Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets of 2020 (Reviews) – [February Updated]

Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets
Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets

Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets Of 2020: Marijuana is one of the most valuable plants on earth, from cancer to insomnia, marijuana has been known to help in almost all situations. You can get marijuana from outside sources such as medicinal, etc. but still the safest bet if you want it to be exactly how you want, then growing marijuana yourself is still the best option you can choose. If you’re really passionate about it, growing marijuana can even become a business opportunity.

You can grow marijuana both outdoors and indoors but if you do not have the luxury of a land which you can use to grow marijuana or you want your marijuana to be grown in an environment controlled completely by you then the indoor option is best for you.

Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets Of 2020

While indoor growing also has a lot of options such as grow tents, directly converting your room or a grow box/cabinet. Grow boxes for marijuana can be considered as the easiest way to grow the plant in your place. The best grow boxes come with everything attached to them and ready to grow. All you need to do is place the seeds and plug it in.

Here we take a closer look at some of the best grow boxes of 2020:

#1. Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox [Check Price on Amazon]

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox

Supercloset is a well-known manufacturer of grow boxes. Its 200 watt fully automated turnkey grow box has a lot to offer which would attract any potential marijuana growers in the market. This grow box for marijuana by Supercloset is made up of 16 gauge steel and is completely secure and lockable. This completely automatic grow box is also fireproof which means your grow has no danger of getting caught on fire in it.

The grow box does not even grab attention as it has the look of a small file cabinet or a refrigerator. If you decide to start growing your marijuana in this grow box, then you will be able to put up to 10 individual plants in it. The grow box by Supercloset will come ready for growing which means it will have all the necessary electric accessories already attached to it. You can easily change any of those already attached electric accessories if you wish.

The grow box will come with a red spectrum 200 watt CFL attached in the box. It will also have all the necessary filters, fans, tds meter, nutrients, hydroton rocks and rockwool cubes. As soon as you buy grow box from Supercloset, you can start growing marijuana in it within 90 minutes of its delivery.

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#2.Ohuhu Grow Tent

Ohuhu Grow Tent

The grow tent from Ohuhu is for the ones looking for durable and easy to assemble options. The tent system is made from the heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth with durable metal zippers and double stitching. The Oxford cover is tear proof, and waterproof, which keeps the grow accommodated from leak outs and the metal zipper keeps the odor and other things from escaping the tent. The grow tent is 48″ width x 48″ length x 80″ height and another variant in 60″ width x 60″ length x 80″ height in size and dimension.

The grow tent cover has 98% reflective Mylar lining, which prevents light and heat from getting away from the tent. The lining accelerated the growth with high-efficiency use of grow light installed inside. The easy to assemble tent comes with firm frames for security and stability. The assembly is made easy through letter labeled parts of tents in order. The assembly process requires no tools and only check to keep up with is the rubber feets going in the same direction.

The disassembly of the tent is also as simple as the assembly for cleaning and relocation.

The tent has for proper ventilation system with a circular double-sleeved vent hole in the upper corner. This ventilation has an opening for cables and for air circulation by exhaust fan, ducting hose, carbon filter, ballast, and reflector whichever user uses. The ventilation allows proper heat, air, and light for overall indoor horticulture. Hydrophonic setup and assembly of the tent make it ready for your plantation indoors.

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#3. Opulent systems grow tent

Hydrophonic grow tent system is a highly reflective grow tent from Opulent systems. The tent system has 98% highly reflective mylar, making your tent energy house for your plants with ample lighting through reflection. The reflective lining of the grow tent intensifies the light and restricts it from escaping, thus increasing the efficiency of your tent light without any increase in energy or light input. The Mylar is also waterproof, ensuring no harm through spills in your tent and also with a removable floor tray for easy cleaning and relocation.

The tent system is made from the superior quality 600D canvas with double stitching. The SBS metal zippers also help nothing to escape from the tent to maintain the environment inside being it light, moisture, or temperature. Metal poles of the tent with easy to install features with few snaps make setting your tent very easy. The metal poles along with thick, sturdy 600D canvas and double stitching make the tent system super durable and long lasting.

The easy-to-view window adds significantly to the usability of the tent. It can be used to check on your plants, the temperature, lighting, etc. inside the tent. The regular checks through the window eliminate the need to open the tent and to leak out the conditions. The tent also features tool pockets inside with easy access from openings. The tent has three dual ventilation socks for attachments, cables, cords, and pipes.

