8 Best Grow Tents Of 2019 [Complete Reviews Guide]

Best Marijuana Grow Tents
Best Marijuana Grow Tents

8+ Best Grow Tents Of 2019: If you want to grow marijuana, you basically have three main options of places to grow weed. You can choose to grow marijuana outside in open fields if you have spare land that you can utilize. If you have a spare room then you can dedicate it completely towards growing marijuana by installing artificial lighting and creating an environment for weed to grow in. Then if you want to grow marijuana in a spare room where the light will reflect off the surface and increase the intensity, you can buy grow tent and grow your marijuana in it.

Grow tents are essential if you want to create a suitable environment which you can easily control in order to grow marijuana indoors. It is common knowledge that the best of the grow tents for marijuana will make sure to conceal the smell and sight of the marijuana you will grow. Ideally, the best grow tents 2019 are made to prevent any sort of outside contaminants and pests from getting in as they are made of the highest quality of material which needs to be capable of reflecting light within in order to increase the intensity of the light provided without having to use any extra electricity. If you decide to move, you can always just pack up your grow tent for marijuana and take it to your new place!

Let us have a look at some of the best grow tents for marijuana in 2019:

Best Marijuana Grow Tents of 2019

#1. EasyGrowth

EasyGrowth 40"x40"x80" Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Waterproof Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing
  • HIGH DURABILITY AND LIGHT PROOF: High density 600D Oxford cloth is tear-resistant and non toxic. Heavy duty anti-burst zippers and double stitching protect the...
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE:95% reflective silver colored PET Mylar inner lining provides an efficiency boost to lighting setups of any configuration.

With a non-toxic, tear resistant high-density 600D Oxford cloth, this EasyGrowth’s 40” x 40” x 80” hydroponic grow tent can be categorized under one of the best grow tents reviews of 2019. You will be able to assemble the whole grow tent for marijuana without any help of outside tools which makes this pretty easy to assemble. This tent will be supported by a high-quality iron frame. The frame will be made up of metal poles which are 16mm x 0.8mm providing excellent durability and sturdiness.

Double stitching and anti-burst zippers will make sure that they prevent light and odour from leaking out of the grow tent. However, there might be minor light leaks around the grow tent which you can fix by simply taping it or even if you let it be they won’t make much of a difference.

In order to boost the efficiency of any sort of lighting setup which can improve the growth of the plant, this grow tent offers 95 very highly reflective PE mylar inner lining which is silver covered which helps to increase the efficiency of the lights. If you wish to keep the environment at the right temperature, these silver colored reflective inner lining will help in retaining the heat in your grow tent.

This EasyGrowth 40” x 40” x 80” reflective mylar hydroponic grow tent also includes an observational window, a waterproof floor tray and also comes with a two-year warranty. This ensures that any sort of problem you might have with this grow tent, you can call on for the support for free.

#2. Anjeet

Anjeet 120"x120"x80" Grow Tent Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing Non Toxic Hut (120"x120"x80")
  • 120"X120"X80" Grow Tent w/ Plastic Corners/ DISCREET SHIPPING
  • Durable: Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth and diameter 19MM white paint coated metal rods and Large heavy duty Zippers

If you are looking to buy grow tent which is bigger and more durable then you should check out this 120” x 120” x 80” hydroponic grow tent from Anjeet. Just the sheer size of this grow tent allows you to grow more and in return harvest more than you would in a normal sized grow tent. This grow tent for marijuana from Anjeet is made up of heavy duty 600D light proof cloth accompanied by metal rods and heavy-duty zippers is extremely durable.

The inside of this grow tent is covered with 96% reflective diamond waterproof mylar which helps in the hydroponic and the soil process of growing marijuana in it. The reflective nature of the interior helps enhance the effect of the light you provide to your plants without any electricity consumed. It also consists of multiple vents which are ready to accommodate both filters and fans.

This massive grow tnt is relatively easy to install when compared to other grow tents with no extra tools required for installation. This is an ideal grow tent for you if you want to grow in large volume and do not want to grow outside or in a room. However, because of the massive size of this grow tent, you will have to set it up in a big room and as this is significantly larger than the other grow tents, it comes with a premium price tag.


Ultra Strong 4x4 Grow Tent from IDAODAN , 48"x48"x80" 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing
  • LIGHT TIGHT & SUPER REFLECTIVE - Reflective white interior, 100%-reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency boost to lighting setups of any power...
  • BUILT to LAST - Your canvas is 100% light tight & Extra-thick. Your canvas won't rip, your frame won't buckle. One touch will convince you of our canvas's top...

