The 10 Best Large Herb Grinders in 2020

Best Large Herb Grinders

Grinders are among the most common tool that we find in every kitchen all over the world. Grinders are used for crushing spices, herbs, and even seeds and nuts in some cases. Anyone who cooks knows how important they are. Grinders are also of great use for those people who like to smoke marijuana as they can crush their weed in them. When it comes to this purpose of crushing weed, you need a grinder which is somewhat larger in size than the average 2-inch kitchen grinder. It is for that purpose that we have curated a list of the 10 best large herb grinders in 2020 here!

You can go through our article and find out everything that you need to know about herb grinders – which are the best options for you, how to choose a grinder, and even the basics like what a grinder is and why do you need one. We have also tried to answer some of the most common and frequently asked questions about grinders towards the end of our article. Let us begin by addressing some basic questions:

What are Grinders? 

Grinders are a kitchen equipment which come with sharp projections called teeth which help you crush whatever you keep between them. They are commonly used for the purpose of grinding kitchen herbs – and by stoners for grinding and crushing marijuana. To understand how a grinder functions, here’s a closer look at the anatomy of a grinder:

  • Anatomy of a Grinder

A grinder has multiple pieces to it. The first two form the upper chamber and both of these are lined with teeth which crush the herbs that are stored in the upper chamber. From the upper chamber, the crushed and grinded herbs fall into the second chamber where the larger pieces remain there while the smaller pieces (pollen or keef) fall into the last chamber via a sieve. The third chamber is the pollen chamber from where these remains could be scraped and picked up or tossed away, leaving the finely cut and grinded herbs in the middle chamber.

Why Do You Need to Grind Your Weed?

Weed needs to be grinded because you can’t smoke the whole bud. The flower cannot be consumed as it is and when you want to put it inside a joint, a blunt, a pipe, a bong, or whichever way you are planning on smoking your weed, you would first need to crush it and break it before you put it in. Finely grinded weed ensures an even burn as well as a smoother experience while smoking it up! While you can do the same thing with your hands, you won’t get the precision that using a grinder would get you. Hence, you need a grinder to crush weed. 

The 10 Best Large Herb Grinders in 2020

Image Product Rating Price
Chromium Crusher 4.0″ Heavy Duty Durable Zinc Tobacco Spice Chromium Crusher 4.0″ Heavy Duty Durable Zinc Tobacco Spice

Check Price On Amazon
Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder

Check Price On Amazon
The Stash Company- Jumbo 4 inch Herb Grinder The Stash Company- Jumbo 4 inch Herb Grinder

Check Price On Amazon
Mendo Mulcher Billet Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder with Screen Mendo Mulcher Billet Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder with Screen

Check Price On Amazon
Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Red Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Red

Check Price On Amazon
Pitara – Heavy Duty Durable 100% Premium Anodized Aluminium Pitara – Heavy Duty Durable 100% Premium Anodized Aluminium

Check Price On Amazon
Kozo Best Herb Grinder Kozo Best Herb Grinder

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Check Price On Amazon
Spice Herb Grinder Spice Herb Grinder

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Top Rated Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder Top Rated Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder

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A herb grinder is a very common equipment found in almost every kitchen around the world. However, when it comes to crushing and grinding marijuana you need a specific kind of a grinder, and thousands of these grinders are available in the markets. Here’s a hand-picked list of the 10 best large herb grinders in 2020 that we have specially curated for you so that you don’t have to go through the thousands of products to make a buying decision and can choose among any of these products:

1. Chromium Crusher 4.0″ Heavy Duty Durable Zinc Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

Chromium Crusher 4.0″ Heavy Duty Durable Zinc Tobacco Spice

Chromium Crusher 4.0″ Heavy Duty Durable Zinc Tobacco Spice


  • 4-inch grinder
  • 3-chamber layout
  • Free pollen scraper included

A company that has been in the grinder-manufacturing business for over a decade now, Chromium Crusher grinders are known to be high-quality products in the markets. This one comes out in the gunmetal color and is made out of a zinc alloy which is very durable as well as has a smooth finish. You know it is a premium product as soon as you hold it. The mid section comes with a ring on it which makes twisting the grinder a smooth and easy process and doesn’t require you to exert too much force. 

The teeth on this grinder are pretty sharp and ensure that the weed that you put inside it is crushed to as fine bits as possible. Another interesting thing about this grinder is that it comes with a free pollen scraper which makes it easy for you to utilize even the finest of pieces and use them to fill your joint. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is another added benefit. 

2. Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder (Large 70mm, Black)

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum


  • Measures 3.4 x 2.2 x 3.4 inches
  • 4-piece-3-chamber design
  • Medical grade grinder

This is one of the best large herb grinders in 2020 when it comes to crushing your weed with ease. This is a medical-grade grinder, which means it is easy to use even for people who have conditions which make it hard for them to twist and turn things by force. The grinder comes with a four piece design where there are three chambers, the upper chamber being the grinding chamber, the mid chamber where the grinded weed is stored and the lowest portion where the kief and the smallest of particles go to, which can again be added to your joint to increase the THC levels. 

The grinder weighs very little and is quite beneficial for those growers who want to carry it around to places to crush their weed. The teeth in this Santa Cruz shredder grinder are also quite sharp and the body is made out of anodized aluminum which gives it strength as well as durability. 

3. The Stash Company- Jumbo 4 inch Herb Grinder

The Stash Company- Jumbo 4 inch Herb Grinder

The Stash Company- Jumbo 4 inch Herb Grinder


  • 4-inch grinder
  • Razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth
  • Free pollen scraper

When you are looking forward to crush weed, you need a grinder which can cut through the sticky and fresh bud with ease. You need something that has strong teeth and a durable body. You need to look no further as the Stash Company creates some of the best large herb grinders in 2020. This one is a four-piece grinder which offers you with three chambers. The uppermost chamber will be the one where you keep your weed and crush it using the grinder’s teeth. The second chamber is the one where the crushed and grinded weed will be collected while the last chamber on the bottom will be where the smallest of the particles will be sieved through and can be collected. 

The body of this grinder is made out of aerospace Medical Grade Aluminum which makes it very durable. The teeth of this grinder are also angled in a particular way which ensures that it cuts through the weed with ease. You also get a pollen scraper along with this grinder which makes it easier for you to scrape out the smallest of the bits which might get stuck to the surface. There’s an O-ring included in this grinder which ensures smooth and friction-free grinding experience that won’t put too much strain on your hands and wrists as well! 

4. Mendo Mulcher Billet Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder with Screen

Mendo Mulcher Billet Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder with Screen

Mendo Mulcher Billet Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder with Screen


  • 3-inch grinder with a premium design
  • Made in the US
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean

When it comes to people who want a very classy looking premium grinder, this is the one they go to! One look at this grinder and you know it is not your ordinary cheap 20 buck grinder. This is something special. The design is a specially crafted one which you won’t find in any other grinder. It is made out of Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum which is very durable. The company calls it ‘the last grinder you’ll ever need’ because it is built to last you for a lifetime! 

The manufacturers are so sure of their product’s quality that they even offer a lifetime warranty on it. It comes with a 190micron screen for filtering out the kief from the grinded weed. Mendo Muclher also promises that you would find almost twice the number of teeth in this grinder than you would in an ordinary grinder. It is also quite easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. All in all one of the best large herb grinders in 2020 that you could buy off Amazon in just a few clicks! 

5. Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Red

Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Red

Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Red


  • Bright, attractive color
  • Inexpensive
  • 3-inch grinder

While most of the grinders that you would find in the markets are dark or grey in shade, this one comes out in a bright red color which looks quite funky. There are seven other color variants to choose from if you don’t like the red color. One of the first things that stands out about this grinder is that it is very cheap. It falls in at under $20 in terms of the price point and is a very affordable grinder. This is a 3 inch grinder which isn’t really as big as a four-inch grinder but a great option nonetheless for people who want to grind weed or other small herbs inside it. 

There are four pieces of this grinder and the lid is a magnetic lid which makes sure it remains properly shut at all times and there’s no spillage. Thanks to the centrally located ring, the process of twisting the grinder is quite smooth and friction free. There are 45 sharp teeth in this grinder which splice through the herbs that you keep inside it with ease. Other than that, the grinder comes with a 2-year warranty which is a huge benefit.

6. Pitara – Heavy Duty Durable 100% Premium Anodized Aluminium Herb Grinder

Pitara – Heavy Duty Durable 100% Premium Anodized Aluminium

Pitara – Heavy Duty Durable 100% Premium Anodized Aluminium


  • 4-inch grinder
  • Premium quality metal
  • Comes with special ‘pitara tooth design’ to grind herbs

When it comes to buying a grinder that can grind through your weed with ease, this is something that you must consider. This is a grinder with some of the sharpest teeth that we have seen in the markets in quite some time and is one which will have no problem splicing through the sticky weed. Being sticky and moist is one of the signs that your weed is fresh. This grinder from Pitara comes with a magnetized lid which stays tightly shut and ensures that you do not accidentally spill over your herbs. 

