5 Best Hydroponic Starter Kits (Reviewed) – Everything You Need to Get Started with Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics!

Best Hydroponic Starter Kits

Every grower likes to grow their marijuana in a different manner. Some people prefer to grow it the old fashioned way where they choose to grow their marijuana under the open skies where the natural light of the sun acts as a stimulant for growth while others choose to do so indoors, using the grow lights as a source of light and heat. However, there’s one thing that is common between both these methods, which is the use of soil as a medium. There is another type of growers who prefer to grow their marijuana using hydroponic growth as a technique which doesn’t really involve soil! These growers grow their plants using hydroponic starter kits – and over the course of this article, we intend to examine the 5 best hydroponic starter kits that growers can get hold of and start off with their growing today!

In this article, we take a detailed look at what hydroponics actually is and how it functions, followed by a closer look at what are hydroponic starter kits. Then, we proceed to review the 5 best hydroponic starter kits which you can buy off the internet right now! Finally, before we conclude, we take one final, closer look at some of the frequently asked questions about hydroponic starter kits.

But before all of that, here’s an attempt to answer the basic question: what is this technique of growth and what are these grow kits –

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is basically the technique of growing plants without using soil as a medium. When you look at soil-based plants, the primary importance of soil is that it retains water (and water usually is mixed with nutrients) and the roots of the plants can absorb water and nutrients from the soil. However, when you grow your plants hydroponically, you eliminate soil and use other mediums such as Rockwool cubes or peat moss, and the roots of your plants can absorb the water and nutrients directly instead of having to absorb them via soil. 

In this method, since everything your plant needs to grow is provided to it directly, the plants tend to grow faster as well as have bigger yields. A hydroponic starter kit is basically everything that you need to start off with growing your hydroponic plants. It comes with the main container, as well as other elements such as Rockwool cubes, air pumps, air stones, nutrients, etc. so that you do not need to buy things separately and assemble your grow kit. Let us now take a closer look at the 5 Best hydroponic starter kits that you can buy off the web right now!

5 Best Hydroponic Starter Kits (2020): Reviews

1. AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi-Stainless Steel Garden

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi-Stainless Steel Garden
  • A newer version of this garden has launched, please see AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Steel (Alexa Enabled)

For those who like to grow their hydroponic plants in a ‘smart’ manner, this is just the perfect choice! One of the best hydroponic starter kits, this one comes from AeroGarden, which is quite a trusted name when it comes to growing plants. The biggest advantage of getting this grow kit in order to grow your plants is that it is very easy to use. Normally, hydroponic growth is seen as a rather complex process which involves a lot of time and attention as well as constant monitoring. However, this device takes things to the next level and comes with a digital display which tells you everything about your plants and their progress!

This is a small device, which can be kept almost on any table-top and it looks good too! You can grow up to 9 plants in this device and you don’t even need to buy a separate grow light for them because it comes with a 45 watt LED grow light attached on top! The height of the grow light can be adjusted and moved upwards as the plants begin to grow. There’s a mix of red, blue and white lights so that your plant gets light of all the different wavelengths it requires for a healthy growth. 

The smartness of this device is truly what is surprising! It will automatically turn the lights on and off based on the requirement of the plants. The system will also flash reminders on the digital display on the front, as well as send you notifications on your phone about the plant’s water and nutrient needs. This is one of the best hydroponic starter kits because plants can grow upto 5 times faster while growing them here as claimed by the company! Furthermore, this is just the perfect thing for starters because it doesn’t require too much of a know-how and can be grown with ease. This is also a great gifting option for people who love plants. 


  • Easy to use
  • Smart device – sends you reminders and alerts
  • Automatically switches lights on and off
  • Grow light is good and multi-colour
  • Plants grow faster compared to soil-based growth


  • The height might be too small for some growers

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2. DreamJoy 3 Layers 108 Plant Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit

DreamJoy 3 Layers 108 Plant Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit 12 Pipes Hydroponic Growing System Water Culture Garden Plant System for Leafy Vegetables Lettuce Herb Celery
  • MAIN PARAMETER - 12 Pipes;3 Layers;108 Plant sites; Material: PVC-U. Pipe diameter: 6.3 cm (2.5 inch). Hole quantity: 54. Hole diameter: 3.2 cm (1.26...
  • EASY TO USE - Very simple to assemble and use, perfect for beginners! This hydroponic station growth kit features a drain rod design that allows the user to...

