The 5 Best Weed and Oil Pens in 2020

Best Weed and Oil Pens

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are many different ways in which it can be done. Some people like to consume by smoking it in the form of a joint – which is the most common way of doing so. However, there are many other methods – you can consume it in the form of edibles, or you can consume it as a concentrate, or in the form of butter, etc. One of the most popular and new-age means of consuming marijuana is in the form of vape pens. These vapes are going to be the central focus of our article today – and we shall be taking a look at some of the best weed and oil pens in 2020.

Over the years the way people have consumed weed has changed – gone are the days when pipes were the thing. There are bongs, joints, blunts, vape pens, and numerous other ways in which marijuana can be consumed. Vape pens are just the latest name in this ever-evolving method of smoking weed. There’s a lot of misconceptions around vapes, how they function, are they safe to use – etc. Along with providing you a list of the 5 best weed and oil pens in 2020, we shall also be attempting to answer these questions, address the pros and cons of using vape pens to smoke weed, and answer some of the most common and frequently asked questions before we conclude. However, let us now begin by answering some basic questions about these weed and oil pens (vape pens).

What Are Vape Pens?

Vape pen is basically a device shaped like a pen which helps you vaporize your weed in a better manner. Vaping is essentially the process of heating the bud or weed oil without really burning it. Heating the weed results in the release of THC and CBD compounds in the form of vapor. This is then consumed by the stoners instead of having to consume all the other compounds which are a part of the traditional ‘smoking’ process. Vape Pens essentially help you in heating this weed or cannabis oil. These devices are considered the latest innovation in smoking weed. Their portability is one of their key assets and stoners all over the world are adapting to this. 

In addition to that, since there’s this whole wave of healthier means of consuming marijuana among stoners today, people are preferring to use these vape pens because vaping is generally considered safer than smoking. Vape pens are basically the evolved form of e-cigarettes. 

How do these pens function?

Most people make use of pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges to consume weed via vape pens. There is a cartridge section where you can slide in the cartridge and then that portion heats up for a couple of seconds after which you can take a puff off it. Start by keeping it at the lowest voltage settings and gradually increase it. Remember that the ideal settings should be somewhere between 3.3-3.8 volts. 

There is also the option of using these weed and oil pens for consuming dabs and waxes. In that case there will be a wax chamber which you will need to fill with wax. Don’t fill it to the brim because that might clog the thing. Trigger the heating button gently so that the wax begins to heat up slowly yet evenly and then start taking small puffs. There are some weed and oil pens which are meant for using with dry herbs where you can fill your weed in the chamber provided and then begin to consume it in a similar manner.

What are the different types of vape pens?

So there are four different types of vape pens based on two different categorizations: 

  • Push Button Vape Pens and Draw Activated Vape Pens: This is one categorization of weed and oil pens. The first of these kinds is the push button pen where you will need to switch them on before you can begin to use them to vape your weed. Normally this can be achieved by pressing the button on the pen for a certain number of times. The latter is a more simpler pen to use which automatically gets activated when you start puffing on them. These are simpler to use and great for first-time users or older people as there are no buttons on them which may confuse you. However, in comparison to the former, these draw activated vape pens lack a lot of functions and are considered very basic. 
  • Rechargeable and Disposable Vape Pens: There are two more categories of weed and oil pens which are categorized based on whether they are a single-use unit or a rechargeable unit. Disposable ones are pre-filled units which can be used once and thrown away after the use while rechargeable vape pens come with spaces for inserting replaceable cartridges and can be used several number of times. 

5 Best Weed and Oil Pens in 2020

Here’s a look at the five best weed and oil pens that you can buy off the internet and use to enjoy your high.We have reviewed them based on various factors ranging from ease of use to the features they have to their battery life, capacity, and much more. Do go through them as this is a very comprehensive review which will help you ascertain whether the pen you are considering is the right option for you!

1. Kandypens Special-K Vape Pen

A great option when it comes to buying a vape pen as it is certainly one of the best weed and oil pens in 2020. This one comes from Kandypens and is compatible with liquid as well as oils. One look at this vape pen and you know you’re getting something really premium. This pen has an elegant design to it. There are two units of 1ML Refillable Gold Glass Oil/Liquid Tank which come with this pen. In addition to this, you also get a free gift in the form of a 0.5ml cartridge cover which you can use. 

There are three voltage settings supported by this vape pen from Kandypens, these are the Red, Green and Blue settings. The Red setting is that of 3.2V, the Green setting is that of 3.7V while the Blue setting is the highest – at 4.2V. There’s a 650mAh Battery which comes bundled along with this pen. What adds to the class and elegance of it is that it is a handmade product and to take care of it, a case is also provided to the growers. This pen is made in the US and comes with a limited warranty on its battery. People who have used it consider it to be one of the best dab pens ever created. 

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2. PCKT One Plus

This is for those stoners who like to enjoy their weed in the form of 510 cartridges which are 11.5mm in diameter or smaller. In terms of the look and feel of things, this is really a great option. This is made out of 6061 aluminum which is durable as well as premium. There’s a power adapter where you need to slide in your vape pen in order to charge it to smoke it. The power adapter features dual batteries giving you a total of 660mAh of power which is quite a bit for a vape pen.