This IDAODAN ultra strong 4 x 4 grow tent is really well known among its users. The dimensions of this hydroponics grow tent is 48” x 48” x 80” which gives you just enough room to grow enough marijuana for yourself, your friends and your family. If you are looking to buy grow tent with a 100% reflective mylar lining, then this grow tent offers you the best value of any lighting setup you wish to install. It will retain the maximum amount of heat generated by the lights and provide the necessary heat and environment for the plant to grow.

This grow tent is 100% light tight, no light will escape or leak through the ports which will give you the best returns for your investments as it will make sure that the light provided is being used to its maximum. The outside material is double stitched and tear proof which prevents the light from escaping from the inside. This tight grow tent will allow you to prevent odour from escaping the tent, your grows contained and will stop any sort of pests from getting in which is one of the biggest problems that the indoor growers face.

With a two-year ironclad warranty, this grow tent for marijuana is extremely durable and has a hassle-free installation process. It comes with an installation guide which will make things easier for anyone even if you are setting up a grow tent for the very first time. To top it all of, the material used to make this grow tent is completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

#4. Oshion


Oshion 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent Room (24"x 24"x 48")
  • LIGHT PROOF - Our grow tent blocks all light escaping. On the interior, a 99% reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency lighting setups of any power...
  • EASY OBSERVATION OF YOUR PLANTS: Don't throw out your back checking on your plants! Our easy-access door unzips smoothly, and the observation window makes it...

If you are looking for something that can fit into compact spaces as you do not have much room to dedicate towards growing marijuana, then this Oshion 2 x 2 x 4 feet hydroponics mylar indoor grow tent is one of the best grow tents you can choose from. In the interior, this grow tent comes with a 99% reflective mylar lining that provides extra efficiency to the lighting setups that you want to install as it prevents the light from escaping the tent.

Metal connectors and metal bars make sure that the grow tent will stand solidly. The fabric by which this is made from is extremely thick and tear proof. The 600D material makes sure that the grow tent lasts the longest time possible and does not let outside environment influence on the growth of the plant inside. You will also find two vents for the purpose of circulation air throughout the tent. The kit will also consist of filter straps and hanging bars.

This grow tent is extremely easy to clean up, with removable mylar split tray which is also water resistant which can be used in both, the hydroponics and soil method of growing marijuana indoors. You can choose whichever method you want to grow in this tent and it will be compatible to it. This is another one of the grow tents which have left the users extremely satisfied with the product. Even though it is a smaller version, it can most certainly do the trick in less money.

#5. Milliard


Milliard Horticulture D-Door 36" x 36" x 73" 100% Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Window, Great for Indoor Planting and Early Seedling Starters
  • The Milliard Hydroponic Grow Tent is great for cultivating exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits all year around! You control the climate and...
  • An interior layer of high reflective lining for maximized light and heat control. The tent features a sturdy tubular metal frame with 3 heavy duty support bars...

Milliard is considered to be one of the best grow tent manufacturing company in the market with their different types and sizes of grow tents available in the market. Here we look at the horticulture D-door 36” x 36” x 73” hydroponic grow tent. The interior of this grow tent is made up of a whopping 100% reflective mylar lining which will retain the maximum amount of light provided by the lighting system you have installed. The highly reflective surface on the inside will make sure that the light reaches each and every corner of the plant and is considered as one of the most cost-effective grow tents in the market.

This grow tent comes with a solid tubular frame which consists of 3 heavy-duty support bar along with 4 metal rings which enable you to secure the lights or any sort of greenhouse equipment you want. It has the latest metal push-lock technology in the corners which makes the assembly job a lot easier and no external tools are required. This grow tent is supported by multiple durable zippers which makes sure that it is easy to use and it also has multiple intake or exhaust ports for fans which will help you to maintain control over the moisture levels inside the tent.

The provided ports will allow you to work with a variety of appliances such as filters, fans, ductwork, and other electrical appliances. You can clean the grow tent quite easily as it also comes with a removable waterproof reflective pan. The grow tent also sports a window with which you can check on your plants without opening the whole tent.

#6. CoolGrows


CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent (24"x 24"x 48")
  • LIGHT PROOF - Our growing tent blocks all light escaping. On the interior, a 99% reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency lighting setups of any power...
  • DURABILITY - Metal bars and metal connectors. Strong metal poles with easy click connector system. Our grow tent stands solidly. The 600D material is tear proof...