While the previous hydroponic starter kit that we saw was a small and compact one, a kit that you might perhaps keep on your tabletop, this one is quite different. This is a rather large and bulky setup where over 100 plants can be grown with ease. This comes with 12 pipes, 3 layers, and supports 108 plants, 36 on each level. It is made of PVC-U and despite being a rather large setup, it doesn’t weigh that much. One of the biggest advantages of this grow kit, which truly makes it one of the best hydroponic starter kits is that it is quite easy to set up!

Despite the looks of it, it is not a hard task to set this grow kit up. While it might look complex with all its 12 pipes and 108 plants and all of that, there’s no need to worry as even beginners can set this up very easily. This basically functions on the ebb and flow mechanism of hydroponics and there is a switch using which this can be controlled. This is the best option for growers who want to grow multiple plants at the same time while saving on the area because it grows vertically on three levels rather than growing horizontally, saving a lot of space!

While the previous grow kit from AeroGarden had a grow light attached to it, this one does not come with a grow light and you would either need to attach a grow light next to it, or you would need to keep it in the sunshine. Many growers who use this kind of a setup either set this up in their backyard-gardens or choose to keep it near a window from where the sunshine will help it grow well. This grow kit is ideally best suited for leafy vegetables but there are many growers who also prefer growing their marijuana plants in this one! 


  • Space-saver! Grows vertically instead of horizontally
  • Allows you to grow over 100 plants in the same setup
  • Very easy to set up
  • Great for leafy vegetables


  • Takes quite some time in the initial setup
  • No grow light, need to be purchased additionally or needs to be kept in sunlight

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3. Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch
  • Easy to use inexpensive complete kit - Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System by PowerGrow Systems
  • Includes 5 Gallon FDA Approved Bucket + 6 inch Basket Lid

This deep water culture hydroponic bucket kit is one of the best hydroponic starter kits for growers who are specifically looking forward to using the Deep Water Culture method of growing hydroponically. This kit is manufactured by PowerGrow Systems and is seen as a great option for those who are looking forward to buying cheap hydroponic grow kits for growing marijuana. The bucket that you see here is a 5-gallon bucket which is also an FDA approved product so that you can grow your plants in it without worrying about anything! 

In this system, you do not use soil because it is a hydroponic grow kit. Here, the soil is replaced by another medium of growth – Rockwool cubes! The setup comes with three Rockwool cubes so that you can get started immediately. Apart from water, which is the primary need in hydroponics, you also need air – and for air, you get an air pump, air tubing, and air stones which will ensure there’s enough circulation of fresh air for your plants. This is best suited to be grown inside a grow tent where lights will be focused on to the plant and multiple buckets can be used to grow these plants in a single tent!

The air related products are essential for a Deep Water Culture setup because this method is based on having plants growing on top of a reservoir which has nutrient-rich as well as an oxygen-rich water. This is considered one of the best hydroponic starter kits for growers who are just beginning their journey because there’s nothing complex about it and anyone can set it up rather quickly and start growing their plants in it! There is also a one-year warranty on the product which is another plus point! 


  • Inexpensive! This hydroponic starter kit costs under $50
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Doesn’t occupy a lot of space


  • Grow lights, nutrients and pH test kits need to be purchased seperately

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4. DWC Hydroponic System Growing Kit

DWC Hydroponic System Growing Kit - Large Airstone, 6 Sites Bucket with Air Pump - Complete Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit for Kitchen - Grow Super Fast
  • EASY USE, COMPLETE KIT... everything you need to grow your own organic food & herbs, includes airstone, rockwool, powerful air pump & medium sized DWC bucket,...
  • 3-5 TIMES FASTER THAN SOIL...our hydroponic growing kit creates big plants, fast; their roots get full nourishment without searching soil for it. The perfect...

We saw in the PowerGrow kit above what a Deep Water Culture hydroponic grow kit is, this one is another example of the same but in a different form factor. While the previous grow kit used a bucket, this one is a smaller-sized setup where you can grow six plants at the same time. There’s another 11-plant variant available for growers as well. This particular grow kit from SavvyGrow is a great option for growers who are looking forward to buying a cheap and easy to use hydroponic grow kit. Moreover, it is also a great gifting option for people who like to grow their plants.