The teeth of this grinder are designed in a special ‘Pitara Tooth Design’ fashion which make sure that your weed gets grinded properly. There’s a nylon ring in the center which reduces friction by ensuring there’s no metal-on-metal contact during the twisting. There’s also a free scraper that is packed in with this grinder. Moreover, if you are in need of a smaller grinder, you can get Pitara’s 1.5 inch variant too, which also comes with the same features but is smaller in size.

7. Kozo Best Herb Grinder [Upgraded Version]. Large 4 Piece, 4″ Black Aluminium

Kozo Best Herb Grinder

Kozo Best Herb Grinder


  • 4-inch grinder
  • Comes in three size variants and 9 color variants
  • 3-chamber design and very sharp teeth

One of the best large herb grinders in 2020 that you can buy from Amazon, this one from Kozo offers you everything you would need to crush your weed with ease! The teeth are positioned in just the right manner that allow you to crush your herbs properly and in the finest of pieces. Even if the herb is a little dense (or sticky in case of weed), the grinder has teeth angled at perfect positions to grind through them. 

One of the best things about this grinder is that it comes with a design that suits your grip very well and ensures it does not slip through. Furthermore, this grinder also has the magnetic lid that we have seen in some other grinders above which makes sure the herbs remain tightly locked inside it. You can buy this grinder in three size variants as well as 9 different color variants which give you a large option of customization and you can choose the right color-size combination. 

8. TITAN CRUSHER – Best Herb Grinder [Upgraded Version] II Large 4 Piece with Locking Tray




  • 4-inch grinder
  • Comes with a ribbed design for better grip
  • 76 teeth that cut through the herbs

The name of this grinder tells you a lot about what to expect from it. The ‘Crusher’ is indeed a very powerful grinder that will absolutely crush through the herbs that you want to grind inside it. With the help of 76 diamond-sharp teeth and 4 inch space to store your herbs, it makes sure that you can easily cut through whatever herb you want to grind. Thanks to the ribbed design, this grinder too (like the one above it) gives you quite a strong grip which makes sure you can twist it easily.

There’s a magnetic lid which will ensure that your weed (or whatever you are grinding) stays firmly locked inside the grinder and does not easily spill over. Another great thing about this grinder is that when you grind your herbs in it there’s a very rare chance that you’ll get uneven pieces. This grinds things quite uniformly and gives you very finely grinded pieces at the end. What adds on to the beauty of this grinder is that it is made out of anodized and scratch resistant aluminum which is quite durable too. 

9. Spice Herb Grinder, Homeasy 3″ Large Herb Spice Mills with Pollen Catcher Magnetic Top

Spice Herb Grinder

Spice Herb Grinder


  • Nice skulls and roses design
  • 3-inch grinder
  • Free pollen scraper included with the product

A grinder is a tool to grind your herbs. However, it is much more than just that. A grinder can also act as an instrument of self expression based on the design on it. While most basic stoners go with a regular black or blue single-colored grinder, there are some people who are more passionate about the whole experience of smoking weed and they prefer to get something which is more visually striking and appealing. This is a three inch grinder from Homeasy which features a skulls and roses design that makes it look very unique and different from the other grinders in the markets.

There’s a magnetic lid on top along with a pollen catcher at the bottom – both of which add on to the utility of this device. The grinder has a four-piece three-chamber setup which features zinc alloys and comes with really sharp diamond-shaped teeth. The manufacturer claims that the teeth are ‘always’ going to stay sharp but even by hyperbolic standards they are likely to stay sharp for a really long time. There’s a stainless steel screen in the third unit which helps filter out the pollens which get deposited on to the last chamber and can be scraped out using the free pollen scraper that you get with this grinder. You also get a two-year warranty on this product. 

10. Top Rated Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher – 3 Piece 40MM

Top Rated Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder

Top Rated Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder


  • Shaped like a Pokeball
  • 2 chambers and magnetized lids
  • 28 diamond-shaped teeth for chopping herbs

Last on our list but perhaps the most unique name over here, this grinder is great for those people who like to own products that look different from the rest. Priced in at under $20, this is also a perfect gifting choice which stands out and is of use too. Furthermore, for those people who want to carry weed in it, this is a great option as it doesn’t ‘look’ like a grinder at the first go. This is built out of premium quality aluminum which gives it the advantage of being strong as well as light in weight. There are two chambers in this grinder – one to place and crush the weed and the other chamber to collect the grinded weed. 

There are 28 diamond-shaped teeth inside the grinder which ensure that the herbs that you keep in it are cut and grinded properly. Again, it is the perfect gift as it also comes in a ‘gift box’. All said and done, this is one of the best grinders for those looking for a ‘collectors edition’ sort of a thing.  

Buyer’s Guide for Herb Grinders in 2020: What to Look For Before You Buy?