There are three different power modes in which you could use this vape pen in. Moreover, this is a great product for those who want to conceal their vape pens as it can fit within the main chamber and can be carried around anywhere with ease! There are LED lights which show you the power mode as well as the battery level so you know everything about your vape pen in just one glance. You can even use the device while you are charging it with the help of their innovative pass-through technology. There’s a one-year limited warranty on this vape pen making it one of the best weed and oil pens in 2020.

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3. Vessel Expedition Series Vape Pen

The expedition series of vape pens from Vessel look like something which has been designed straight out of the future! A very gen-next looking vape pen, the look and feel of this device tells you that there’s something unique and something quite different about it. The body of this device is made out of black anodized aluminium which gives it quite the premium feel. In addition to that there’s a knurled grip design which ensures that you hold it better while adding an extra stylistic layer to it. That red portion on the bottom is the cherry on top. The device features a design in which you can simply drop the cartridge inside it and it supports most regular 510 cartridges. The battery life on this vape pen is a little too low for some people’s preferences with just 240mAh but its still quite the performer!

You can run this vape pen in three different settings – Low, Medium, and High. The first of the three functions at 2.8V,  the second at 3.2V, and the ‘high’ mode functions at 3.6V. There are LED indicators on this pen which tell you the battery levels as well as the mode it is operating at. Measuring in at a length of 4.3″ and a diameter of 0.5″, it is quite a portable pen which can be moved around in a discreet way. There’s a six month warranty on the product.

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4. Linx Hermes 3

Manufactured by Linx Vapors, the Linx Hermes 3 is one of the finest and the best weed and oil pens in 2020. Stoners who want a smooth high prefer using vape pens and this product gives them just that, thanks to the ceramic bowl which heats up evenly and ensures that no matter how thick the oil is, it gets vaporized well. The quality of vapor that you get when you smoke this is also excellent. In addition to this, the pen also undergoes various heavy metal testings and is 100% safe to use. There’s a a 0.5ml atomizer in this pen which might be a little too small for some stoners’ choice but offers a decent capacity for stoners to get a good ‘hit’.

There’s a 290mAh rechargeable battery which can get fully charged in about 2 to 3 hours when being charged via USB. This vape pen operates between the temperatures of 3.0v to  4.2v. The device offers a significant amount of improvement over the older models such as Hermes 2. To sum it up, it is indeed something that is meant for the true connoisseurs of weed. 

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5. Kandypens Slim Kit

Last but not the least, this is one of the best options for stoners who are looking forward to buying the best weed and oil pens in 2020. This pen is compatible with oil and liquids, and features a 0.5ml tank. While there are many products which people might consider far superior to this one, this is still an old classic in the markets which many people consider a ‘trusted’ buy. 

There’s a 280mAh battery that comes along with this vape pen which can last the stoners for quite the while! You don’t get any pre-included oils or cartridges of cannabis along with this product – but one of the most interesting things about this vape pen is that it comes with a “lifetime warranty”. This is indeed one of its strongest points and truly makes it a great option for stoners in 2020.

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Pros and Cons of Weed and Oil Pens

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of using vape pens:


  • It is considered safer than smoking
  • There are no bad odors that are left behind
  • You get a much better high out of it
  • These are portable devices which can be carried around anywhere 
  • Recharge and use for as many times as you want!


  • Expensive than joints
  • Some people might find it a little too complex to operate
  • Legal restrictions in some countries might be a problem


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some of these frequently and most commonly asked questions about vaping:

1. What are some other ways of smoking weed?

Most people generally consume weed in the form of joints or blunts. There are other ways such as bongs which are also very popular. Pipes are another old-fashioned yet reliable means of smoking marijuana. Others use it in the form of edibles as well. Dabs, waxes, oils, can all be consumed using these vape pens.

2. Are vape pens safe to use?

Studies conducted by various colleges have displayed various results but the largely accepted fact is that vaping is safer in comparison to smoking. Since there is no combustion which actually takes place, the byproducts which are actually dangerous like tar, ash, etc. are not generated along with it. Other health risks associated with smoking such as bad odors from the mouth, yellowing of teeth, damage to the lips, bad skin health, etc can be avoided if you are consuming weed using these vape pens. 

3. How much do these weed and oil pens cost? 

Most of these vape pens are priced between $50-$100, though for some premium ones you might have to shell out a little more but almost all vape pens are priced under $150.



To conclude we hope that by the time you have reached this portion of our article, you are more familiar with the concept of vape pens than you were before you headed into it. We also hope that we have helped you identify and examine the best weed and oil pens in 2020 and you can now make a more well-informed decision before you buy a vape pen of your choice! These reviews cover all the major specifications as well as comment on what’s good and what’s not. If there are still any other questions that you have regarding these pens, do let us know in the comments section or drop us an email and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Vaping!


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