If you are looking to buy grow tents that are able to fit in compact spaces then you are in luck as this grow tent from CoolGrows has the dimensions of 2 x 2 x 4 feet and has excellent features. One of the most attractive features of this grow tent is that the inside mylar reflective lining prevents 99% of light to escape and reflects it inside and keeps it inside which helps enhance the effect of light on your plants that you are growing inside.

This grow tent is standing solid with metal connectors and metal bars which are really strong and will connect easily with a click connector system which does not require any tools. The material with which this grow tent is made is 600D which is famously tear proof and is stitched to completely block the light from leaving the tent. The window on this grow tent is revolutionary, as it filters out the white light from the tent which results in amplifying your plant’s energy store.

If you are just starting up with growing marijuana on your own, then this grow tent is ideal for you as you can place this tent indoors, in a greenhouse, condominium or any sort of rented place. From the outside it does not even look like a tent and it comes with a one year warranty hassle free.

#7. Milliard MILLIARD Horticulture D-Door 30″ x 18″ x 36″


shirleyjj 1 44444 Milliard Horticulture D-Door 30" x 18" x 36" 100% Reflective Mylar HYD, 30" Lx18 Wx36 H Black/Green
  • The milliard hydroponic grow tent is great for cultivating Exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits all Year around! You control the climate and...
  • An interior layer of high reflective lining for maximized light and heat control. The tent features a sturdy tubular metal frame with 2 heavy duty support bars...

This is another one of the best grow tents on offer in the market by Milliard. This one in particular is meant for people who do not have much space to dedicate towards growing marijuana or to those who are growing for the first time and are just experimenting with the concept. So, if you are looking to buy grow tent which can fit according to your needs then this might be the perfect choice for you. This grow tent is a D-door with the measurements 48” x 24” x 60”. As any good grow tent goes, this one by Milliard offers everything when compared to its larger compatriots.

This grow tent comes with a 12” x 12” window which is a great help in keeping an eye on the plants without opening the whole tent and disturbing the environment created inside. It features two 4” ducting ports, two 6” ducting ports and a 10” duct port for fans, ventilation and other electrical appliances. The material is fantastic and is made up of oxford fabric 600D x 300D and has super reflective mylar lining from the inside which keeps the light trapped and enhances its effect on the plant.

It is extremely easy to assemble without any tools and comes with 3 sturdy metal bars which keep the whole structure solid and in place when it is assembled. There is a hook provided in the grow tent on which you can hang the door when you open the tent in order to work freely without any sort of obstacles.

#8. Vivosun


VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 2'x4'
  • KEEPS ALL LIGHT IN: The VIVOSUN grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective mylar to boost the output efficiency of any grow tent...
  • EXTRA-THICK CANVAS, STANDS STURDY: The top-quality 600D canvas is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking; the thickness of the canvas is...

This is another one in the smaller grow tents category, this time by Vivosun. This is a classic Vivosun 48” x 24” x 60” mylar hydroponic grow tent which also comes with an observation window. The mylar lining on the inside of this grow tent traps 98% of the light provided by the lighting system that you will install in this grow tent. This will result in boosting the efficiency of the light and make sure that your plants are getting every single bit of it which in return will result in excellent end products.

The material is made of a sturdy and tear proof 600D and is also double stitched which ensures blocking of any light from escaping the grow tent. The tent is solidified by the metal poles which are made to give you an experience of easy installation. This grow tent also comes with an inner tool organizer which helps you store your tools and grow accessories conveniently. You can also clean the grow tent quite easily as the inner tray is is easily removable.

The openings for fans and other electronic appliances are double layered, this means that the inner layer will seal tightly around the fan or other electronic appliances and make sure light does not escape from there hence enhancing the light inside to get the best possible result in the end. It comes with a hassle-free two-year warranty which ensures that any problem you have with the tent will be solved.


If you have decided to buy a grow tent then these are the best options in the market. The above list consists of all the sizes available in the market and it completely depends on you what size, manufacturer, or style of grow tent you want for your plans for growing marijuana indoors. The grow tent you choose from the above depends completely on your use as how much space you can allocate it and how much do you want to grow. Other factors such as if this is your first time growing marijuana indoors also come into play when selecting the ideal grow tent to grow marijuana.

Whatever you choose from the above-given options, you cannot go wrong as they are currently the best in the market. Make sure you choose wisely and enjoy the process of growing marijuana on your own! Happy growing!

Marijuana Grow Tents
  • Marijuana Grow Tents


List of Best Marijuana Grow Tents Of 2019


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