#4. MELONFARM Mylar Waterproof Hydroponic Grow Tent

Mylar hydroponic grow tent system is one super quality grow tent from Melonfarm. The tent system consists of the tent body, metal poles, connectors, floor tray, and comes with quick and easy assembly instructions. The tent is super easy to assemble with snap setting metal poles and connectors, which require no tools to put together along with a professional assembly guide.

The tent system features a convenient observation window, which helps you to monitor your plants and other things going inside your grow tent. Melonfarm tent system is a sure buy with the supreme 600D canvas thick cover, metal zippers, and highly reflective Mylar lining. The

The canvas material in black color along with Mylar lining keeps the light and temperature inside the tent. The canvas is also toxic-free, tear-free and double stitched. The Mylar lining is 100% reflective, which reflects light, intensifies it, and retains heat. The zipper, along with thick material keeps light and odor from escaping and the environment of the tent trapped inside.

The tent comes with nylon webbed handles for firmer grip and handling. Inside is the tool storage pocket to keep tools and other equipment organized. Ventilation socks are for ventilation when needed and to pass power cords and other cables from inside to outside. Melonfarm also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 20-month product warranty.

#5. Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet Hydroponics System Hydroponic Grow Box Cabinet Closet System [Check Price on Amazon]

Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

Another one of the people’s favourite from the grow box makers, Supercloset. This is a superlocker grow box with a 3.0 LED hydroponic grow system in the box. This grow box is made up of 16 gauge steel and is very secure as you can also lock it up if you wish. This grow box is fireproof, something that is necessary while growing marijuana. This is also a fully automated grow box which you can get up and running in no time.

This grow box for marijuana sports a K3 L300 grow along with 3W diodes for a good growth of your marijuana plant. It also comes with 12 band “Perfect Spectrum” and is powered by 700 MA. this grow box also has a secondary optical lense for a perfect canopy penetration. This grow box also comes with all the necessary electric accessories such as nutrients, filters, fans, etc. which means it basically comes with pretty much everything that you might need to get started with your marijuana growing.

Within 90 minutes of receiving the delivery of this amazing grow box, you can start growing marijuana. Once you buy grow box, you do not have to worry about anything as it comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime grow and tech support.

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#6. Supercloset Superlocker 250watt Grow Box Cabinet Closet System [Check Price on Amazon]

 Supercloset Superlocker 250watt Grow Box Cabinet Closet System

Another one of grow box for marijuana from the Supercloset, this time we are looking at a 250-watt superlocker grow box cabinet. Just like the rest of the grow boxes by Supercloset, this one is also made from 16 gauge steel and you can lock it from the outside as well. In terms of security, this box is extremely secure. This is a fully automated grow box which is also fireproof.

However, this grow box from Supercloset has a more sleek design and looks almost just like a school locker. This grow box has the amazing ability to vent itself, which means you can put it into tight places such as your closet and yet there will be not harm done in terms of ventilation for the plants which is a big plus if you do not want people to see it more often.

Just like the rest of them, Supercloset gives you this grow box complete with nutrients, fans, filters, 250W ballast and a bulb which you can change at your convenience if you want to. You can grow up to 8 plants in this grow box as it is a bit slimmer than the rest. Supercloset says that you can start growing marijuana in this grow box within 90 minutes of its delivery at your place. This means that the grow box is ready to roll and all you need to do is bring the buds and some minor adjustments if you want to and you will be ready to go.

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#7. Supercloset Superlocker 150watt Hydroponic Grow Box Cabinet Closet System [Check Price on Amazon]

Supercloset Superlocker 150watt Hydroponic Grow Box Cabinet Closet System

This 150-watt hydroponic super locker grow box from Supercloset is for those who are looking for something less power consuming. This is made up of standard 16 gauge steel, it is extremely secure and you can also lock it from the outside. This grow box strongly resembles a normal locker in school. It does not take up a lot of space and can fit into a closet if the closet is big enough. It self-ventilates which means you do not have to make external efforts like not keeping it in a confined place, you can easily keep in small places where it fits and there will be no problem for ventilation.

This grow box is fireproof and is fully automated. It comes with a 3 year warranty and an excellent customer service and tech support for the rest of your life. This grow box comes with all the electric accessories attached to it such as the fans, the filters, bulb, a 150W ballast, and nutrients. All you really need to do is just unpack the grow box and place your buds and make some technical changes to the default settings if you want and you will be ready to go within 90 minutes of this grow boxes arrival at your home.

You can use this grow box to plant a maximum number of 8 marijuana plants which would be allowed to grow up to 3 ft in height.

