How to Make a Sploof in 5 Steps

How to Make a Sploof in 5 Steps

There’s perhaps no happier feeling for a stoner than smoking weed. No matter where it comes from – from a friend, a dispensary or something that they have grown themselves, nothing makes stoners as happy as smoking weed. The past few years have been great for people who consume marijuana as the support for legalization of weed is on quite a rise. However, despite that, it is still seen as quite a social taboo. One of the biggest ‘tells’ that someone has been smoking weed is with the smell as it is quite hard to hide. Sploofs can help you cover your tracks! In this article, we shall be taking a closer look at how to make a sploof in 5 steps!

Making a sploof is a process which is not as complex as many stoners think it is! All you need is a little bit of time and some effort and it will be ready! Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at everything related to the smell of marijuana – what causes it, what is the problem with it, what are sploofs and how do they help control it, what are some other ways of controlling the smell of weed, etc. However, our focus will be on helping you make a sploof in a very simple and effective method so that you can control the smell and enjoy smoking your weed! Let us begin by first answering the most basic question:

Why Does Marijuana Smell So Much?

Everyone knows that marijuana has a very strong smell. It starts right from the days of it being a plant and continues to linger around even when you have smoked it up! The smell can be described by different people differently – and that’s partly because different strains of weed actually tend to smell different from each other. However, a true-blue stoner will just know the smell of weed, even though they won’t be able to define it. Some people call it ‘skunk-like’, while others just prefer to call it a ‘strong smell’. However, while it is hard to put a label on the exact nature of the smell, it is easy to tell that it is indeed the smell of weed. 

Many people wonder as to why marijuana smells so much. The answer to this lies in organic compounds produced in the marijuana plant called ‘terpenes’. Sometimes, they are also called ‘terpenoids’ which is a technical term to refer to terpenes. Not only do these compounds help in deciding the smell of the plant, they also play a role in determining the color and the taste of the weed that you are growing to some extent. A common belief among stoners is that terpenes produce the kind of scent which repels insects while attracts humans towards the plants. 

Marijuana plants tend to have over 1000 different types of terpenes which determine the kind of smell that the plants emit. Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Terpinolene, and Limonene are among the most common terpenes found in the marijuana plant each of which gives different strains of marijuana different smells. 

Apart from marijuana plants, you will find terpenes in almost all other plants and fruits which have their own set of terpenes which give them taste, smell, and color – a look at this is called the ‘terpene profile’ of the plant or the fruit. Basically, when the terpenes begin to evaporate in the air, they release the smell out in the open. This is the reason why weed’s smell tends to be so strong during the time that you are drying it. Sometimes these terpenes also have medicinal benefits such as helping people with inflammations, memory-enhancement, reduction of stress and anxiety, improving sleep, etc. Scientists are still researching on the medicinal properties of terpseenes and we are confident that there will be more discoveries about them in the future! 

Why Is The Smell of Marijuana a Problem?

As we mentioned earlier on in the article, the smell of weed is the biggest indicator or the ‘tell’ that someone has been consuming, storing, or growing weed in a place. The smell is very strong, very unique, and tends to linger on for a really long time. Trained dogs can sniff out the weed from quite a distance because of this unique and strong smell that comes from the marijuana terpenes. This can land you in major legal problems if you are smoking weed in a region where it is not legal to consume it! Furthermore, problems exist even in the areas where it is legal to smoke or grow weed.

This is because while a progressive movement has been ensuring that more and more states in the US make it legal to smoke weed, the attitude of people is yet to fully change. A majority of the people continue to see it as a social taboo and stoners are usually looked down upon. Hence, most stoners want to smoke discreetly and without others knowing that they are smoking weed. Sometimes if people living with you are OK with the smell, it might be the neighbors or the guests visiting you who might not be comfortable with it and hence it needs to be eliminated. This is why the smell of marijuana is a major problem and if you know how to make a sploof, you will be able to contain this smell pretty effectively! 

Besides the social and legal issues, the final thing is that any kind of foul smell, if left lingering around for a long time, can be quite annoying. And people are always looking for a way to ensure that they can smoke weed without any trace! This is partly the reason why vaping is becoming popular because it leaves no smell! 

What are Sploofs? How Do They Help in Containing the Smell of Weed?

Before we head into our main topic of the day about how to make a sploof in 5 steps, let us take a closer and detailed look at what is a sploof and how it can help you control the smell that comes when you smoke your weed. A sploof is (usually) a cylindrical object which helps you filter out the smell of weed when you smoke it. It is very easy to make and can be made out of household items which are found at almost every home in the US. 

To easily understand it, think of a sploof as a tube with an opening on one end and a filter on the other. The stoner takes a nice long drag of the joint that he is smoking and then releases the smoke inside this tube where it gets filtered on the other end due to which the smell is trapped inside while the smoke moves out. Sploofs are a handy device to own/make if you are growing marijuana in a place where you want to hide the smell of weed owing to social or legal reasons. 

