A Complete Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants

Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants
Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants

A Complete Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants: Marijuana plants are delicate things – they require a great amount of care and monitoring throughout their growth. While the weed that grows in nature doesn’t require such care and monitoring, this is more of an indoor growth thing. A large number of people who grow their weed indoors need to take special care of their marijuana plants.

This extra carefulness is needed because when you are growing marijuana indoors, you need to emulate an environment similar to the outside world. This is because marijuana plants need sunlight, water, air, and a certain temperature. They also require a kind of a medium to grow on, as well as nutrients and various other components. The plants need light as well as darkness – and all of this needs to be managed. Grow lights are an effective tool when it comes to growing marijuana indoors. In this article, We are going to share a Complete Guideline to Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants.

A Complete Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants

Grow lights are essential for indoor growth of marijuana plants because they act as an artificial source of light as well as heat. Basically, they are a replacement for sunlight, which provides light and heat to the marijuana plants when they grow outdoors. Grow lights are among the most important tools needed when it comes to growing marijuana plants indoors. While there are a number of grow lights available in the markets – you need to ensure that you are buying a grow light which suits your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Grow Light

Let us take a look at the different factors that you need to consider before you select a grow light:

The Budget

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to what kind of grow lights you select. The amount of money that you are capable to spend will determine what sort of light you end up buying.

You need to make sure that you have the money not just for the purchase but also for the maintenance of the selected light. For example, if you were to select an LED to grow light, it will be expensive at the time of purchase but will prove to be a good long-term investment because of its low maintenance.

The Area

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting a grow light for growing marijuana is how much area do you actually need to cover. If you have a large area in which you wish to grow your weed, then you might have to purchase multiple grow lights.

You can look for lights which will offer you the most coverage or you can simply put multiple lights alongside each other in order to cover more area and grow more marijuana.

The Angle of the Light

You can adjust the angle of dispersion in certain sort of lights. You can set it to a bigger angle which will cover more area. Moreover, you can set it for less dispersion and more focus on the concentrated area, this will allow more direct light for the focused area.

The Phases of Plant Growth

A lot of lights in the markets offer ‘switches’ or ‘dimmers’ which help the plants in each and every growth stage. There are also options that will assist you in the full growth cycle of the plant.

After considering all these factors, you have a decision to make on what kind of a growth light you deem will be the best for the indoor growth of your marijuana plants. Selecting the right light for your indoor plantation is one of the most important decisions you have to take and this will directly affect the end product.

Different Types of Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana

Let us now take a look at the different types of lights that are available in the market for your indoor marijuana farm:

Fluorescent Grow Lights (CFL, Tube lights)

Fluorescent lights are well known for their efficiency. They will not penetrate with great intensity but they are an amazing option for anyone who is concerned about the electrical usage or the temperature control.

Because of the fact that these lights will not penetrate the buds with intensity, the resulting buds will be fluffy and relatively small when compared to the dense beauties available at the dispensaries. In order to make up for their relatively poor penetration, the lights will have to be kept within 3” of the plant and more than one light will be needed in order to cover the whole plant.

The fluorescent bulbs are available in the market from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and might require a customized fixture as well.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)

In the recent years, LEDs have gained massive popularity among growers as they do not require any sort of extra components, are extremely energy efficient, are available in each and every spectrum of colors and are cool enough to touch and move around without burning yourself.

LED lights cover only a small space of area so you might want to consider buying them in bulk and they are less intense which might result in having less dense and smaller buds. Most of the professional growers use LEDs with High-Density Discharge lights in conjunction in order to produce high-quality dispensary-like buds for a relatively lesser cost.

The average LED lights can be purchased in the markets for around a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Make sure to check if the LED light is suitable for growing at the time of purchase as not all LEDs are capable of growing indoor marijuana.

High-Intensity Discharge lights

A favourite among the professionals, these High-Intensity Discharge lights will give you dense and big buds every single time. However, these bulbs are bound to get very hot and as a result, you will need to install a ventilation system or a temperature control system in order to keep the temperature under control.

These bulbs need to be replaced after certain intervals of time which makes the High-Intensity bulbs an ongoing investment. The setup or the HID bulbs can cost from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars

Best LED Grow Lights

Here we have selected some of the LED lights that has impressed in their ability to grow quality marijuana and are top value for money:

This latest version of diamond series in LED lights is the best we have ever seen. The XML 350 has the capabilities to replace a 600 to 800W High-Intensity Discharge bulb while drawing just 330W. This means the XML 350 will generate only 50% of the heat generated by the HID. you can save big on additional cooling systems and electric bills.

The reflector series 300W has been hitting the sweet spot between being affordable and having the right features. The fact that these lights are doing so well with the customers, is that these are affordable and you do not have to compromise with the quality that this light produces.

The V300 can easily replace a 250W HID and it only draws 136W.

A revolutionary full spectrum technology is used in each and every single grow light from the Advanced Platinum Series which allows your grow room and the plants to remain cool while providing the necessary light to your plants to grow. The P900 offers 3x the intensity light that most LED lights offer.

The P900 is capable of replacing a 1000W HPS while using the only 515W of electricity. If you are looking for amazing growth and budget is not an issue then you should definitely go for the P900.

To Conclude:

Being able to grow your own marijuana is a wonderful experience and it gives us the opportunity to express and celebrate the new found freedom in order to enjoy and meditate marijuana. If you are looking to grow your own as well, then make sure you make the right choices and watch your own little farm grow and expand at your will.

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A Complete Guide To Grow Lights For Marijuana Plants – Different Types of Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana includes Fluorescent Grow Lights (CFL, Tube lights), Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), High-Intensity Discharge lights & Best LED Grow Lights.



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