Preparing Your Weed for Smoking: How to Dry and Cure Your Weed

Preparing Your Weed for Smoking
Preparing Your Weed for Smoking

Preparing Your Weed for Smoking: How to Dry and Cure Your Weed: This is what you have been working towards and waiting for, smokin’ the ol Mary Jane. After all the hard work you put in, after all the setups you prepared, your weed is ready for the last stages of harvesting and becoming a part of a beautiful experience.

Before we begin about how to properly prepare the harvested marijuana for smoking you need to make sure that you have properly cut your weed. Make sure that you have made smaller sections of every branch and kola and not hanged the whole plant to dry. In a previous article, we have covered the guide to properly cutting and harvesting your weed.

After you’re done with the harvesting, you are now ready for the final stage. Smoking your weed. However, it still needs some preparation – here we see how you can prepare your marijuana for smoking purposes.

Preparing Your Weed for Smoking: How to Dry and Cure Your Weed

Preparing Your Weed for Smoking
Preparing Your Weed for Smoking

Preparing your weed for smoking involves two major processes – drying and curing.


Drying is the process of the marijuana plant dying slowly without the supply of water or light. Do not think that as soon as you cut the plant and make sections between branches and kola that the plant is dead and ready to smoke.

The marijuana plant dies when it consumes all of the water remaining in the stems and the leaves and dries up completely.

You need to hang your branches upside down in a confined room with no sunlight whatsoever. You need to make sure that there is clean air circulating throughout the room, a fan is advisable but makes sure that you are not blasting the air on the weed.

It takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks for the weed to dry up completely, usually it will dry up in 7-8 days. Once it is dried up the stems will break instead of bending along your fingers when you hold it and it will indicate that the marijuana plant has dried off completely.

A lot of growers uses special boxes dedicated for the purpose of drying weed. You can buy a box online or even better you can DIY at home quite easily. Now that the weed is all dried up, we can finally get to the last stage of preparation and get to smoking after we have cured the dried up weed.


If you have left the smaller leaves intact in order to protect the trichomes, then it is time to get a sharp pair of scissors and get to work. Cut the remaining leaves from the branches and make sure you do not throw them away as they also contain some level of high in them, you can use them in cooking.

After making sure that all the leaves have been removed, take a glass jar and separate individual buds and put them in the jars. For the first couple of weeks, make sure you let them breathe by opening the jar for 15-30 minutes. If you feel like the buds are sticking together then they have not dried up completely.

After a couple of weeks, you can shorten the period of time you open the lid. After approximately 3-4 weeks your weed will be at peak potential for smoking so if you want to preserve it then you can put it in a plastic bag and vacuum the air out of it so it does not lose its THC quickly.

You need to keep in mind that different strains do take a different amount of time to cure, so make sure you know the approximate time for your strain to cure. All your hard work in the grow room will get a great finishing touch if you cure it correctly and it will be one hell of a smoke after a good curing.

You can roll up your weed as it dries up without curing and it will be effective, it’s just that a proper curing will take your MJ to the next level.


after all the hard work you put the day in and day out and after investing heavily on the setup and electricity – it is now time to finally roll up a fat one and smoke it up with your loved ones. Nothing like some good weed to bring the fam together.

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