One of the things that stands out about this kit is how complete it is by itself! Once you buy this, there’s practically nothing that you might want to buy separately because everything is included in the kit! The company claims that if you grow using the Deep Water Culture method using their product, your plants are likely to grow about 3 to 5 times faster than they would if you were to grow it in soil. 

This is a great choice for beginners and one of the best hydroponic starter kits for practically anyone who is just starting out. Even if you are not using this to grow marijuana, this grow kit can actually be used by growers for other purposes such as growing lettuce or tomatoes or other small plants. In fact, this can even be used by schools to teach the basics of gardening to children! This hydroponic starter kit comes with all the elements you need to start right off the bat, as it comes with airstones, rockwool cubes, an air pump as well as a medium sized DWC bucket, there is also a water indicator, and tube & clay pebbles. All the instructions that you need to grow your plants using this setup are also provided! 


  • Great for starters, comes with everything that is needed
  • Grows 6 plants at once
  • Cheap – doesn’t cost a lot
  • Very easy to set up


  • Some people have found issues with durability of the bucket

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5. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden (Includes Basil Plant Pods), White
  • Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Indoors: energy-efficient LED grow lights ensure your plants thrive no matter the weather.
  • Get Started Right Away: Just drop in the included plant pods, fill the water reservoir, and plug the self watering planter in - your herb garden starter kit is...

Another example of one of the best hydroponic starter kits for growers who are looking forward to an easy growing process. This one is quite similar to the aerogarden kit that we saw in the first product on our list. However, compared to that, this is a little smaller and supports only 3 plants. This one too comes with a grow light attached on top and even comes with basil plant pods if you plan to grow them. 

Growing plants in this setup is quite easy – all you need to do is to simply drop in the seed and fill the reservoir with water and plug the device! Growing marijuana in this is also quite a simple process as everything you need is practically right there (light, water, and nutrients). The only thing that growers need to ensure about this growing setup is that you will need to provide a fresh circulating air to the system. However, unlike the previous one, this one isn’t really a smart device which would let you know when you need to provide nutrients, etc. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a self-watering planter setup, this is one of the best hydroponic starter kits for you!


  • Portable and can be kept practically anywhere!
  • Easy to use, all you need to do is to put in the seeds, fill the water and plug it in
  • Comes with a grow light attached
  • A great gifting option


  • Supports only three plants

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Hydroponic Starter Kits:

1. What are the Advantages of Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponic Starter Kits?

  • Plants grow faster and provide higher yields since your roots are directly getting water and nutrients instead of having to search them via soil.
  • These kits come with everything that you need to grow your plants and you don’t need to buy things separately.
  • Hydroponic starter kits also ensure that plants can be grown without the risk of any soil-based diseases.
  • Another major benefit of using hydroponic starter kits to grow marijuana instead of using a traditional soil-based approach is that you can grow a much larger number of plants in the same space.

2. What are the Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponic Starter Kits?

  • Not suitable for areas where water is in shortage
  • Growing plants via hydroponics often tends to be something which needs more attention than a usual setup
  • While your plants are immune from regular soil-borne diseases, water-based diseases might be something you should watch out for because they tend to infect the plant much more rapidly.

3. Which is the best Hydroponic Starter Kit for Me?

Now the answer to this question depends on a number of factors. You should know how many plants you want to grow and how much of a space do you have with yourself. You must also know your expertise level and get a hydroponics starter kit based on your skills! Some of them are smart devices which offer you insights on when to provide nutrients and can also handle switching the light on and off by themselves. There are others which don’t have any such features and need your attention all the time. Some grow kits come with a warranty period of just a few months while others offer up to a few years. Last but not the least, the price is a major factor that comes into play too! All of these things need to be kept in mind before you finally decide which is the best hydroponic starter kit for you!

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Now that you have come to the end of this article, we hope that we have helped you make a better and well-informed choice about choosing the best hydroponic starter kit for growing marijuana. There are a number of options that you can choose from and for your convenience, we have reviewed the 5 best hydroponic starter kits so that you know exactly what you are getting into! Apart from this, if there are any more aspects of hydroponics that you want to know about, or if you think we might have missed out on some aspects of hydroponic growth, do drop us a mail or let us know in the comments about that!

Happy Growing! 🙂


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