Now that you know which the ten best options are if you are planning on buying a large-sized grinder for your herbs, let us take a look at some things that you must know before you decide which is the one that suits your needs the best: 

  • Size

Depending on what you are going to grind inside your grinder, you might need a small or a big one. If you are someone who is looking forward to grinding weed we strongly recommend going for a large-sized grinder which is three inches or above because they have more teeth and allow your weed to be grinded in a better and finer way. Almost all the grinders that we have shared on our list above are 3 to 4 inches in size. 

  • Compartments

All grinders come with at least 2 compartments and most large grinders offer 3 compartments. The first one being the space where you actually keep your weed and crush it, the second one being where your grinded weed is collected – and the third compartment is one below a sieve where the finer particles such as kief and pollen are collected and separated from the main grinded weed. Make sure you are getting a grinder which has 3 compartments.

  • Sharpness of Teeth

The ‘teeth’ of the grinder are the most important part! This is because here’s where the actual grinding process is happening. These teeth need to be sharp enough to cut through the stickiest and the most dense of herbs. The best large herb grinders in 2020 feature the sharpest teeth as well as the most number of teeth! Some grinders even have specially designed angular teeth which help you splice through your herbs with ease. This is one of the most important things that you must consider before you purchase your grinder.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Make sure that the grinder you are buying is easy to clean. There are many growers who end up buying a cheap grinder with narrowly placed teeth which often ends up being quite hard to maintain and clean and has to be thrown away because the herbs stick to the surface and the teeth at odd angles and solidify there over time. 

  • Material and Design

The grinder that you are buying needs to be built of a solid and strong material which is light as well as strong. Most grinders are made out of aluminum which fits the description perfectly. Besides that, there are some grinders in the markets which come with an additional coating of zinc which is even better. The design aspect also has to be considered because that makes it more visually appealing. Some grinders also have a ribbed design which make it easy to hold while grinding. 

  • Cost and Warranty

Grinders are usually an inexpensive purchase but the price varies from like $15 to $95 so you have to make sure you are not going over your budget while you buy them. Most grinders offer the growers with a basic warranty but there are some which even offer you a lifetime warranty so do check out for that as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Herb Grinders 

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about herb grinders that our readers tend to ask us. Do go through these questions because this will help you understand grinders in a better and more comprehensive manner and might solve some of your doubts and queries as well:

1. How to clean your grinder?

When cleaning your grinder the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you will need to treat its teeth like you treat your own! The teeth need to be cleaned thoroughly and sticky elements need to be brushed off using hard bristles which will ensure that all the corners have been wiped clean. If things continue to remain stuck there the teeth go blunt. This is one of the crucial aspects of cleaning a grinder. Furthermore, if your grinder has a sieve (which most grinders here have), you will need to clean it up properly because if stuff continues to remain stuck in its holes it might lead to clogging. 

2. Electric Grinder vs Manual Grinder – which one should I buy?

So there are two kinds of grinders available in the markets – manual and electric. The manual grinders are the among the most common and popularly used grinders while electric grinders are for heavy-duty usage. People who want to crush herbs, weed or basic small-scale things generally prefer using manual grinders. Electric grinders are for people who want to crush harder things like nuts or things that are a little bigger in size. Electric grinders are also a good choice for people who have arthritis or muscular problems and cant exert enough pressure to grind using a manual grinder.

3. Which is the best grinder for grinding marijuana?

Choose any of the grinders from our list of the 10 best herb grinders in 2020 and run them against our buyer’s guide. This way you will know which is the one that suits all your needs in the best possible way and which is the one that you should be buying. There is no objective answer to the ‘best grinder’ question as that depends on person to person and their individual needs and choices. 

4. Is it legal to use grinders?

Yes, using grinders is completely legal and they are seen in almost every household not just in America but all over the world. The question of legality steps in when you use a grinder to grind weed, which may or may not be legal in your jurisdiction. This is something that you would need to take care of. Always check if weed is legal in your area and that you are buying it from government-approved sources.

5. How much do grinders cost?

The cost of a grinder varies from $15 to up to $100 depending on what kind of grinder you are buying, how many chambers there are, what is the size of the grinder, how sharp the teeth are, how long the warranty is for, etc. 


There are tens of thousands of different brands of grinders out there in the market.  There are an even larger number of unbranded grinders available for you to buy. However, buying the right grinder involves knowing the right things about it! For your convenience, our article provides you with everything that you need to know before you buy a large herb grinder for yourself. Be it for crushing marijuana or be it for crushing basic spices in your household kitchen, you will need to buy the right kind of grinder and that is exactly what we hope to have helped you with! If there are any more questions about grinders, feel free to drop us a message over mail or let us know in the comments below and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Grinding! 🙂

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