Seedsman Seed Bank (2020): Complete Review

Seedsman Seed Bank

Growing your marijuana plants is a process which starts at planting a seed. A seed is the most basic unit of any plant and this is where your journey as a grower begins at. There are a number of things that a grower needs to take care of when growing a plant, and getting a good seed is the first of them all. Seed Banks are among the best places to start your journey as a grower because they ensure you that you will be getting a good seed – which will lead to a healthy plant. We shall be taking a detailed look at one such seed bank in this article: the Seedsman Seed Bank.

In this Seedsman Seed Bank review, we shall be examining a number of different aspects of this seed bank and provide each one a rating, based on which we shall give a final rating to the bank. This is the most detailed seed bank review that you will find on the internet. However, let us first begin by addressing a very basic question:

What is a Seed Bank?

Imagine a seed bank like a supermarket for seeds. It can even be compared to something like a blood bank where you can find different types of blood groups at one place. Similarly at a seed bank you can find seeds of different genetic makeup at one place. You can find different types of seeds such as autoflowering, regular, feminized, etc. However, another major benefit is that you can also find seeds of different genetic makeup – there’s usually a dedicated team of ‘breeders’ working for seed banks who have create new varieties of marijuana plants by breeding two different plants together. 

Seed banks provide you a lot of information about the seeds that you might not have known otherwise. Most seed banks tell you the different strains involved in breeding the seed, the amount of THC and CBD content expected in the buds that will emerge from the plant of this seed, along with other relevant information which will help you make a more informed decision. You can also mix and match and buy different types of seeds from a seed bank. 

Seedsman Seed Bank Review 2020: What Makes it One of the Best Seed Banks?

We have broken down our review of this seed bank into various different segments which will help you understand this seedbank in a much better manner. This shall allow you to judge each aspect individually and get a better picture about what you can expect and what you must not expect from this seed bank. Each of these aspects has been assigned an individual rating and at the end we provide a final verdict with the combined rating. 

1. Price and Quality

When it comes to seed quality, we would like to rank seedsman pretty high, especially when it comes to European seed banks. They have a large variety of good quality seeds which have been known to germinate without any hiccups or problems. Growers tell us that their plants have fine genetics and really show the traits that are promised. Despite there being no guarantee for seed germination, about 90% of their seeds have been known to germinate really well – basically there’s a chance that one out of 10 seeds might go bad but that risk is significantly lower compared to growing random seeds where the chances of seeds not growing are even higher. Hence, buying your seeds from seedsman seed bank is a safer option. The pricing varies from seed to seed but when you look at the average price you might end up paying reasonable prices, especially if you order a larger number of seeds. 

Seedsman’s seed selection has also been pretty good over the years. There are almost 4400 different strains which are offered by the seedbank making it one of the largest collections of marijuana seeds all over the world. There’s also a dedicated section for medicinal growers and you can sort on the website by the medical diagnosis, which is an added benefit!

In terms of price and quality, we rate Seedsman Seed Bank 4.5/5

2. Payment Options and Promotions

According to the seed bank’s official website, there are a large number of payment options available to buyers. There’s the standard option of bank and wire transfers as well as checks and money orders. Beyond that, the Seedsman Seed Bank also supports credit card and debit card payments. There’s also an option of paying them in cash. What also stands out about this seed bank and makes them among the best seed banks for marijuana seeds is the fact that they also support cryptocurrency payments.

For most websites dealing in marijuana, it has now become important to support cryptocurrency payments because they allow the buyers to buy anonymously without putting their privacy at risk. While Bitcoin is the primary unit, this seed bank also supports every cryptocurrency accepted by Coingate cryptocurrency platform. Bitcoin payments are incentivized and people who order via cryptocurrencies get extra seeds as well as an additional discount between 15 to 25%. All in all they offer every form of payment available – making it a good platform to buy seeds from.

There are also a number of discounts, incentives and promotions that run on this website from time to time. There’s also a loyalty program ensuring that the more you purchase from them the more benefits will you be getting over a long term. The loyalty program also gives you some added bonus during your birthday. Lastly, another great thing is that they keep switching the strains which are on discount – which ensures you can buy a variety of different seeds from time to time at a cheaper price point.

