all heard about how wonderful the flax seed is for your health, haven’t you? However, while no health benefit of the flax seed transmits into the flax rolling papers, these papers are great to touch and easy to roll. Moreover, they are completely organic and do not even come with their own flavor so you get the pure taste of weed!
  • Hemp: For weed smokers, hemp is just the perfect partner! These hemp-made rolling papers provide a great grip and are slow-burning papers, making them a perfect choice for stoners. Hemp made papers do impart some sort of their taste on to the bud that you are smoking but this is a taste that most stoners tend to enjoy.
  • Clear (Cellulose): These are the perfect rolling papers for those who do not prefer added chemicals to their rolling paper. These are made out of plant-based biodegradable cellulose which does not add any flavor of its own to the bud that you are smoking.

Alternatives to Rolling Papers

While rolling a joint remains the most popular means of smoking up your weed, of late there are a number of other ways in which you can smoke up your bud. Let us take a look at some of these methods and means:

  • Bongs: Bongs are a classic favourite! Pretty much everyone who has ever smoked weed in their life has tried out a bong at least once! Be it the days of college experimentation or be it the crazy parties that you attend. Bongs are not a new innovation and have been around for centuries and are considered a common way of smoking weed. However, joints still take the cake in terms of popularity and ease of use.
  • Pipes: An old-fashioned way of smoking your weed, pipes involve stuffing up the weed in the chamber of the pipe and just lighting it up and smoking it! This is a way which has also been around for centuries and is considered more ‘classy’ than using bongs. However, pipes require a lot of maintenance and cleaning after every smoking session.
  • Vapes: A rather new-age way of smoking up your bud, vapes are considered the ‘hip’ way to smoke your weed. They’re getting popular too, but only a very small section of stoners currently use vapes because there’s a lot of stigma attached to it! Nevertheless, vapes are here to stay but it is unlikely that they’ll ever topple the good old fashioned joints as the most popular means of smoking up weed.
  • Blunts/Cigarillos: A very popular option to joints, blunt wraps and cigarillos are basically cigar wraps or hemp wraps which stoners can make use of to roll their weed in and smoke it up. They also come in a number of flavors and allow the stoners to get their desired experience. Blunts also come in pre-rolled options.

Why Are Rolling Papers Popular?

Rolling papers are popular because they are a very simple way to smoke up your joint. They require no expertise, no technical knowledge, no maintenance as well as they are very cost-effective. Pretty much anyone who can roll up a piece of paper, stuff it up with weed, twist it at the end and attach a tip at the other end can smoke their weed. This is easy to do and requires very little know-how. All you need to smoke weed is a rolling paper, a filter and a lighter! It is cheap as well as effective!


Now that you know what rolling papers are, what types of rolling papers are available and which are some of the best rolling papers that you can buy, we hope this article has helped you in making just the right kind of purchase! We hope you have a great smoking experience, and don’t forget to puff, puff, and pass!


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