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#8. LAGarden 4x4x6.5Ft 100% Reflective Diamond Mylar Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Planting Room 48″x48″x78″ [Check Price on Amazon]

LAGarden Grow Tent

Your indoor gardening is made easy with LAGarden reflective indoor grow tent. The reflective tent is made up of 100% reflective diamond Mylar for practical lightproof indoor tent horticulture of exotic plants, fruits, vegetables, and what’s not. The tent features high quality durable 210D oxford cloth which is lightproof and zipped with a high-grade metal zipper to let nothing escape from the tent.

The reflective LAGarden tent is equipped with two zippered windows and two double mesh layered vents for monitoring, sunlight, and ventilation. The sturdy metal frames of the tent system are painted white and can take load up to 88 LBS, and the overall capacity of the tent is 176 LBS. The metal frames are also easy to put together with metal connectors making assembly easier than rolling a log. The multiple vents of the tent can accommodate fan and filter output of 4 inches, 6 inches or 8 inches.

The LAGarden tent has purposely-built four webbed nylon belts to hang grow lights in the tent conveniently. The tent can suitably accommodate 400W and 600W grow lights and even larger T5 lights for propagation. The grow tent has plenty of space for plants and other pieces of equipment with proper vents for connection. This tent system is a sure buy with simply needed features and nothing unnecessarily fancy.

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#9. 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System By Hellogrower [Check Price on Amazon]

Hellogrower 30

The Hellogrower grow box is one for your stealth grows. The hydroponic grow box system works with both hydroponic and soil horticulture. The grow box is equipped with every necessity for an effective grow in dissemble, which is best for first-time growers. It comes with 150W LED grow light panel that consumes less power and emits low temperature to work well with 100% reflective Mylar linen. The tent is also lockable for proper concealment of your grow.

The dimension of the grow box is 30 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The size can comfortably accommodate two grows with deep water culture hydroponic plant growing method. In addition, the grow system of the box includes 2 site bubble tub kit with 1 – 1.5-gallon tub, 1 – 2 site lid, 2 – 3 inches net pots, 2 – Rockwool plugs, 1 – air pump, 1.4 inches tubing, 1.4 inches barbed “T” connector, 2 – bubble stones, and hydrostone.

The Hellogrower grow box maintains an ideal environment for horticulture with closed front door and shaded rear vents with carbon filters. The sealed front door and rear vents offer enclosed space with proper ventilation and carbon filters to filter odor. The grow box allows immediate use to grow your plants after delivery and little setup to get you quickly started with your grow indoors.

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#10. Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Hydroponics Grow Box [Check Price on Amazon]


Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0 - Hydroponics Grow Box

If you want to buy grow box which is one of the best in the market in 2018 them this Dealzer grandma’s secret garden 3.0 hydroponics grow box is the one for you. Its is 36” tall x 20” wide x 16.5” deep. The grandma’s secret garden grow box for marijuana comes with 6500k grow bulbs and 2700k flowering bulbs which helps you to grow your marijuana plants pretty quickly. It also includes a 2 year supply of moon dust grow and flower nutrients, fluorowing lighting system 125w grow and also CFL flower bulbs along with 9 slots for you to grow a maximum number of 9 plants in this grow box.

In order to deal with the odour, this grow box also includes a plugin system of airline and stone timer ona block odour terminator which completely eliminates any foul odour created while the growing process. It also has powerful fans with a carbon filters which protects the fan and your grow. You will have tech support for a lifetime when you buy this grow box. The grow box is lockable in case you do not want anyone to fiddle with it.

As its size is pretty small, this amazing grow box can be kept in closets, small rooms, etc. and you do not have to worry about the ventilation as it can do that on its own. This grow box is ready to roll as soon as you get it, all you need to do is plug it and put your buds in it and it will do the rest of the job for you.

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#11. Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box [Check Price on Amazon]

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

The Yield Machine Max grow box by Unique Hydroponics can be considered as a top contender for one of the best grow boxes in 2020. This one is the highest yielding grow box this company has ever made. This is an excellent option for the users who do not want to pay over the top for a grow box for marijuana and want the same results as the costliest of them all. Everything you need for a successful grow is already included in the purchase and all you need to add are the seeds.

It is 4 feet tall, 17.5 wide and 13.5 deep. It is large in width and uses a 20-quart hydroponic system. When you buy grow box you also get a 150 watt high powered but a low heat UFO LED grow light which is excellent for growing. It also comes with 3 part general hydroponics flora series which is considered one of the best nutrients for a good yield in the market right now. 16 oz of three samples which will be FloraGro, FloraBloom and Flora micro.