In terms of payment options, we rate Seedsman Seed Bank 5/5

3. Goodwill and Credibility

Having been established in 2003, the Seedsman seed bank is one of the oldest and longest standing seed banks in Europe as well as in the world. The company is based out of Barcelona and has largely positive reviews. This seed bank not only sells seeds but they also support the legalization of cannabis around the world and have been an active voice in the weed legalization movement. A portion of their profits also goes towards these efforts. Hence, in terms of goodwill and credibility, this seed bank really stands apart. In addition these the customer reviews have also been very good and the seeds bought from seedsman have a very high rate of germination.

In terms of goodwill and credibility, we rate Seedsman Seed Bank 4/5

4. Shipping and Return Policy

When it comes to shipping, this seed bank delivers globally. However, as a general rule of thumb orders physically closer to the seed bank will get the shipment faster compared to places which are far away. For instance, US orders vary between 5 to 25 days and orders to other countries may vary based on the distance. The seed bank also warns the buyers that buying seeds might be illegal in their local area and they need to check that to be safe. All orders are sealed inside bubble-wraps with no identifiers on them about what’s inside. Similarly, the bank statements on credit card purchase will also not reflect that you are buying marijuana seeds – ensuring there’s sufficient privacy.

The seed bank also offers a 14-day return policy and they offer guaranteed refunds on items that buyers are not happy with. However, before you ship it back you need to confirm the return with the seed bank and once they approve you can then proceed to ship it back.

In terms of shipping and return policy, we rate Seedsman Seed Bank 4/5

5. Contact and Customer Support

The customer service that Seedsman offers is pretty good but rather than having a personal touch they have provided a very large and extensive database of questions and answers online. To their credit they solve most of the problems that buyers tend to have and there are also email addresses which reply within 24 hours, but reaching out to them is a little complex compared to other seed banks. However, their FAQs are immensely helpful and quite coherent.

In terms of contact and customer support, we rate Seedsman Seed Bank 3.75/5

Let us now look at some of the pros and cons of buying your marijuana seeds from this seed  bank:

Pros and Cons of Buying from Seedsman Seed Bank


  • Global shipping – including USA
  • Amazing offers, promos and discounts running round the year
  • Discreet packaging and privacy of delivery
  • Large number of payment options including cryptocurrencies
  • Seeds have been known to germinate really well


  • Customer service is largely limited to FAQs and phone calls are hard to make
  • Return policy a little complex

Best Seeds at Seedsman Seed Bank

Here’s a closer look at the three best seeds that you can buy from this seed bank along with a detailed description of what to expect from them:

1. Alaskan Purple 

Created after cross breeding strains from Purple Alaskan, Kush and a Brazilian sativa strain, these Alaskan Purple seeds are among some of the best offerings at the Seedsman Seed Bank store. These are fully feminized seeds which will guarantee a female plant when you grow them. What also surprises many growers is the adaptability of this strain of weed as it supports a number of different methods of growing and training ranging from SoG, SCRoG, LST, super-cropping, to even apical topping. This strain is also suitable for growing outdoors. It has a sweet smell and a sweet taste to it too. If you grow these indoors it’ll take about 9 weeks to attain the flowering stage under normal conditions. Indica is the dominant strain here and you’ll get about 15 to 20% THC content in this one. 

2. White Widow

The White Window strain of marijuana seeds are another interesting offering from the Seedsman Seed Bank. This strain of marijuana is developed after breeding White Widow (Indian x Brazilian) x Lowryder #2, giving it a largely indica-dominant trait. It has a very high THC content and the plant takes about 80 to 85 days to flower. Additionally, this is an autoflowering strain – which means that lighting hours do not have to be reduced to enter the flowering phase, making it ideal for an all-season cultivation for an outdoor growth as well as an indoor growth. 