How to Make a Sploof in 5 Steps

Whenever it comes to ‘how to make’ something articles people come with the notion of it being something quite complex. DIY Sploofs are actually very simple to make and we are here to tell you exactly how to do it! By reading this guide you will be able to create your own sploof in no time and use it to smoke your weed without ever having to worry about the smell escaping out and you getting called out for it. The best part about sploofs is that they can be made with some of the most basic and easily accessible things found in your home! 

Here’s everything that you would need to make a Spoof at home

  • A cardboard tube – people usually prefer using toilet paper roll tubes OR a plastic bottle can also work.
  • Something sharp to cut through the plastic and/or the cardboard – a sharp pair of scissors or knife or blades
  • A rubber band to hold things together. You can also choose to use something else such as an adhesive tape, or some kind of a string which you can tie. 
  • Scented dryer sheets would be the final product that you are going to need.

Step 1: 

This step might not be needed depending on what you are using to make your sploof. If you are using a cardboard tube then you don’t need to read further and can skip to the next step. However, if you are going to use a plastic bottle there will be some modifications which are needed. You will need to slice the bottle into two in a manner that you keep the top 1/3rd portion of the bottle with you while the rest of the body can be thrown away. 

Step 2:

Make use of two or three scented dryer sheets to stuff the inner portion of the cut bottle or the tube. Don’t stuff too many in there as you don’t want it to be a very tightly packed object. 

Step 3:

Up next, you need to wrap a dryer sheet on the other end. By other end, we mean the larger end of the plastic bottle which has a wider opening. If you are using a cardboard tube then the side does not matter as both sides are equal in shape. Use the rubber band or the string or the adhesive tape to tightly tie up the dryer sheet on the other end of the tube. The smaller/open end will be used for exhaling the smoke while the wrapped end with the sheet will help defuse the smoke. 

Step 4:

Functionally, your DIY sploof is ready to use. However we suggest you go the extra mile for a little neatness in the job. Cut off the extra portions of the dryer sheet that you have placed at the broader end of the tube. 

Step 5: 

Another optional step. Here, you can choose to draw out some designs on your cardboard tube to make it look a little more artistic and pleasing to the eye. In any case, you’re done and you can now enjoy to smoke weed without the risk of the smell percolating all over the place. 

Other Ways Of Keeping The Marijuana Smell Away

Now that you know how to make a sploof in 5 steps, let us look at some other ways of controlling the smell. There are a number of other ways by which you can control the strong smell that the marijuana bud emits. While using sploofs is one great option, there are many other ways in which you can eliminate this smell from your room. However, some of them might be a little more expensive than making a DIY sploof. Nonetheless, here they are. 

  • First off, you might just want to open up a window and blow the smoke out of there. While it is not an effective method, as it basically blows some portion of the smoke inwards and might spread the smell outside alerting people nearby, it is still a better option than smoking it indoors in a closed room. 
  • Another thing that you can try is to mask the smell of weed using room fresheners and other similar stronger smells. This might be a good enough way to temporarily cover a small amount of weed that you have smoked but is not an effective strategy for larger amounts, especially if multiple people are involved. 
  • Burning incense sticks or cones, or using scented candles is another great way of ensuring that the smell of marijuana stays buried under the stronger smell that comes from these objects, and for a longer period of time because they take a longer time to burn and continue to emit their scent. Odor control gels can also prove to be effective in this case. 
  • Finally, you can use a strong exhaust system which will blow out all the air from your room outwards – that is also very effective, especially if the smoke has settled on certain objects in your room. Moreover it might alert nearby people that you are consuming weed.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Sploofs

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions when it comes to smoking weed using sploofs. 

1. Why do I need a sploof?

The sploof might be a little inconvenient for some people, especially who are not used to it at all – however, it helps you hide the smell. Basically, weed smokers often find the need to “cover their tracks” and using something such as a sploof is just the best way to do this. 

2. Is it legal to use a sploof?

Yes it is totally legal to use a sploof, however, using the sploof to smoke marijuana might not be legal if smoking marijuana itself is illegal in the area you are in. Owning a sploof is not illegal in any way.

3. Can I buy a sploof in the markets instead of making one?

Yes, certain brands such as Sploofy and Smokebuddy actually sell sploofs that you can buy from the markets.

4. How to control the smell while growing weed? 

When you are growing weed, there will be some phases where the smell becomes unbearable. In these times you will need a strong carbon filter which will ensure that all the smell is trapped in the activated carbon inside them and does not leak out. 


Finally, we hope this article helped you understand how to make a sploof in 5 steps and how you can make use of it to control the strong smell of weed. If there are any more questions that you might have about it, let us know in the comments section or drop us an email and we shall get back to you shortly! Till then..

..Happy Smoking! 🙂


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