The grow box also has 2 fans for the intake and exhaust, both with carbon filter and light covering system which does not allow light to escape and controls odour. This grow box can support 9 plants at once. This is one of the best grows boxes when compared to other ones with more than double the price.

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#12. Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (3 Foot) [Check Price on Amazon]

Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (3 Foot)

Another one from Dealzer here, the Cash Crop 5.0 Hydroponics Grow Box is a great option for anyone with a limited budget. You can get everything a normal or a big sized grow box has to offer in this smaller version of it. This is one of the best grow boxes in the current market in terms of tight budgets and smaller version. Just like all the grow boxes, you will get fans, filters, nutrients and everything you need to start growing immediately except the seeds.

Once you plug in this grow box and place the seeds, it will be ready to start the growing process. It is very user-friendly and if you are a beginner, this is the perfect grow box for you. Besides all the easy setup and startup, you will get unlimited tech support for life if you have any doubts or any sort of difficulties with the grow box.

You can grow a maximum number of 6 plants in this grow box, there are two versions of this grow box available in the market, one is 3 foot tall and the other is 2 foot tall. All you need is electricity and seeds and nothing else as everything else will be provided with the grow box. Even if you are a beginner, buy grow box and grow marijuana like a pro.

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#13. Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box [Check Price on Amazon]

Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box

The Lowryder Hydroponics Grow Box from Unique Hydroponics is the best budget grow box in the market. It is the mini version of a normal-sized grow box but offers everything that a large or a normal-sized grow box has to offer. It can grow 6 plants at a time. This is one of the first grow boxes ever manufactured by Unique Hydroponics and still is one of the most popular among the users of this product. Its price will beat any other budget grow box in the market and it will do the same or even better job than the rest of them.

The company offers a lifetime warranty with a lifetime tech support on this amazing grow box for marijuana. This grow box comes with a 6 month supply of Flower and Super Grow nutrients, growing bulb, and flowering bulb, fans for intake and exhaust throughout the growing process, carbon filter to filter out the odour and trap the light in the grow box and everything else that you need to grow a perfect plant of marijuana except the seeds.

At just 2 feet tall, 16” wide and 9.5” deep, the Lowryder Hydroponics Grow Box is one of the most iconic and still one of the best grow box 2020 in the market even though it made its debut in 2008.

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#14. GROWNEER Grow Tent

Growneer lodge propagation is a 2 in 1 upgraded hydroponic grow tent system. The upgraded tent is divided into two parts. One is a large monolayer compartment, and the other is a two-tier compartment for smaller or yet to grow tall plants. The upgraded design lets you plant multiple plants in a single tent with multiple separate compartments.

The Growneer tent is made up of 600D thick canvas and 95% reflective Mylar. The canvas is toxic-free, tear-proof, and double stitched. Whereas the Mylar lining is highly reflective, tear-proof, light proof and with the ability to boost the lighting setup of the tent. The heavy-duty zipper works along with canvas and lining to secure the heat, temperature, light, and odor to keep inside the tent. The tent has a total of five duct holes, three in monolayer compartment and two in the two-tier compartment. These duct holes are dual clenching for better closure.

The tent has an observation window with Mylar lining to help monitor what’s inside the tent and not to lose heat from the portion when shut. The tent has all-steel snap fitting frames for durability and ease in installing. The installation has connectors and requires no tools to assemble. All the features of the Growneer tent make it a must buy with the most important feature, its upgraded multi-layer design with removable trays in all the compartments.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are the enclosed space for indoor hydroponic horticulture. They are a convenient and portable option made from canvas and lightweight metal frames into a tent-like rectangular structure. The area inside the tent can be equipped with lights, fan, hydroponic setup, and all other things your plants need to grow. The inside of the tent can be accessed through zip openings and set up can be made on the metal frames for light and other things on the floor.

These grow tents are made highly reflective inside and black on the outside to reflect and restrict light from escaping. They come with duct holes for cables and pipers and removable trays for cleaning and relocation along with few convenient options like tool pockets. Grow tents are also easy to install, and takes no professional to assemble. Here are the various grow tents:


Buy grow boxes from any one of the above stated grow boxes as they are the best grow boxes available in the market in 2020. You can choose any single one of them according to your needs and your budget. Growing marijuana all by yourself can be a difficult task for beginners and these grow boxes do everything to make that experience much easier as they all come equipped with all the tools necessary for growing marijuana.

Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets Of 2020


We have reviewed the Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets Of 2020 for growing marijuana on the market and Create a List of Best Grow Boxes 2020.



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