3. Bruce Banger

The third set of seeds we have on our list are the Bruce Banger seeds from the Seedsman Seed Bank. Marvel fans will see the pun between Bruce Banner and Bruce Banger immediately. This is a feminized seed which carries the strains of Original OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel. There’s a 15-20% THC content in this seed, while the CBD content is pretty low at 0-1%, making it ideal for recreational uses but not so much for medicinal uses. This is a fast-flowering strain which flowers in about 9 weeks, and it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. 

Final Review and Rating for Seedsman Seed Bank: 

When you sum up all the ratings of the different aspects of this seed bank, the final rating that we get is that of 4.25/5 which is a really impressive score. This is just the perfect seed bank for growers who want to buy different varieties of seeds at an affordable price point. All in all, the Seedsman seed bank is indeed one of the best seed banks all over the globe for growers who are just beginning as well as for those growers who are professionals. 

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Seed?

Now that you know everything that you should know about seed banks in general and about hte Seedsman Seed Bank, here’s a quick look at some things that you need to know about the marijuana seed. There are some factors that you need to consider before you buy the seed and these must be kept in mind –

  • Hardness – The seed needs to be hard. This is hard to judge online but in case you go to a store to buy these seeds, you should make sure that the seeds which you are getting have a hard shell. A seed with a soft shell isn’t really useful. Basically, if you press the seed and you can feel it squeeze inwards and it is soft and pulpy, it is something you must avoid buying because that’s not a mature seed. A mature seed has a harder covering.
  • Color – The seed’s color is also quite a ‘tell’ for growers. Mature seeds are usually darker in color and are black/brown. In comparison, seeds that are still yet to fully develop are greenish/yellow in colour. These underdeveloped seeds are also the same ones which are usually soft and pulpy when pressed.
  • CBD/THC Content – When buying from a seed bank always check the CBD and THC percentage expected to be in the plant which develops from the seed. The THC percentage decides the amount of ‘high’ it gives you and the CBD determines the medicinal properties of the plant.
  • GeneticsLastly, genetics. You need to know this seed comes from which two types of parent plants. This will determine the taste, smell, flavor etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seedsman Seed Bank

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this seed bank. Do go through them carefully as you too might be having similar doubts and questions and this will help answer all of them:

1. Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

In some countries like Canada and in some regions of the US, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds online. However, in most other parts of the world it is not allowed. These seed banks make sure that the seeds are being shipped to you discreetly and hidden inside pens, watches, wallets, shirts and other similar products so that they do not raise any suspicion. 

2. Is it guaranteed that all these seeds will grow into plants?

No, there is no guarantee that all (or any) of the seeds from the seed bank will grow into plants. While there are some seed banks which guarantee that and have return policies, Seedsman Seed Bank does not offer that. Nonetheless, there’s a 90% success rate as reported by most growers, meaning at least 9 out of every 10 seeds tends to grow into a plant which is pretty good compared to the standard average. 

3. What are the payment options at seedsman seed bank?

Practically all the payment options are supported by the seedsman seed bank – these range from cash and check payments to bank transfers and credit cards. There’s also the support for cryptocurrencies which ensures that buyers can make private and discreet payments. Cryptocurrency payments get an additional discount as well.

4. Which is  the best type of marijuana seed?

Feminized marijuana seeds are the standard that growers should be buying. Other than that there’s the option of getting autoflowering feminized seeds which is good for growers who don’t really want to ensure that they are providing enough lighting. Autoflowering seeds are also good for outdoor growers who can’t control the lighting hours. Beyond that you need to look at the THC/CBD content, the genetics, etc and make a decision for yourself as to which seeds should you be buying. 


To sum up everything, we would like to say that the seedsman seed bank is indeed a great option for buyers who are looking forward to a trusted store. There are many seed banks on the internet but the credibility is really dubious as many of them might not even deliver to you after taking your money. What can be said with assurance about Seedsman is that this is a very reliable brand which has been around for over 17 years now. If there are any more questions about this seed bank, you can drop us an email or let us know in the comments and we shall get back to you soon. Till then…

…Happy Growing! 🙂


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